What is the Meaning & Definition of internment

The word internment refers to the result of internment of an individual as a result of suffering from any medical condition that it receive specific medical treatment because of the same action, or failing, after the succession of an accident that complicates the State of health of an individual is claimed income to a medical facility or hospital that treats in your case.
On the other hand, in one of its uses, the term admit concerns admission to a center or medical institution for treatment, meanwhile, admission includes the time in which an individual remains hospitalized in a hospital. During your stay you had different analyses that allowed the causes of his long illness.
Hospitalization is usually done in a hospital or health centre intended for this purpose, although it is also common that depending on the case so warrants it, the doctor a domiciliary hospitalization, i.e. in time that it is carried out within the framework of a hospital, is performed in the home of the patient, for which it must have the necessary also like the control by a doctor and nurse that follow the evolution and the needs of the patient.
In the case of the traditional internment in a medical facility, it, will be extended for as long as the doctor and depends of course of the State, developments and practices that need to be performed to inpatient.
Notably, that internment can be programmed as a consequence of the realization of a general medical check-up or for the realization of a preset surgery, or failing, can trigger after suffering an accident or any medical condition.

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