What is the Meaning & Definition of SOAP

SOAP is one of the most commonly used for personal cleaning and hygiene elements, perhaps the most basic and necessary since you can use it for the whole body as opposed to other products that serve only to the hair, face, or any other section of the body. SOAP is a product artificially created by man from different items and can now be found in a wide variety of colors, sizes, scents and formats. There are also decorative soaps that serve more than nothing as of, and design elements are then worn or used. Finally, the name of SOAP can also be used to refer to products that are used to clean other items such as dishes, clothing, or furniture. The main function of the SOAP, whatever its form, its color or its destination, is clean and remove dirt from any given surface. To develop the structure of SOAP should be mixed two main chemical elements: an alkaline and one fat. Both combined generate a reaction which allows the resulting element detergent or cleaner. Added to these two main elements then other additives such as colorings, flavoring and even decorative objects that can wear out with water while you use SOAP. Soaps have been present for a long time together to the human being, being one of the main elements which make some kind of cleaning and hygiene. Many written records tell us about objects similar to the current SOAP already in the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, and Arabia. Today, most of the production of SOAP is done in industrial way which allows to reduce costs and that many people have access to a product that was previously considered an exclusive luxury. At the same time, the artisanal production of SOAP is designed to generate special and different, soaps with scents and bright colors and unique.

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