What is the Meaning & Definition of landscaping

The landscaping is an artistic activity that has become very popular in recent years and which consists in modifying presenting the physical characteristics of a geographical terrain, whether urban or rural, to give it a special beauty and also create a cosy and beautiful landscape.
Now, those physical, visible and animated characters in a landscape that you can modify and manipulate include: flora and fauna that raw material in place, the forms presented by the terrain, intrinsic natural elements, the creations of human beings such as buildings, bridges, and abstract elements, the most important: the weather.
Then, from the introduction of some concepts own layout, creative and imaginative skills, a sharper quota of observation, the professional who is dedicated to this activity, which is known as a landscaper, is wilderness, such as parks or gardens, or the urban, with a mission to protect them and keep them and in addition to providing them an aesthetic particular which attractive for those who contemplate them or for users of the same.
The development of this profession requires expertise from disciplines such as Agronomy, architecture, ecology and sociology, since it works in conjunction with living beings and natural environments.
It should be noted that this activity and its outcome may well be considered as works of art, given that it will represent and express the feelings and ideas of the author.
As well we deployed above, in recent years, this activity reached a huge popularity and no doubt this a lot has had to see the need to rediscover the beauty of the landscapes and people move away a bit of the stress caused by the day-to-day activities and the 'city' landscape.
On the other hand, the word landscaping means artistic landscape photography and also that pictorial genre that is dedicated especially to represent landscape, i.e. the artist observes a landscape and then captures it in a drawing.

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