What is the Meaning & Definition of irrelevance

Something is considered irrelevant when you have little or no importance. Therefore, the idea of irrelevance expresses the lack of relevance of something. The idea of irrelevance has two distinct planes, since the importance of something can be understood how subjective or objective.

From subjectivity

Each individual sets its own priorities. What is significant and important for some is not for others. For a person, your weight can be an irrelevant issue, because it is considered that care for him is not a priority in your life. On the other hand, this same issue is especially important if we are talking about an elite athlete or a professional model. This means that we are we who establish things that have or not relevant in life.

From a perspective objective

There are realities that are measurable and are subject to some kind of measurement. In the field of health, a doctor may ask a patient make a few blood tests. The results present a whole series of specific values and some may be relevant and others are not. In this case, the doctor is the one who determines the importance of the results and does so with an objective criterion. It must be borne in mind that the same action may offer two different interpretations as to its relevance. An official sports competition is important, because the victory or defeat has consequences. On the other hand, an unofficial competition (for example, a football game with friendly character) is regarded as something without too much relevance.

In the context of judicial evidence

The objective or subjective value of a test in the context of a trial may receive two grades, since there is relevant evidence and other irrelevant. Who determines whether or not a test is relevant is a judge, who decides on the validity of a test according to the provisions of the law. As a general rule, if a test is a means to prove a criminal action is considered as relevant. On the other hand, if something it has no relationship with the courts made it will be considered as a test or irrelevant information. There is a kind of legal circumstances where the concept of irrelevance is controversial. When certain tests are obtained unlawfully are considered irrelevant, but such evidence can be significant since they have a direct relationship with the judged events.

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