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Alain-Fournier biography

One great story
October 3, 1886
September 22, 1914

Who is Alain-Fournier?

Henri-Alban Fournier, better known by the pseudonym Alain-Fournier was born in La Chapelle-d'angillon, in the Cher, France, October 3, 18French writer and poet, in life saw published one work, having found death at the young age of twenty-seven, probably at the battle of Verdun during World War I. Some, however, argue was killed in another bloody battle of the Marne.
Not much is known of his life and, in any case, what you know is very low. The little Henri-Alban is the son of teachers, which probably owes its passion for letters and, in General, for study. He spent his childhood in the French region of Sologne, and Bass Berry. Until 1898 he studied and attended with good profit the school of le-Fleuriel-Epineuil, where his father teaches. The next step is that, as a boarder at the Lycée Voltaire, Paris. In recent years, however, the young Henri-Alban matures more and more the idea of entering the naval school, also because of its idealism, which feeds this propensity. In 1901, intending to direct their lives toward the notorious Ecole Navale, moves at Brest. However, no one knows why recondite, soon abandoned this idea and leave this school.
He received his baccalaureate at the Lycée of Bourges, in 1903, and continues his wanderings, passing high school stem Lakanal in Sceaux, near Paris. The student Alain-Fournier is determined to get to the famous École Normale Supérieure and undertakes all the way down to prepare properly for the exam for admission but, shortly after, fails.
It is precisely in these years that binds the wing shape of Jacques Rivière, his friend until his death. These weddings Alain's younger sister, Isabelle Fournier, in 19The deep friendship that entertains with a dense rivers, and sometimes lit match between the two, which began in 1905 and ended in 1914, with the death of French writer. Between 1926 and 1928, the correspondence between the two will be in the form of print, of course, and posthumous entitled "Correspondence avec Jacques Reviere".
In June 1905 Alain-Fournier meets the one great love of his life, the beautiful Yvonne Quiévrecourt. The two know each other on the docks of the Seine River, during a walk. The woman is the Muse of his only opera really accomplished, transfigured in female character by Yvonne de Galais, the protagonist of his novel. The meeting between the two is short and, especially for the author, nothing short of dazzling.
Two years later, in 1907, the French poet is missing a second time the entrance exam to the Ecole Normale Supérieure and, a year later, finds himself having to serve in the military, until 19In 1910 does return to Paris, finding a spot as editor at the Paris-Journal. These were years of great literary and cultural fervor, even and especially in the header for which he works. It is here that Fournier met André Gide and Paul Claudel, two of the future protagonists of French cultural scene. However, experience the Parisian newspaper did not last. Fournier left the Editorial Board of the Journal Paris-just two years later, in 1912, to devote himself to politics, one of his great passions. It becomes then, Secretary of the politician Casimir Perrier and simultaneously began writing his masterpiece, the novel "Le Grand Meaulnes" (the great Meaulnes, in Italian), strongly inspired by the events that have involved from childhood until adulthood. The events described in the book is simple, around this though, told with great skill, the poetic parable of the passage from childhood to adolescence, in a dense tangle of reality and dream, between subtle psychological impressions and tender, haunted lyricism.
In 1913, most likely by accident, the writer meets Yvonne again Quiévrecourt. When you review though, the woman is married, as well as the mother of two children. It arouses strong disturbances in the mind of the author, which are visible in some of the poems written during these years, published only after his death.
The newspaper "Nouvelle Revue Française" a passion to his novel and decides to publish it, as the feuilleton, a little at a time, in installments. Towards the end of 1913, the novel, in its entirety, is published by Emile-Paul. Just then, a good strong public success and critical acclaim received, the novel "Le Grand Meaulnes", is selected to participate in the prestigious Goncourt Prize.
The following year, Alain-Fournier tries to devote himself to the theatre, also taking to work on the piece "La maison dans la forêt". At the same time, begins to roll out what would have been his second novel, Colombe Blanchet, "which, as the drama work, unfortunately remains unfinished.
At the outbreak of World War I, he decided to join the French army in August 1914, as a Lieutenant of the reserve. After a few weeks is reported missing in battle at Les Éparges, near Verdun, Meuse. Probably, Alain-Fournier finds death right on 22 September 1914, during one of the first clashes of the war. However, his body is not identified until 1991, when found in a common grave. The location, close to Tranchée de Calonne, road between Verdun and Hattonchâtel, seems to confirm the cause of his death and, especially, the exact place.
In 1924, on the wave of success from his first and only novel, is published a collection of poems, titled writer "Miracles". While dates back to 1944, the long and passionate tale titled "poison woman". In 1957 however, Pauline bandage, French actress and wife of politician Claude Casimir-Périer, Secretary was Alain-Fournier, is revealed to have had an affair with the poet. In 1992, in confirmation of the foregoing, is also published their papers, entitled "Alain-Fournier, Madame Simone, Correspondance 1912-1914".

Andrea Bocelli biography

Dreams the voice
September 22, 1958

Who is Andrea Bocelli?

It is without a doubt the most beloved Italian voice in the world for the last 15 years, especially internationally where people compete to buy his records and where everyone appreciates, as he himself admits, the truly and genuinely Italian products. And what's more of a cultivated Italian entry into melodrama and occasionally lent to pop music?
Born on September 22, 1958 in Lajatico (Pisa), Andrea Bocelli grew up on the family farm in the Tuscan countryside. Six years is already grappling with the difficult piano studies, on which her little hands still flow again and with fluency. Not happy, you can also play flute and saxophone, in search of a deeper expression of the music.
The little Andrea still not suspected that this expression would then come from the item tool, ever more intimate and personal.
When he starts to sing his "appeal" is immediately noticeable and enough tales of relatives kidnapped in front of his impromptu, but soon sought after family, executions.
Finishing high school, he enrolled in law school at the University of Pisa, where he graduated, always careful not to forget singing studies. Indeed, so serious is his commitment that ends up taking lessons from a sacred monster of the 20th century, that Franco Corelli which is the tenor Idol of many Opera lovers. However live music nowadays is almost impossible and Bocelli is not ashamed to try even the most prosaic piano bar.
It was during this period that he met Enrica, who would become his wife and that will give him two sons, Amos and Matteo. The romance between the two unfortunately seems to have ended recently and have become well-known singer's statements about the problem of divorce and his children.
Returning to music, the "official" start of her singing career is random. Comes forward for an audition that the already famous Sugar held in 1992 to achieve an audition of "Miserere" for Luciano Pavarotti and to realize the great tenor from Modena. And here it happens on "coup de theatre". Pavarotti, in fact, playing it, will comment: "thanks for the wonderful song, but let Andrea sing. No one is more suitable for him. "
Luciano Pavarotti, as you know, afterwards will still register the song, but in the European tour of sugar, Andrea Bocelli will replace it on stage. Soon after, in 1993, recording career, sealed a contract with Caterina Caselli, owner of "Sugar". The Capper is focusing on him and to make him known to a wider audience the enrolled at the Sanremo Festival where exceeds preliminaries singing "Miserere" and then WINS in the category new proposals.
In 1994 is thus invited to participate in the Festival of Sanremo among the Big with "Il mare calmo della sera", and won a record score. His first album (which bears the title of the song) is the confirmation of a rapidly growing popularity: in a few weeks his first platinum disc. Back to Sanremo in the following year with "Con te partirò", which is inserted in the album "Bocelli" and that in Italy gets a double platinum.
In the same year, during a European tour ("Night of the Proms"), which is attended by Bryan Ferry, Al Jarreau and other large, Bocelli sings in front of 500,000 people and tens of millions of viewers.
The success was immediate. The singles "Con te partirò" (the English version and "Time to say goodbye") exceed sales records in many countries, while the album won awards across Europe.
France will remain in the single topped the charts for six weeks, earning three gold records. in Belgium will be number one for 12 weeks: the biggest hit of all time. The album "Bocelli" then get something like four times Platinum in Germany (for almost 2 million copies sold), four in the Netherlands and two in Italy.
However, the next album, "Romanza", reaching in 1996 incredible international success summits. Only after a few weeks, the cd was already Platinum in almost all the countries where it was released, and the international press acknowledged the Tuscan tenor a popularity worthy of Enrico Caruso.
But in the wake of the phenomenon already upright in 1995 Bocelli had offered his tribute to the tradition of Italian tenor, releasing the cd "Italian Journey", inspired by the emigrants and to the artists who popularized the Italian opera in the world. So in 1998, with the international debut of the disco classic "Air", will dominate the classical music charts and climbing the international pop music. Same fate touches the next "Dream".
Meanwhile, parallel to the tour, many now also proposals for the interpretation of operas, an aspiration cultivated since childhood and that finally the tenor failed to accomplish.
One of his most beautiful works is the engraving of the dreaded "Tosca" by Puccini, a masterpiece that the shy singer knows how to make Tuscan in style and taste of phrasing.
In 2004 he released the album that is titled simply "Andrea", where there are songs written by, among others, Maurizio Costanzo, Lucio Dalla and Enrique Iglesias.
Toggle live discs later, those in the study, addressing several valuable evidence in the field of classical music, until the collection of Christmas melodies in "My Christmas," published in 2009.
(1994) Il mare calmo della sera
(1995) Italian Trip
(1995) Bocelli
(1996) Butterfly (Kate) (with Zenîma) (co-produced by Bmg and Sugar)
(1996) Romanza
(1997) A Night In Tuscany
(1998), The Opera Album
Sacred Arias (1999)
(1999) dream
(2000) sacred Arias
(2000) Puccini: La Boheme-(Frittoli, Bocelli)-Zubin Mehta-Israel Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus
(2000) Green
(2000) Statue Of Liberty Concert
(2001) Cieli di Toscana
(2001)-Giuseppe Verdi-Requiem (Fleming, Borodina, Bocelli, and D'arcangelo)-Valery Gergiev-Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Kirov-CD 2
(2002) Feeling
(2002) The Homecoming
(2003) Puccini: Tosca (Bocelli, Cedolins)-Zubin Mehta-Orchestra e Coro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino
(2004) Verdi: Il Trovatore-(Bocelli, Villarroel, Guelfi, Colombara)-Steven Mercurio-Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Comunale di Bologna
(2004) Andrea
(2005) Massenet: Werther-(Bocelli, Gertseva, De Carolis, Lèger, Garcia)-Yves Abel-Orchestra e Coro del Teatro Comunale di Bologna
(2006) love
(2007) Mascagni: Cavalleria rusticana-(Andrea Bocelli, Paoletta Marrocu, Stefano Antonucci)-Steven Mercurio-Orchestra e Coro del Massimo Bellini of Catania-Warner Music 2 CD
(2007) Ruggero Leoncavallo-Pagliacci-(Andrea Bocelli, Ana Maria Martinez, Stefano Antonucci, Francis Small)-Steven Mercurio-Orchestra e Coro del Massimo Bellini of Catania-Warner Music 2 CD
(2007) Live-The Best of Andrea Bocelli
(2008) Live. Live in Tuscany (audio CD + DVD videos)
(2008) Georges Bizet-Carmen-(Marina Domaschenko, Andrea Bocelli, Bryn Terfel, Eva Mei)-conductor: Myung-Whun Chung-WEA 2 CD 2008
(2008) (DVD video + audio CD)
(2009) My Christmas

Michael Faraday biography

The passion and devotion
September 22, 1791
August 25, 1867

Who is Michael Faraday?

Physicist and chemist, born into a poor family could not even afford basic education for children, Michael Faraday is a unique character in the history of science, a bud grown in arid land which found alone, in itself, the resources to emerge.
Entirely self-taught has achieved, despite his initial handicap, towering peaks in research chemistry and physics, thanks to its insatiable scientific curiosity and the rare ability of practice which was equipped. It is no exaggeration to say that probably the greatest Faraday is experimental physicist who ever lived.
He was born in Newington, in the County of Surrey, England, on September 22, 1791; the child was indeed among the poorest and most unfortunate, but its enormous willpower always saved him from falling intellectual indifference or, worse, in the gloomy despair. Hired young as an apprentice bookbinder, finds nothing better than spending his free hours (few) to read some of the volumes that passed through his hands.
An article on electricity published in the Encyclopaedia Britannica the particularly striking, much to convince him to devote his life to science. It is addressed to Sir Humphrey Davy, Director of the Royal Institution in London, for a job, which actually takes him with him as a lab assistant.
The practical ability of Michael Faraday develops so quickly that soon "give" to her while very good mèntore: an aspect which did not fail to create between the two, unfortunately, unpleasant disagreements (Davy did not accept being overtaken by a so academically careless student).
Faraday's reputation as an excellent chemist spreads hastily, causing many positions from the chemical industry, at that time developed only in their infancy. In particular, much talk was made his discovery of how to isolate the benzene, a method that opened the doors of numerous industrial laboratories.
Later took charge of ions in solution, discovering the laws which govern the electrolysis. It is scientifically proven that it will go down in history.
From here, descend the other famous contributions to science, such as the law of induction and the development of a prototype electric generator created by inserting an experimentally magnet in a coil.
From a physical point of view Faraday was the first to develop the idea of the electric and magnetic fields. The curious fact is that not having sufficient knowledge of mathematics to treat theoretically field problems, in his monumental work, "experimental research on electricity", not ventured to add even an equation. However, these observations are so fair and of such importance that a large 19th century physicist James Clerk Maxwell, as used them as the basis for his famous equations describing precisely the electromagnetic field.
For this reason Albert Einstein once said that Faraday had against Maxwell the same relationship in the development of electromagnetism that Galileo had with Newton in the development of mechanical.
Selfless and pure character, from extremely sober lifestyle, Faraday rejected alive all those honors and wealth possibilities that his position were deservedly hope. In part this is due to its constant devotion to scientific research, in part to some rooted religious convictions.
So it happened that if he refused the Presidency of the Royal Society of London (and also the very idea to belong as a simple member), conversely joined the sect of sandemanisti dark.
Michael Faraday died on August 25, 1867, in complete simplicity of means, and loyal to the last his strict lifestyle.

Biography of Rosamunde Pilcher

Reviving the feelings
September 22, 1924

Who's Rosamunde Pilcher?

Rosamunde Pilcher was born on September 22, 1924 in Lelant, Cornwall, county located in South-Western England. Her maiden name is Rosamunde Scott.
He studied at St. Clare's Polwithen School and Howell's School Llandaff, then attended Miss Kerr-Sanders ' Secretarial College.
Between 1943 and 1946 he served at the Women's Royal Naval Service.
At the beginning of December of 1946, at the age of 22 years, who married Graham Hope Pilcher, hence the surname with which it will be known throughout the world. In 1996 the couple celebrated the 50th wedding anniversary together with four children, Robin, Fiona, Philippa (also known as Pippa) and Mark.
The career of novelist Rosamunde Pilcher began in 19Publishes dicei tales under the name Jane Fraser.
His first novel written as Rosamunde Pilcher is "A secret to tell," published in 1955.
Over the years will be affirmed as one of the most famous and loved writers of romantic stories.
The Pilcher will demonstrate extraordinary atmospheres in building, able to immerse the reader in the emotional world of his characters. Immediately succeeds in projecting the reader into a world of subtle and delicate feelings; It is as if he could revive a way of life that today, in modern society, seems lost.
Among his novels, usually set in the British Isles, the most famous include:
The tiger sleeping – Sleeping tiger (1967)
Self-portrait-Another view (1968),
The days of summer-The end of summer (1971),
The empty House-The empty house (1971),
"Neve d'aprile-Snow in april (1972),
The day of the storm-The day of the storm (1975)
Under the sign of Gemini-Under gemini (1976)
Thyme-Wild Mountain Thyme (1978),
The white dunes of Cornwall-The carousel (1982),
Sounds of summer-Voices in summer (1984)
The blue room-The Blue Bedroom and Other Stories (1985),
The shell seekers-The shell seekers (1987),
September-October (1990),
Flowers in the rain-Flowers in the rain (1991),
Returning home-Coming home (1995),
Winter Solstice-Winter Solstice (2000),
Tea with the Professor Gilbert (2004)
In 2002 Rosamunde Pilcher received by Queen Elizabeth II the prestigious O.B.E (Officer of the Order of British Empire).
His works are particularly popular in Germany where his stories were transposed in the TV movie. Among most influential interpreters of his characters include Angela Lansbury, Patricia Hodge, Peter O'Toole and Joanna Lumley.

Biography of Gustavo Rol

Try to explain the senses and illusions
June 20, 1903
September 22, 1994

Who is Gustavo Rol?

Gustavo Adolfo Rol was born in Turin on June 20, 19Psychic, magician, illusionist, magician, spiritualist, clairvoyant, witches. Are just some of the definitions that I have covered over the course of his long life. Antique dealer estimated, after working as a journalist and transfer, he dedicated all his life to his great passion, the occult, becoming one of the personalities in this field more chats and famous ever.
His supporters have attributed paranormal properties, his critics spoke of "Mentalism", a branch of magic involving the simulation of faculty out of the ordinary. Compared to the above definitions, Gustavo Rol has always declared just a researcher and investigator, which only aims to "encourage men to look beyond appearance and to stimulate their intelligent spirit".
The family belongs to the wealthy bourgeoisie was born. His father Vittorio is a well-known lawyer, appointed in 1909 Director of Banca Commerciale Italiana, Turin riding for about twenty years. His mother Martha Peruglia she belongs to the educated and well-to-do of the city: the daughter of lawyer Antonio Peruglia, in turn, the President of the Court of Saluzzo.
Being wealthy, since the very beginning and throughout life, Gustavo Rol to occupations which favored him, initially, at an early age, turn towards the arts, music and history. The small Gustavo, from childhood, writes poetry and is interested in pictorial art. Is a shy, introverted child, which especially like Napoleon, whose exploits had from the outset, with important and sophisticated readings that reveal the atypical personality.
According to some stories, the family passion for French General would come since the age of two years, when Gustavo clinging is found in front of an image of Napoleon on the island of Saint Helena in tears for the outcome touched to his new and future hero. Already in the third grade, is an avid scholar and biographer of Emperor while in high school is a passionate storyteller of the battles that they covered, not to mention intricate details and much sought after.
ROL has two older brothers, Charles and Justina, along with a third sister, which comes only in 1914, Mary.
He spent his childhood and youth in Turin and San Secondo di Pinerolo, in the family residence dating back to 17After the first school, any modest, begins to take an interest in music, learning to play the piano without ever having taken classes and also improving the knowledge gained on the study of the violin. In high school knows Pier Giorgio Frassati, blessed Catholic then. But, above all, for life to his sister Luciana, futura appreciated poet, of which remains deep friend forever.
In 1921, after completing his studies, he embarked on a career in journalism. Two years later, in 1923, he enrolled at the Faculty of law attending classes at the University of Turin, graduating only ten years later, in 19The delay is given by taking simultaneously and to meet the paternal wishes, the bank employee's career began in 1925.
The Bank internship Rol door around Europe, from Marseilles to London from Edinburgh to Casablanca. During one of these days, he lives stays the turning point of his life and his career as an illusionist, at least according to his diaries and his own stories. During the time between the Marseillaise 1925 and 1926, Gustavo Rol knows a character of Polish origin, who shows him some card games. These, initially an atheist, you convert Rol eyes during a healing occurred in Lourdes. At first, the future psychic torinese don't believe what they see, but after he begins to delve into some spiritual studies and formulate a metaphysical theory that brings together sounds, colors and other elements. It is a moment of great importance for him, so much so that after a short stay in Paris in 1927, retires to a convent.
Thanks to the support of his family managed to return to secular life, putting at the service of other sensitive potential. 30 years on, meet and "confess", so to speak, the most important characters in Italian history, from Mussolini to the Agnelli family.
In 1934 his father dies. Gustavo Rol leaves the Bank and, initially a journalist, she decided to devote herself to antiques. From now becomes one of the most important collectors of antiques and historical heritage, especially Napoleonic miniatures.
During the second world war enlisted as. At the same time, it even beats for the release, unless a few partisans.
Just after the war, dedicated his energies to an antique shop, holding up the years ' From this period onwards is painting, his first love with music, his only involvement. But art supports the deepening of spiritual studies. His home in via Silvio Pellico, then becomes the destination of choice for a number of Italian and foreign personalities of great renown.
Federico Fellini defines it as "disconcerting", binding him with a deep friendship. But in addition to the great Director, Rol receives personalities such as John Cage, Vittorio De Sica, Nino Rota, Marcello Mastroianni and Alberto Sordi. Up to a few Presidents of the Italian Republic, as Saragat and Einaudi. His fame spread abroad and Queen Elizabeth II, in the years ' 50, wants him to London. ROL also met Padre Pio, that has always been devoted, and in 1964 he meets in Antibes the Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie.
His fame also comes in the United States, thanks to Walt Disney, who want to meet him. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, in his only trip to Italy, he went to Turin with the aim, as it is said, to meet your psychic. Kennedy is not the only American head of State is interested in his abilities; in 1981 President Ronald Reagan would have sent in a telegram in which Rolen would have thanked him for his help, on the occasion of the release of American General James Lee Dozier.
Scratch and largely mitigate its success, journalists ' inquiries are Piero Angela and Tullio Regge, which formulate a series of criticism within some articles in order to put an end to his reputation as a psychic, paranormal man. " Both journalists attend psychic stunts but, eventually, the only defining a skillful and elegant magician, by retracting his faculties in the field of magic and magic in General.
Meanwhile, 50 years to the years ' 80, the press described him as a man literally out of the ordinary, speaking of telepathy, precognition, bilocation, time travel and many other phenomena attributed to him.
Gustavo Rol died on 22 September 1994, in Turin, at the ospedale San Giovanni Battista "Molinette".

Ronaldo biography

The bad luck
September 22, 1976

Who is Ronaldo?

Luiz Nazario De Lima Ronaldo, art was born on 22 September 1976 in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro called Bento Ribeiro. The third son of a family from modest financial resources, started playing football from an early age, having before our eyes the myths of the Brazilian national team, which makes stood out for Zico, the young footballer in a short time a real Idol and an example to imitate.
Made the bones on neighborhood courts and having consumed in regular shoes soccer matches played on city sidewalks, Ronaldo leads eventually to a real team, while soccer, Tennis Club Valqueire. The coach, however, still far from anticipate their potential, let the guy on the bench and, what is even more serious, assigns the role of goalkeeper. During workouts, however, brilliant sample vein starts to get light. Difficult to escape the charm of its rallies and quick raids on the ball that Ronny is able to perform during the harmless soccer matches between teammates, where he can also walk out the door. Soon, then, begins to be used in attack, with excellent results.
So, between a game, her name begins to make headway, albeit as an amateur, until it reaches the ears of an observer of Social Ramos, a team a little more important than the one we played at that time. But it is once again to play indoors in small fields for amateur tournaments or "seven". Sure, Ronny has only thirteen but field "eleven" is definitely not too big for him and it shows as it is called by the Sao Cristovao, finally a real club. Expectations will not be disappointed: the following year, in fact, become a top scorer in the championship round.
The attorneys of Brazil under 17 points for eyes and ears erect, sniffing in a small young budding talent. And in fact make his "card" for $ 7,5In short, Ronny carves out a place in the Sun in the national youth, becoming a protagonist of South American Championship in Colombia. Prosecutors promote it and found a better location: at the price of $ 50,000, is transferred to Cruzeiro of Belo Horizonte. At the age of seventeen in December ' 93, Ronaldo realizes the big dream: it is convoked by the national team, the legendary Selecao verdeoro. Football starts to become his profession, Brazil begins to get excited about him and in the blink of an eye staring all the eyes of the nation focused on him.
In 1994 he was selected to the World Cup, which will see the Italy defeat on penalties by Brazil. Over in the history of World glory, begins the European adventure, landing first at Psv Eindhoven (and becoming top scorer in the Dutch League), and then to Inter, thanks mainly to the President Massimo Moratti.
Already in Holland but the sample had denounced a series of knee problems. After a series of checks, a tibial apofisite is detected that forces him to a forced rest and that will cause strong disruption and a significant slowdown in her career.
In 1996, for example, played the Atlanta Olympics, an event that the player was in danger of losing because of the knee. You shall submit to grueling sessions of physiotherapy with what will become his trusted therapist, Dr. Petrone. Recovered from the pain, courageously tackles the Olympics, however, the yield, due to its performance, the engagement at Barcelona. At that time, however, even Inter was already concerned with the "phenomenon", but then the company had withdrawn due to the excessive cost of engagement.
The sale to Barcelone, in fact, occurred with the consent anyway excited about Ronaldo also because back in his squad to face the Netherlands Cup, received from the coach to be "scarring" left on the bench. So winning the top scorer in the Spanish League, won the Cup winners ' Cup and, on the basis of promises made in difficult times, waits a deserved increased engagement. This is not the case and, with the number ten, Ronaldo finally arrives at Inter. And it is precisely in Milan fans the appioppano the nickname "phenomenon".
Always in the milanese team won the golden shoe as the best bomber of all European Championships in ' 97, then the prestigious Ballon d'Or awarded by France Football magazine and the Fifa World Player. On the sentimental level, the tabloids are reporting every detail of his love story with the model Susana, soon renamed "Ronaldinha". After an extraordinary season, there is the world of France ' 98 to wait the standard. And here begins the serious problems that Ronny has met in subsequent years. Already during the World Championship we saw a little tarnished, but during the final is just beyond recognition. Play bad and so listless, is not decisive nor inventive. Upon returning to Italy, then, the cameras fall down the ladder of the plane limping and unsteadily. It is clear that the phenomenon you feel bad and is not in great shape, how then will confess himself in front of the microphones. Meanwhile, also ends his relationship with Susan and gets engaged to Abou.
Also arrives at a new coach, Marcello Lippi, with whom he creates for rust. Suffice it to say the League debut, Ronny is left on the bench, much to the dismay of fans and enthusiasts. The culmination of this series of misfortunes is the patellar tendon rupture during the Inter-Lecce match of November 21, 1999.
There is an operation in Paris and at least four months to return to the field. Meanwhile, Ronaldo Milene wedding which is expecting a baby. Returned by accident, tendon for Ronaldo the misfortunes do not end here. It's just the following April when, during the match between Lazio and Inter Milan for the Italy Cup final, while entering the field to twenty minutes as doctors prescribe, undergoes complete rupture of the patellar tendon in his right knee. The next day, Ronaldo underwent a second operation to rebuild the tendon. After two more years of suffering, therapies, false starts, and shooting the phenomenon back to the soccer fields and to wear studs, much to the joy of inter fans. But not all gold that glitters. In between, there are still the World Championships in Tokyo and the voltages present in underground clubs and blues, such that, Ronaldo, in conclusion of the Japanese adventure which saw him triumphant (Brazil won the Championship), decides to leave the Milan team that owes much to accept a signed for Real Madrid, prompting a huge media fuss and the disappointment of many fans.
Then at the beginning of 2007, after half a season under the guidance of Fabio Capello, from which he felt not considered signing Ronaldo to return to Milan; want to have Berlusconi and Galliani to reinforce the Milan attack that when Shevchenko was orphaned lost ... and stain points in the standings.
After yet another injury occurred in February 2008, at the end of April would be found Ronaldo in the company of three transsexual prostitutes in a Rio de Janeiro motel and after that Milan would have decided not to renew his contract for the following season; same fate will have its multi-million pound contracts with big sponsors.

Biography of Ségolène Royal

Failing Presidency
September 22, 1953

Who is Ségolène Royal?

Marie-Ségolène Royal, better known only as Segolene Royal, according to a precise choice made at age twenty-five, was born in Dakar, Senegal, on 22 September 19French town, political woman since the early 90 's, Socialist, is known for being nominated as a representative of the Socialist Party of France, the Office of President of the Republic elections of 20The first female candidate to have passed the first round of presidential elections in French history, he then lost against the representative of the center-right, Nicolas Sarkozy.
The early childhood years to the small he sew, as will be renamed during his presidential race, spending within the French military barracks stationed in Dakar, in the middle of the suburbs. It is in fact the daughter of Colonel Jacques Royal, who when she is in full service in the former French colony. With him, of course, there is the mother of Segolene, Hélène Dehaye, a woman with a passion for Botany and don't ever play an resigns itself inferior compared to their man. The small he sew is the fourth of eight children.
Paternal influence is strong and the whole family suffers. His right-wing conservatism deeply Catholic, will affect not just the spirit and character of his fourth daughter, whom he soon embarked on a totally different ideological road.
In 1960, when Segolene has just seven years, the family must move to another region, although not for long: Martinique. In Fort-de-France, the island's capital, the fourth child of Royal is educated by the Sisters of the Congregation of Saint-Joseph de Cluny.
Four years later, at the age of forty-four years, Jacques Royal was discharged from the army. The family back to France and moved to the small town of Chamagne, the Vosges département, in Lorraine. Here the young Segolene stands out during his primary and secondary education in the small nearby town of Charmes, then moved, according to paternal wishes, in a rigid school exclusively female, at the private Institute "Notre-Dame", in the town of Epinal.
In 1968 he sew young declares its firm intention to enroll at the University of Nancy, to follow his studies in law and economics. His father opposed in all ways and at the same time, due to his temper and authoritarian, is left by his wife. This moves with all the children in lower Normandy and, from the moment her husband abandons his lost financial support.
He sew is determined, however, to pay for College and worked as a librarian before in Lorraine and then in Dublin, in summer, in 19Back to Nancy, the year after he joined the University Centre of political studies, and decided to file a lawsuit against her father, guilty of not granting a divorce to his wife with the sole purpose of depriving it of legitimate livelihood. The future leader of the French Socialists would win the lawsuit only after the death of his father in 1981 because of lung cancer caused by tobacco addiction whiff.
After graduating obtained in Nancy, Royal enrolled in 1975 at the Paris Institute of political studies, known as "Sciences Po". Three years after getting the National School of administration, the Institute of political and administrative education more important than France.
In this period he began his relationship with Francois Hollande, one of the most influential members of the history of the French Socialist Party and then National Secretary. From him, will he sew as many as four children.
In 1980, the school administration, chooses the way of the Administrative Court, opting for a career as a magistrate. However, in these early years of the Decade, she was noticed by Jacques Attali, who from 1982 to 1988 appointment as technical adviser to the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, with responsibility in the areas of youth and sports, at a later time, Social Affairs. Get your full membership to the Socialist Party.
Once this phase is important, is implicated in a totally unexpected by François Mitterrand, that the candida in the Deux-Sèvres département, where she was elected Congresswoman. During this period the young Segolene gets a series of important results that lead to scale the heights of national politics, not only on purely Socialist front. Campaigns against violence and for protecting children, gets recognition for appellation of goat cheese "chabichou", in addition to obtaining a mark of recognition for the cows of the district for which it was elected.
From April 3, 1992 to March 29, 1993 she was appointed Environment Minister in the Bérégovoy Government. After a series of political and electoral successes, fails to win at Niort Town Hall, in 1995, because of internal strife in the party. From 1997 until 2002, is called into question by new President Jospin, for roles in important ministries such as education, work and solidarity, with responsibility for Family and persons with disabilities.
In March of 2004, Segolene Royal is elected President of the Poitou-Charentes region and earns the nickname "Zapatera" French. At that time, the leader of the Spanish left Zapatero goes to the Government and there are many connecting points between the two politicians, quite similar ideologically.
In 2006 the Royal is a candidate in the primaries of the party, to run for French presidential elections scheduled for 20Unable to beat two other political bigwigs transalpina: the reformist Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Laurent Fabius as extremist. La Zapatera WINS widely and rushes towards the Élysée Palace.
On 22 April 2007, in the first round of presidential elections, the Royal 9,500,112 collects ratings, giving the overcoming of the round. The May 6 ballot, winning is the candidate of the Union for a popular movement, Nicolas Sarkozy, that gets 53% of the popular vote.
In June of the same year, announces his separation from Francois Hollande. The year after, as Party Secretary, replacing just Hollande, now resigned. On 21 November 2008, after a final, contested vote, the Royal loses for only 102 votes against Martine Aubry, who becomes the new leader of the Socialists.

Biography of Philip d. s. Chesterfield

Contemptuous nature channel
September 22, 1694
March 24, 1773

Who is Philip d. s. Chesterfield?

Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield, known in the literature and also simply as Lord Chesterfield, was born in London on September 22, 16Completed school education in Cambridge, is dedicated to the journeys that lead him around the main European countries.
Enter the House of Commons as Lord Stanhope of Shelford in 17Upon his father's death in 1726, he became Lord Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield, entering to occupy his seat in Parliament in the House of Lords.
Friend of Voltaire, he will visit during his stay in Brussels; with him also spends some time in Paris, where it binds to younger Crebillon, Fontenelle and Montesquieu.
Become deaf, soon this handicap is added that of blindness: its memory and its refined manners will let life anyway.
Statesman and writer, Lord Chesterfield is also a selfish man, calculating and contemptuous; his character is not generous, indeed practice deception until it becomes dna element of his life.
In fact his charisma makes him consider how a person from bright talent, thanks to the formidable and excellent education received, however his life cannot be called a success.
As a politician and statesman, his fame rests on his brief administration of Ireland. As an author, remember him as a brilliant essayist and epigrammista. Letters written to his son, first published by the widow of Stanhope in 1774, and "The Letters to his Godson (1890), are excellently written, full of elegance and wisdom, full of understanding, large capacity, good descriptive powers of observation and education.
Philip Dormer Stanhope died on March 24, 1773.

Biography of Roberto Saviano

The romance of life
September 22, 1979

Who is Roberto Saviano?

Roberto Saviano was born on 22 September 1979 in Naples, the son of Louis, doctor, and Miriam, a Jew. After graduating from the Liceo Scientifico "Armando Diaz" of Caserta, he graduated in philosophy at the University of Naples Federico II. In 23 years began his career as a journalist, "diary", "Il Manifesto", "Pulp", the "Corriere del Mezzogiorno" and "Indian nation". In March of 2006 he published "Gomorrah-journey into economic empire and in the dream of the camorra," non-fiction novel published for Mondadori Blu2 roads.
The book presents itself as a journey through the universe of the camorra criminal, from Casal di Principe in the agro aversano. Between mob bosses, toxic waste disposal in rural areas, luxurious villas and conniving people, the author talks about a system that enlists as recruits boys not yet teenagers, creating boss-children who believe that the only way to die with honor both be killed. The book sold nearly three million copies in Italy alone, and is translated into more than 50 countries, appearing in the rankings of bestsellers, among other things, in Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria, Lebanon, Lithuania, Israel, Belgium and Germany.
The novel is based on a play, which gives the author the 2008 Olympic Theatre as best author of news; Director Matteo Garrone's film, by contrast, draws the homonymous film, winner of the Grand Prize of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival.
The success, however, has a downside: black 13 area from October 2006, in fact, Roberto Saviano has been living under police protection, assigned by Giuliano Amato, the Interior Minister, as a result of intimidation and threats suffered (especially after the event for legality held a few weeks before in Casal di Principe, where the writer had publicly denounced the Affairs of Francesco Schiavone , head of the Casalesi clan).
On 14 October 2008, the news of a possible attack to Saviano: the district anti-mafia Directorate, in fact, learns from an inspector from Milan, who is planning a plot to murder the journalist before Christmas on the Rome-Naples highway. Rumors, however, are denied by the allegedly repentant that he provided the tip-off, Carmine Schiavone, Francesco's cousin.
On 20 October of that year, the Nobel Laureates Gunter Grass, Dario Fo, Rita Levi Montalcini, Desmond Tutu, Orhan Pamuk and Mikhail Gorbachev are mobilizing asking any Italian State efforts to ensure the safety of Roberto Saviano, highlighting at the same time that the camorra and organized crime is an issue that concerns any citizen. The appeal, signed by writers such as Claudio Magris, Jonathan Franzen, Peter Schneider, José Saramago, Javier Marias, Martin Amis, Lech Walesa, Chuck Palahniuk and Betty Williams, stresses that it is not possible that the complaint of a criminal cause, as the price to be paid, surrender their freedom.
The initiative was soon raised from foreign media such as CNN, Al Arabiya, "Le nouvel observateur" and "El Pais", while on Radio 3 broadcast "Fahrenheit" organizes a marathon marked by readings of "Gomorrah". In addition, the newspaper "La Repubblica" more than 250,000 citizens subscribe to the appeal in favour of the writer.
After winning, for the film "Gomorra", Tonino Guerra prize of Bif & st di Bari for the best subject, Roberto Saviano in November 2010 leads in prime time broadcast on Raitre "come away with me", together with Fabio Fazio. The program marks the record for the network with 31.60% share and more than nine million and 600 thousand spectators of average obtained in the third episode. Always with Fabio Fazio, in may 2012 La7 presents "what (not) I": in this case, the program set a record for the network share, thanks to 13.06% achieved in the third and final installment.
In 2012, is also accused by Benedetto Croce's niece Marta Herling by writing an article about the false philosopher abruzzese. Saviano, in fact, argues that at the time of the earthquake of 1883 Casamicciola Cross would offer 100,000 lire to whoever had helped us out from the rubble: the Herling belies, with a letter published in "Corriere del Mezzogiorno", the writer's thesis (thesis already proposal on tv during "come away with me") and criticizing the trust. He, in turn, the lawsuit "Corriere del Mezzogiorno" and asks four million and 700,000 euros in compensation for damages: the initiative elicits controversy, as Saviano, symbol of press freedom, mutilated would claim, with its lawsuit to silence a voice that criticizes him.
This is not, however, the only controversy related to the writer, already accused in the past of having copied, "Gomorrah", entire songs from newspaper articles to local newspapers of Campania, and in General on multiple occasions not citing its sources (as happened, for example, during "what (not) I", when speaking of eternit, did not mention RAM Raj, discoverer of many of the stories told by him). Sabri also ended in the eye of the storm because of the statements made on 7 October, 2010 in Rome in favour of Israel, a country praised by the writer as a civilization and freedom: these phrases have provoked outrage from many quarters, and Sabir was accused (among others, by Vittorio Arrigoni activist) you forgotten injustices that the Palestinian population is forced to suffer.
Holder of an honorary doctorate in law in January 2011 of allocated by the University of Genoa, Roberto Saviano, which by 2012 is honorary citizen of Milan, has inspired several artists in the music industry: the Piedmont group of Subsonica album "Eclipse" dedicated the song "lead", while rapper Lucariello composed the song "wooden coat" (after getting permission from the same Saviano) , which tells the story of a hit man who is about to kill the writer. Sabri also appears at the end of the music video for the song "Fabri Fibra In Italy" and "TammorrAntiCamorra" rap group ' A67, which reads a passage from his book.
The fame of the journalist, however, came from abroad, as evidenced by Massive Attack (the British group that wrote "Herculaneum", a song inspired by Saviano and "Gomorrah" that has become the soundtrack of Garrone's film) and U2, which during the concert held in Rome in October of 2010 have dedicated the song "Sunday bloody Sunday".
In the spring of 2013 to seven years away from Gomorrah, he released his second and highly anticipated book "ZeroZeroZero".

Shaka biography

Napoleon in Africa
Year of birth: 1787
September 22, 1828

Who is Shaka?

Born around the year 1787 near Melmoth (today the province of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa), much of what is known about the life of Shaka came through stories and legends, often conflicting with each other. Is assumed to be the son of a Chief of the Ngoni people Senzangakona and Nandi, daughter of a Langeni Chief.
Six years is hunted by his father due to the death of a sheep of the flock that was taking care of; Nandi, which also takes its defences, is expelled with him. The following years are a series of wanderings among the kraal (farms) of other landowners.
Shaka the Serbian memory of these years mark and him later to retaliate fiercely.
His wandering ends around 1803, when the mother finds hospitality in an aunt belonging to the emDletsheni clan of the King's powerful ally Jobe, Mthethwa.
Already at the age of sixteen, Shaka is a brave warrior; in twenty-three passes from iNtanga (Group of peers) at iziCwe (Regiment).
Stands for the courage and fighting skills to be appointed General.
His name is already a legend and his platoons "Beinahmen" are known as "thousand" winners.
After the death of his father in 1816, Dingiswayo helped Shaka (leader of the Mthethwa), delete the brother and establishes a regime similar to that of Dingiswayo. Changes the type of fight of his tribe: first you do build a short spear with a long round (iklwa) and a heavy leather shield. The fight is expected that with the left to engage the enemy and then stab him with a right to the ribs.
The training of men's Shaka is very hard: combat takes place barefoot; Everyone must be able to run for fifty miles on hot and rocky terrain in less than 24 hours. The iron discipline and the hand-to-hand combat of Shaka were compared by many scholars to those used by the Spartan army.
The battle tactics change. Shaka divides the impi in four groups during the battle are arranged in the shape of a bull's head. The first Department forms the "chest" (isifuba), in contact with the enemy, the second and third form "horns" (izimpondo) that surround the enemy, so the retreat. The fourth group consists of reserves.
Shaka observed the deployment from above, giving quick orders through messengers.
The strategy was simple; the battles were conducted against small clans. Survivors will always be offered the chance to join his army, the new enlistees are then considered Zulu in all respects. It is thanks to Shaka that changes the way war in Africa, so much so that two centuries after his death, the Zulus still use his tactics to defeat the enemies.
The half-brothers Dingane and Mhlangane try twice to kill King Shaka, they succeed but the third attempt in 1828 (the date of September 22 would be uncertain), with the help of an inDuna called Mbopo, at a time when much of the Zulu army was engaged in the North of the Kingdom.
Under the leadership of Shaka Zulu extended their rule over a large part of southern Africa, between the Phongolo and Mzimkhulu rivers. Some sources describe Shaka as a true military genius, a sort of Napoleon; other sources are more cautious but generally recognize his ability and leader imperatore, and its importance in the history of southern Africa.
In the late colonial era, the figure of Shaka has often been taken as a symbol by nationalist movements and African independence.

Thiago Silva biography

September 22, 1984

Who is Thiago Silva?

Thiago Emiliano da Silva was born in Rio de Janeiro on September 22, 1984.
Brazilian defender, Fluminense youth grows, but is not signed by the club upon moving to the first team. He was offered a professional contract by RS Futebol; shortly after he joined from Juventude, which debuts in the Brasileirão in 2004.
He was noticed by European clubs: play with Porto and Dynamo Moscow but does not shine because of injuries and illnesses. He returned to Brazil in 2006 to rebuild a career with Fluminense.
He won a World Cup in Brazil and in 2008 gets to play the final of the Copa Libertadores, unfortunately lost against LDU Quito.
During the summer months is called by Brazil coach Dunga to participate with Olympic selection at the Beijing Olympics: Thiago Silva is overage with the champion Ronaldinho. Before the Olympic Games in two friendlies against Singapore and Viet Nam but gets injured: will not play any of the games competition.
At the end of 2008 is announced its purchase by Milan for 10 million euros. Thiago Silva reaches Milan friends and compatriots Kaka and Ronaldinho.

Biography of Ornella Vanoni

Subtle refinements
September 22, 1934

Who is Ornella Vanoni?

On September 22, 1934 was a Saturday, the Sun was risen to 6.A few hours later in Milan in Vanoni family saw the light (forceps) girl. Three pounds, dark hair. She cried and the big lips went from ear to ear. Apparently cried mum Mariuccia, knew different. Right. Ornella has always been "different", unconventional, curious (although modest), Maverick (but regulated) professions in life: music and theatre. A long challenge, sometimes involuntarily. Young, someone told her that with that voice would have to be an actress: enrolled at the school of the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, then directed by Giorgio Strehler. The Maestro, who became her partner, decided to make her sing too. Brecht, sure, but for her "invented" mala songs, mostly written by him for Ornella with Fiorenzo Carpi, Gino Negri and Dario Fo. Ornella Vanoni and arrives at the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto, in 19In the theater, Ornella had already debuted in 1957 in "the Gamble" by Federico Zardi.
Pop music then boom moments lived and creative ferment. The song writing. The meeting with Gino Paoli came in 19The result was a major love and several songs including a masterpiece: "Without end", first place in the standings and immediate popular success.
For a few years Ornella alternates between theater and music. In 1961 he won the s. Genesio as best actress for "the idiot" by Achard. Lucio Abdullah wedding great entrepreneur. In 1962 the son is born Christian. In 1963 still a prize in jenesien for "girlfriend del bersagliere" by Anton. In 1964 "Rugantino" Giovannini, Garinei and Trovaioli Sistina in Rome first and then on Broadway. From here there are only music, records, television and festival. He won the Festival of Naples (1964 "Tu si na cosa grande" in Malay). It is second in Sanremo (1968 "White House" by Don Backy). Many epochal record successes ("La musica è finita", "one more reason", "tomorrow is another day", "Sorrow", "I fell in love with you", "date", "details", ...). Ornella Vanoni in 1973 he founded his own record label, Vanilla, and moved to Rome. It's the era of concept album, L.P.. It must be a manufacturer. He began a long association with Sergio Bardotti that will create important work and successes that will last over time. The first, of 1976, is "La voglia, La pazzia, l'incoscienza e l'allegria", the amazing meeting with Brazil by Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho. A classic. In 1977, "I'm in, I'm out," double disc and tour con i New Trolls, meeting with the trendy music of the era. The same year a high hit parade with "more" paired with Gepi.
From 1978 to 1983 he returns to live in his Milan. It is increasingly the song Lady, refined, sophisticated, like the made in Italy. Gianni Versace takes care of her look. "Recipe for women", "words" and "Duemilatrecentouno" are three discs, Ornella pass from sex symbol to intelligent Lady with the pen in his hand. Hinnies port writing lyrics that interprets. ("Music," and "Go Valentina" are the two greatest successes of this period). This work continues the search for musical encounters: Loredana Berté, Caterina Caselli, Gerry Mulligan, Lucio Dalla. There's even a fleeting reappearance of Gino Paoli.
Here they are again in 1984, Gino and Ornella. A sold out tour, a live album, "together", burning up the charts. A new symbol: song "Ti lascio una canzone". Year of returns, the 1985, also in the theater with Albertazzi: "comedy of love" by Bernard Slade. In 1986 an ambitious recording project: in the moment of maximum crisis of Italian song, Ornella and Hinnies hoist the tricolour in Manhattan. Ornella plays Italian greatest hits of all time and of all styles, from Red Ac Cocciante, along with major jazz musicians of the world. "Ornella e. .." with George Benson, Herbie Hankock, Steve Gadd, Gil Evans, Michael Brecker, Ron Carter ... Ends with this collaboration work with Babbage, who is dedicated full-time to tv.
Of 1987 are a record and a tour of the highest level and style, "or" project is signed by Ivano Fossati and Gregg Walsh. The circle music-theatre tour, with innovative and unique scenic of friend Arnaldo Pomodoro. The other major producer of Ornella is Mario Lavezzi, who over the years ' 90 and at the beginning of the new millennium has managed successfully to connote a new style of Ornella. "Rising star" (1992), gold album, the beautiful Serena, the fantastic cover of "a sandwich, a beer and then" (2001, Platinum) and "La tua bocca da baciare (2001) are the main works.
90 's is also clay (1998), a collaboration with experimental artists as producer-arranger Beppe Quirici (Ivano Fossati) and jazz musician Paolo Fresu. On September 22, 2004 is a Thursday, a milestone birthday. Two days after he released a new album with his friend Gino Paoli, "do you remember? No, I do not remember ": all new tracks, looking ahead. Participated in the Festival di Sanremo 2009 as godmother of the young singer Simona Molinari, whose duets on the song "Egocentric". During the evening also plays "Vedrai Vedrai" by Luigi Tenco, Mino Reitano chanting "one more reason".
The new album comes out November 13, 2009 "more than you" containing covers of songwriters including sugar, Pino Daniele and Antonello Venditti. The album was preceded by the single "how long", cover of Silverchair. In September 2013 released his latest album titled "Mestizos": Ornella Vanoni declares that it will be his last album.


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