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  2. Biography of St. Francis of Assisi
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  5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic biography
  6. Maurizio Lupi biography
  7. Biography of Sandro Mazzinghi
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Biography of Louis Aragon

Poetically, faithful until death
3 October 1897
December 24, 1982

Who is Louis Aragon?

Louis Aragon was born in Paris on 3 June 1897.
The poet and novelist after taking part in the 1919 to 1924 Dadaism, founded the surrealist movement together with André Breton and Philippe Soupault.
In his surrealist stage writes the poetry collections "fire of joy" (Feu de joie, 1920), "Moto perpetuo" (Le mouvement perpétuel, 1924), besides the fantastic tale "The farmer from Paris" (Le paysan de Paris, 1926).
Join, along with some members of the surrealist group of the French Communist Party (PCF) in 1927, which will remain faithful until death.
Compose a cycle of four novels on social issues, whose title is "the real world" (1934-1944).
After meeting with Elsa Triolet, writer of Russian origin, and after several stays in the Soviet Union, Aragon's novels contained social public and political: "the bells of Basel" (Les cloches de Bale, 1934), "The Communists" (Les communistes, 1949-51). His poetry is largely inspired by Elsa, who became his wife in 1939.
During the Nazi occupation he participated in the resistance with an intense political activity and journalism.
The poetry of those years are infused with patriotic sentiment: "Heartbreak" (Crève-coeur, 1941), "The French" Diana (Diane française, 1945).
His famous poem is l'Affiche rouge (red poster), which pays tribute to the dead foreigners Aragon fighting for France. Motivation is a response to Nazi propaganda dubbed "L'affiche Rouge", which aimed to convince the French people that the resistance movement was composed of foreigners, mostly Jews, who were the interests of Britain and the Soviet Union.
Aragon and Triolet collaborated to the French press of the left before and during World War II, acting in hiding during the Nazi occupation.
During the German occupation of France in World War II, he wrote for Les Éditions de Minuit, a clandestine Publishing House.
After his wife's death in 1970, Aragon ostenterà homosexual preferences.
He died on December 24, 1982, watched over by his friend Jean Ristat. Buried in the Park of Moulin de Villeneuve, his property in Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, lies alongside his wife Elsa.

Biography of St. Francis of Assisi

The love for nature and poverty
26 June 1182
3 October 1226

Who is St. Francis of Assisi?

St. Francis of Assisi was born in Assisi between December and September 1181 11Some suggest that the probable date of birth 26 June 11His father, Pietro Bernardone of Malloy, is a rich cloth merchant and spices, while the mother, Pica Bourlemont, noble extraction. Legend has it that Francis is conceived during a trip to the Holy Land of the pair, now in there over the years. Baptized by John, mother changed his name to Francis at the return of his father, absent for a business trip in France.
He studied Latin and the vernacular, music and poetry, and his father taught him French and Provençal with intent to start to trade. Teenager finds himself working behind the counter of his father's workshop. Twenty years participates in the war he sees opposing towns of Assisi and Perugia. The army that fights Francesco is defeated and he remains captive for a year. The captivity is long and hard and seriously ill back home. Once recovered thanks to maternal care, again part of Gualtiero da Brienne, southward. But along the way he appeared, which induces him to abandon his life as a soldier and back to Assisi.
His conversion began in 12There are various episodes from this period: the one where, in 1206, swap their clothes with a beggar and Roman starts to beg in front of St. Peter's Basilica, the famous encounter with the leper on the plain in front of Assisi. Friends who don't recognize in him the most cheerful fellow raids of the past leave, and the father who begins to understand how unfounded that nurtures aspirations against him, comes into conflict with him.
Francesco meditates in the countryside around Assisi and one day, while praying in the Church of San Damiano, the crucifix comes alive for him to repair the Church in ruins. To comply with the request, a charge made in fabrics and his father sells. Then realizing that the money is not enough, even sells the horse. After this episode the clash with his father is getting harder, until Peter decided to disinherit him. But Francis in the public square of Assisi renounces paternal heritage: is 12 April 1207.
By now abandons Assisi and Gubbio, where, just outside the walls, faces the terrible Wolf that throws terror among the inhabitants of the city. Unable to tame the ferocious animal, simply talking to him. So what takes place is considered his first miracle.
Francis sew a canvas shirt, tied at the waist by a cord at three knots, wearing sandals and remains in the territories of Gubbio until the end of 12He always carries with him a bag of tools from Mason, with whom he restored the Church of San Damiano and the Porziuncola of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which becomes his home. This is the time when the first conceived sketches of what would later become the Franciscan rule. The reading of the Gospel of Matthew, chapter X, inspires him to point to induce him to take it literally. Inspirational step says: "you don't get gold silver or money to your pockets, not a travel bag, neither two coats, neither shoes nor a stick; Since the worker is entitled to his livelihood ".
The first official disciple of Francis Bernardo da Quintavalle, magistrate, followed by Pietro Cattani, Canon and doctor in law. In these first two disciples come together: Egidio, farmer, Sabatino, Mally, Philip Longo, Sylvester John priest of the Chapel, barbarian and Bernardo Vigilante and Angelo Tancredi. In all the followers of Francis are just like the twelve apostles of Jesus. Elect in their convent before the Porziuncola and then the Hovel to Rivotorto.
The Franciscan order was officially founded in July 1210, thanks to Pope Innocent III. The main rule of the Franciscan order is absolute poverty: the friars may not own anything. Everything they need, including refuge, must be the result of donation. To provide a roof over your head Franciscans think the Benedictines who, in Exchange for a basket of fish per year, granting them the Porziuncola in perpetual use.
Francis of Assisi in 1213 in the first mission to Palestine, then in Egypt, where he met the Sultan Melek el-Kamel, and finally in Morocco. One of his journeys took him to the shrine of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, but is forced to return back to the worsening of his health.
In 1223 he devoted himself to rewrite the rule of order, hiring through the fall. Unfortunately Brother Leo and brother Bonifazio forgive, but Francis gets back to work. Pope Honorius III will recognize the Franciscan rule as law for the Holy Church.
In December 1223 Francesco also organises the first Nativity in a cave, which is considered the first of the Nativity Story. The following year the miracle of water flowing from a rock and receives the stigmata.
Despite tiredness and physical suffering, he also composes the famous "song of songs", which contributes to enshrine it in the collective imagination as the Friar who preaches to the birds.
Meanwhile health worsens: increasingly is almost blind. Francis of Assisi died at his Porziuncola chapel on 3 October 1226 just 44 years.
On 16 July 1228 is declared a Saint by Pope Gregory IX.

Biography of Eleonora Duse

Greatest of all
3 may 1858
April 21, 1924

Who is Eleonora Duse?

Defined deservedly the greatest actress of all time, Eleonora Duse was a "myth" of the Italian theater: between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, represented with his deep sensitivity and his acting great naturalness, works of great writers such as D'Annunzio, Verga, Ibsen and Dumas. Born on 3 Oct 1858 in a hotel room in Vigevano (Pavia) where his mother, actress Puttering, paused to give birth, Eleonora Duse do not attend school, but four years is already on stage: to make her cry, as required by the part, behind the scenes someone beats her legs.
At twelve years of age replaces the sick mother as protagonist of "Francesca da Rimini" by Pam, and "Pia de ' Tolomei" by Macgregor. In 1873 his first stable role; support parts from "naïve" in his father's company; in 1875 will be "second" woman in company Pezzana-Brunetti.
At the age of twenty, Eleonora Duse is assumed with the role of "first love" in the company Ciotti-Belli-Blanes. Gets the first great success in 1879, playing with poignant sensitivity, head of a company with hyacinth Pezzana, "Therese Raquin" of Zola.
At age 23 is already before, actress and twenty-nine capocomica: you choose the Repertoire and crew, and became interested in the production and finance. And all life would have imposed their choices, leading to successful authors, as the rod of "Cavalleria rusticana", representing with great success in 18Among the major accomplishments of those years are "Princess of Baghdad", "Claudio's wife", "the Lady of the Camellias" and many other dramas of Sardou, Dumas and Renan.
Very sensitive actress Eleonora Duse, is concerned with strengthening the study and culture of its innate qualities: to do this you would be directed to a higher artistic level, interpreting works as "Antony and Cleopatra" by Shakespeare (1888), "Doll House" by Henrik Ibsen (1891) and some dramas of Gabriele D'Annunzio ("dead city", "La Gioconda", "Sogno di un mattino di primavera" "The glory"), with whom he had an intense as tormented love story, over a period of several years.
In the early 1900s the Duse adds to his repertoire of Ibsen's other works such as "the lady from the sea", "Edda Gabler," "Rosmersholm", which will represent for the first time in Florence in 19In 1909 his retirement. Following the great actress appears in a silent movie, "ash" (1916), directed by and starring Febo Mari, based on the novel by Grazia Deledda.
The "divine" will return to the stage in 1921 with "the lady from the sea", also brought to London in 1923.
He died in pneumonia during a long tour in the United States, at the age of sixty-five, April 21, 1924 in Pittsburgh. Is then buried according to desire in Asolo (TV).
Is nuanced, in Duse, the separation between a woman and an actress. As she wrote to a critic: "those poor women of my comedies are so me enter the heart and head that while I understand her ingenuity to better those who listen to me, almost wanted to comfort them, are they that adagio adagio ended up comforting me."
"Divine" is not truccava never staged or fuoriscena, nor feared wearing purple, abhorred by entertainers, nor loved rehearsal, she preferred Foyers of hotels rather than in the theater. He had a passion for flowers, which spread on the stage, wearing clothes, and he was holding above giocherellandoci thought. Particular character often recited standing with hands on hips and sitting with his elbows on his knees: brazen attitudes to those times, but made it known and loved by the public, and that they remember as the greatest of all.

Biography of Sergei Yesenin

The significant violence
3 October 1895
December 27, 1925

Who is Sergey Esenin?

Sergej Aleksandrovi? Yesenin was born on 3 October 1895 in Konstantinovo (now Esenino), in the region of Ryazan (Russia); an only child whose parents are farmers, is the most important exponent of the so-called School of "peasant poets". Reflected in his verses on the rural world of the early twentieth century Russia: his words bring out the beauty of the countryside, the love for the Animal Kingdom, but also the excesses of his life (Esenin was alcoholic and frequenter of brothels).
Grew up with his grandparents, he began writing poetry at the age of nine. In 1912 he moved to Moscow where he earns a living working as a proofreader at a publishing house.
In St. Petersburg became known in literary circles. Thanks to Alexander Blok that is promoted his career as a poet.
In 1915 publishes "Radunica", his first book of poems, immediately followed by "rite for the dead" (1916). In short it became one of the most popular poets of the period.
The features and beauty of Esenin are out of the ordinary; bisexual, search support in the first part of his life at influential men, while in the second part the preference will go to the female sex. Featuring a romantic personality Esenin falls frequently, so that it will come to marry five times.
Marry for the first time in 1913 with Anna Izrjadnova, co-worker at the publishing house, where his son Yuri (later arrested during the Stalinist great purge and died in a gulag in 1937). In the period 1916-1917 Sergey Yesenin is enlisted, but soon after the October revolution of 1917, Russia comes out of the first world war. Believing that the revolution would lead to a better life, Yesenin supports it, but soon it disillude even to criticize the Bolshevik government (of this period is the poem "Oct. severo tricked me").
In August 1917 Yesenin married the actress Zinaida Raikh. Since you have a daughter, Tatyana, and a son, Konstantin.
In September 1918 he founded his own publishing house called "Moscow artists working Company".
Know then Isadora Duncan, already then famous ballerina; the meeting will be decisive for his poetic inspirations. Her relationship with her (17 years his senior) is very troubled and difficult and full of extravagance: resounding was the episode where in Paris the two were driven to a hotel because Isadora danced naked, while reciting verses. Esenin Joined in marriage on May 2, 1922 (lei, bisexual women preference, only knew a few words in Russian: the wedding was for both a move), split up the following year.
Back in Moscow and married the actress Augusta Mikla? evskaja.
In the last two years of her life living between Sergei Yesenin excesses, often drunk; but this period of personal desperation is also the time when creating some of his most beautiful poems and notes.
In the spring of 1925 he married his fifth wife, Sophia Andreyevna Tolstaya, a granddaughter of Leo Tolstoy. The woman tries to help him, but fails to prevent Esenin a nervous breakdown: enters a mental hospital where he remained for a month. Is discharged for Christmas: two days after cutting a wrist and writes with his own blood, his last poem, which represents his farewell to the world; violent and aggressive person at the same time capable of great sensitivity, Sergei Yesenin suicide dies the next day, on December 27, 1925, at the age of 30 years: while in a hotel room in Saint Petersburg, he goes by hanging himself to the pipes of the heating system. The mystery still exists for which some think that suicide was a hoax: Yesenin would be actually killed by agents of the GPU.
Major works:
-Red dawn, 1910
-The high waters have lapped, 1910
-Birch, 1913
-Autumn, 1914
-The whore, 1915
-I'll look into the field, 1917
I left the birthplace, 1918
-Thug, 1919
-Confessions of a thug, 1920 (Italian transl. Sung by Angelo Branduardi)
-Are the last poet of the village, 1920
-Prayer for the first forty days of death, 1920
-I have no pity, don't cry, don't cry, 1921
-Pugachev, 1921
-Just a joy I left, 1923
-A letter to her mother, 1924
-Tavern Moscow, 1924
-Confessions of a thug, 1924
-Desolate Moon light and pale, 1925
-Black man, 1925
-The dog Ka? alov, 1925

Zlatan Ibrahimovic biography

Swedish power
October 3, 1981

Who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic?

Born in Malmö, Sweden, from October 3, 1981 father and Croatian mother, Bosnian Zlatan Ibrahimovic wore his first pair of football boots at the age of five.
The soccer fields of Rosengård between the houses and the buildings in his neighborhood for him were already San Siro stadiums or "Wembley was always there to play. I don't know how many times the neighbors came to complain about the ball that ended invariably in their hedges "-recalls with a smile the mother Jurka.
At the age of ten plays in the team Zlatan Balkan, in the category of women two years older than him, in a match against the team of Vellinge part off the bench. At halftime the Balkan loses 4-0 and Zlatan comes into play: he shot to score the goal of the final result 8 8-The Vellinge accusations that raising protest Zlatan is older than 12 years: limit was necessary to show a birth certificate to convince opponents and even surprise them, trying them that the boy was actually two years younger.
At the age of 13 years Zlatan Ibrahimovic joins the ranks of Malmö FF. Already at that time dreamed of a career as a professional footballer: often said: "won't stay in Sweden for long".
In June 2000 Zlatan play with Malmö in the Superettan, the second tier, and already it is noted by the Swedish national team.
In December of the same year the English manager Arsene Wenger tries to convince Ibrahimovic to join Arsenal, using even a shirt number 9 with Zlatan name already printed on the back. But it will be the Dutch team Ajax Amsterdam to win the race to get his signature on a contract. In the spring of 2001 the deal is formalized and Zlatan Ibrahimovic Swedish player becomes more expensive than ever.
During this period, Zlatan debuts in Swedish under-21 national team against the Republic of Macedonia and a goal. With the senior national team debut on January 31, 2001 (against Faroe Islands); scored his first goal in qualifying for the World Cup 2002, Koreans against Azerbaijan also does not, on 6 October of the same year.
On May 5, 2002, with Ajax (four fasting seasons), Dutch champion. In his first season with the Ajax acronym 6 goals. Marks one of its most important goal in the final of the Amstel Cup (against Utrecht) that crowns the Ajax sample.
Only a few days before the big hits the Dutch name of Ibrahimovic appears in the list of 23 Swedish squad for the 2002 World Championships.
The teams in Rome, Milan and Sunderland show great interest for Sweden, but Leo Beenhakker, Ajax Technical Director, does everything he can to convince Zlatan to stay in Holland.
The finals of the 2004 European Championships in Portugal, held the Swedes are in the preliminary round of the Italy. The Blues ahead 1-0 for most of the match, at the end are joined by a daring goal just Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Italy (last game at the helm of Trapattoni, followed by Lippi) is deleted from the mathematics 2-2 result of Sweden-Denmark Scandinavian derby.
Car enthusiast (owns a Porsche), 192 cm tall to 84 kg striker has great technical ability and acrobatic, after scoring 46 goals between League and Cup with Ajax, Zlatan Ibrahimovic went to Fabio Capello's Juventus, one of the most egregious market summer campaign 2004.
The Juventus fans, but also lovers of beautiful football, were able to admire the feats that the young Swede was able to show on the Italian game, in his first season, crowned at the end of May 2005 with the 28th scudetto with Juventus.
After the season, Moggi scandal that has engulfed the Juventus and Italian soccer, "Ibra" has gone to Inter, with whose company he signed for four years and with which he won the Championship of 2006/2007 record (by signing many important goals).
Helen Seger's partner gave birth to Maximilian (September 22, 2006) and Vincent (March 6, 2008), eldest son and second child respectively of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The 2008 Swedish is also a year of satisfaction: the Inter Milan won the last day his 16° scudetto and much credit goes to this great champion who scored a lot of goals, the last two in the match that gives the eleven milanese deserved title. They also later is one of the leaders of the 17° scudetto Milan team. At the end of July 2009, after several weeks of negotiation, is sold to Barcelona.
For the 2010/2011 Championship back in Italy wearing the red and black shirt of Milan.
At the end of 2011 comes out in his autobiography titled "I, Ibra" (written with David Lagercrantz), which again before Christmas become a publishing phenomenon.
The following season passes from AC Milan to PSG (Paris Saint-Germain).

Maurizio Lupi biography

October 3, 1959

Who is Maurizio Lupi?

Maurizio Lupi was born on 3 October 1959 in Milan. After graduating from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in his city with a thesis on the introduction in daily journalism integrated publishing system, Faculty of political science in 1984, the same year he enrolled in the Ordine dei Giornalisti della Lombardia as a freelance journalist.
Administrator already Cusl (acronym of University Cooperative education and work) over the years in University, he was hired in 1984 at "Il Sabato", a weekly Catholic character: at first he was personal assistant to the ceo; afterwards, will become marketing director (until the newspaper will close, in 1993).
Become a member of the Board of Directors of the Smau in 1989 and member of Ferpi (Italy Federation of public relations) in the following year, Maurizio Lupi-Meanwhile came to communion and Liberation-began his political career in 1993, and was elected a city councilman in Milan, among the ranks of the Christian Democrats, during the administration of Marco Formentini. After being appointed, in September 1994, Managing Director of Fiera Milano Congressi, a company which is headed by Fiera Milano, the 1997-Wolves Meanwhile passed to Italy Force-become Alderman of Gabriele Albertini, with responsibility for the development of the territory, to urban and housing.
During his Department makes himself the protagonist of decisions that they will be investigated for attempted abuse of Office and attempted fraud, in particular due to the granting of Cascina San Bernardo, located near Moscow, a Federation of Compagnia delle Opere, and its use following the restructuring: the political ciellino will still be acquitted already in the preliminary hearing for the absence of the fact.
In the elections of 2001, Maurizio Lupi enters Parliament, elected Deputy to Italy Force, in Merate, Lecco. Leader of the party in the VIII (dedicated to environment, public works and territory), he was appointed National Director of the public works Department and territory to Italy Force. A candidate at the elections of 2006 to Italy Force and those of 2008 for the people of freedom party, is elected in Lombardy 1 College. During the sixteenth legislature presides over the Committee for communication and information, the Security Committee and the jury of the "Premio Ilaria Alpi and Maria Grazia Cutuli".
He is a member, then, of the Bureau of the Committee, the Committee for communication and information, Outside of the judicial section of the Bureau and of the Parliamentary Committee for the general direction and supervision of broadcasting services. In the same year, Wolf is chosen as godfather to Muslim journalist Magdi Allam, who converted to Catholicism, on the occasion of baptism by Pope Benedict XVI. Already promoted the bipartisan "fiscal incentives for the return of workers in Italy", together with the 360 Association of Enrico Letta and the Parliamentary Intergroup for subsidiarity (which is one of the founders), in 2009 gives life to the Montecitorio Running Club, charitable initiative which, thanks to eighty members of several political groups, raises money for numerous charities; also part of the Centre of the Chamber of Deputies on the phenomena of xenophobia and racism.
In January 2011 a Maurizio Lupi signature with other members of the Pdl, including Roberto Formigoni, an open letter asking Catholics to suspend moral judgment about Silvio Berlusconi, following the famous Ruby case for which the then premier is under investigation by Milan prosecutors. After publishing the book "The first policy is to live" with Arnoldo Mondadori Editore in November 2011, wolves becomes a member, after the birth of the Government Commission, transport, posts and telecommunications. Elected Deputy again in the elections of 2013, on 21 March of that year he was elected Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies; on April 28, 2013 is appointed Minister of infrastructure and transport of the Government of Enrico Letta.
The post continues with the Government Renzi; the March 19, 2015 announces his resignation, however: to replace the Ministry conducting is Graziano Delrio.

Biography of Sandro Mazzinghi

The courage, the energy
October 3, 1938

Who is Sandro Mazzinghi?

Probably the younger people don't know who he is, but that memory tanks often fathers and grandparents have Exult to emotions just feel pronouncing his name.
Alessandro Mazzinghi, professional Boxer, his name has a huge value for Valdera and all those who left in suspense during his fistic Italian and worldwide performances.
His name was the first between the sons of this land to be written in the history of sports in chapter "world champion".
It represented Alessandro Mazzinghi in sports history say the facts: light Middleweight world champion only 25 years in 1963 and again in 1968.
Sandro Mazzinghi in Pontedera is born on October 3, 1938 in via Roma, right in front of the hospital. His brother Guido (Golden glove of America, bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952 and champion of Italy), larger than six years, was the one that post-war led him to boxing, all unbeknownst to the mother who never would have accepted the idea of two boxers in the House. In Guido will not only a brother but a great coach and brighter over the years master of his career.
The very first master of Sandro was Alfiero accounts, good person, traditionalist who crammed all day and then ran to the gym, the gym where Sandro, then fourteen years old, did not know still hit well. Alfiero was an evening to take by Sandro to tell him a few prophetic words: "Sandrino, if you find the courage to insist you all to become world champion." Since that evening in the second half of the 50 's began to sketch out what would have been the brilliant career of the "cyclone of Pontedera.
During the course of his career another rich man of humanity but especially connoisseur of champion Sandro drove on the road to success: Giovanni Borghi, who was like a father for Sandro. Throughout his career he has sponsored with the Ignis, a company he owned. His memory will always live in Maheshwar.
In 1961 in America, Sandro Mazzinghi won the Crown of World Military champion, for the heavy welterweight category.
Shortly after the Olympic Games in Rome, did not attend because it boasted only one CAP, Sandro goes Pro. The curriculum of his early years as a performer is to those that promise well: a long series of WINS by KO to witness the power of which they are made his arms; one irrelevant defeat against Melis, Sardinian Boxer now at the end of the career to which are given the opportunity to earn a few more Scholarship before the final withdrawal.
The great chance arises before Sandro in 1963, only 25 years old and without ever having fought for the Italian title; opportunity seized on the fly. In the fall of 1962 is made official the world light Middleweight category, at the limit of the so-called 69.853 kilograms 154 pounds. The emerging number one is offered the chance to fight against the American Ralph Dupas, a man of great experience who had snatched the belt to Dennis Moyer.
On September 7, 1963 at the Vigorelli in Milan stretches the ninth Dupas Mazzinghi recovery. He is now the world champion. The rematch was held in March in Sydney, Australia, since the rival owns the passport of that country and that does bring to monetize every single meeting.
The thirteenth round Dupas KO. Sandro is confirmed as world champion. There are no more doubts: Italy has found a great Boxer, especially a Flogger capable of bringing people to the sports arena to see the "real" boxing.
Sandro remains world champion until 1965, the year in which the fate turns its back, and it strikes me not only physically but also in the affections: one evening Sandro and his young wife after attending a gala dinner in Montecatini, decide to return soon. It's pouring on the way home the car leaves the road and ends its run against a tree.
Mahat is thrown out and after a while a group of kids who pass through there. The woman is killed instantly.
Boxer remains for a few days in critical condition with a skull fracture that will affect not just the career in later years.
It seems that the fairy tale should end, but Mazzinghi recovers and returns to the ring to defend his title in Genoa against Tony Montano, KO'd the twelfth resumption, and Rome against Fortunato Manca to points in the 15th shot.
Although not all right from the physical point of view of the Italian Federation regulations stipulate that a world champion put up for grabs the title within six months from the previous match, and so Mazzinghi is forced to accept the meeting with Nino Benvenuti; If you were opposed to Sandro challenge you would have seen remove the title as punishment provided for in the regulation.
The match of the century, at least for what concerns the national boxing, is put in the pipeline for June 18, 19To address this meeting Mazzinghi must undergo treatment to recover heavy from the aftermath of the accident, this occurs on a first date in terms not quite ideal. However, distorts the essence of nato fighter giving battle from the very first sound of gong. The decisive blow, however, is around the corner and get to the sixth round. The doors are wide open, however, the second match but Welcome again, this time winning the points, after "facto" Mahat.
It's the December 17, 1965: it seems that the era of Mahata ended in just a couple of the roaring twenties, but those who supported this belief you should think again.
On June 17, 1966 Sandro won the title for the European Middleweight Crown in Rome, placing twelfth resumption knockout Yoland Leveque, then who will defend title four times in meetings with top notch boxers (Bo Hogberg, 14th round knockout; Jean-Baptiste Rolland, tenth round knockout; Wally Swift, KO in Milan at the sixth round; Jo Gonzales, KO in Rome at the fourth shooting).
Morale is rebuilt, the fist is always a time and it shows; and it is by virtue of this renewed charge that awaits the opportunity to Mazzinghi regain the world champion belt. The moment you do not wait long, the opportunity to see his project May 26, 1968 comes when in Milan takes the field sample Korean Ki Soo Kim.
It is thanks to the ability of Romulus Mombelli, metchmaker and head of the Press Office of the newspaper "La Notte", and Vittorio Strumolo, President of "sporting achievements" that Society is managed to give life to one of the most expensive and intense fighting Italian boxing, whose deeds are still sleek and remembered with this memory.
The football stadium at San Siro is dressed to the nines, it appears that in the field there are Inter and Milan for a derby-Championship. The stands are in 60000 to praise the Italian boxer who after fifteen very intense shooting has the Asian forced to cede to the legitimate holder the world champion belt.
It's done, is the high point of the career of Sandro which again gives a demonstration of character and strength to all those who believed in him as champion and also from skeptics would have bet on his end.
On May 26, 1968 Mazzinghi is again on top of the world.
In October 1968 Mazzinghi has 30 years, the weight of the battles of 15 career seasons begins to be felt. On 25 October of the same year he meets black American Freddie Little; is another duel to the death, but paid more is that of receiving an erroneous Tuscan tested right eyebrow getting a big wound. The meeting cannot continue and the referee disqualified the American, but the decision was later cancelled and awarded the "no contest". A few days pass and the Italian Federation takes the title at Mahata: it does not, on the other hand, the WBA, the world boxing organization.
Discouraged, disappointed and saddened by recent events Sandro decides to retire from the world of boxing. Closes shortly after the stunning and unique career of world champion Tuscan first, able to gather people around him with his extraordinary undertakings, its spectacular victories, its atrocious disappointments, his tongue.

Clive Owen biography

October 3, 1964

Who is Clive Owen?

Clive Owen is one of the most famous British actors, Oscar-nominated in 2005 and won a Golden Globe Award, a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) for the movie "Closer".
Private life
The fourth of five brothers, Clive Owen was born in Coventry on October 3, 19His father, a country singer named Jess Owen, abandons his family in 1967, when Clive has just three years.
Grew up with his mother and stepfather, approaches to acting around 1984 when he decided to attend, with considerable profit, the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, graduating in 1987, with Ralph Fiennes.
1.89 m tall, Clive Owen is an avid fan of Liverpool Football Club, to which he lent his voice for a documentary on it. From football fan, also follows the Italian Championship and he confessed to rooting for Inter.
During the stage career before breaking through as a film actor on the set of "Romeo and Juliet" meets actress Sarah-Jane Fenton that the Wedding March 6, 1995 and with whom he has two daughters: Hannah (1997) and Eve (1999). His wife, actress, decided to devote himself to his family, and the two, along with their daughters, settled in London.
The beginnings of career
His acting career began in British theatres where he played some of the most famous works of Shakespeare (including Romeo and Juliet). But his face began to become known around 1990 when it begins to appear in some famous and successful British television series.
Film actor
After having pointed out on Tv, the step towards the cinema is extremely short. In fact, after a series of minor appearances in movies like "Vroom" and "Wayne's world 2", thanks to a Masterful performance in "Close My Eyes", which is able to obtain a good critical success, Clive Owen becomes known to the general public and starts to alternate to that theatrical activity.
From London to Hollywood
The real success came in 1998 when, after starring in an exemplary way in "strike-analysis of a robbery" by Mike Hodges, attracted the attention of the biggest Hollywood producers. His interpretive capacity affects in particular Robert Altman who calls him to interpret the role of Robert Parks in the film "Gosford Park".
In 2001 he was the protagonist of the eight short films by BMW and in 2004 played the role of Arthur alongside Keira Knightley in "King Arthur".
The consecration
The 2005 is the year of consecration of Clive Owen who, having played the part of Larry in "Closer," Mike Nichols, won a Golden Globe, a BAFTA Award and was nominated for an Oscar as best supporting actor. In the latter, following a string of hits such as: "Elizabeth: The Golden Age", where he plays the role of Chandra Walter Raleigh; "Shoot'Em Up-shoot or die!", along with Monica Bellucci and Paul Giamatti in the role of Mr. Smith; "Sin City", the film noir co-written by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino's involvement; "Inside Man," starring Denzel Washington, playing the role of educated thief Dalton Russell; "Derailed, with Jennifer Aniston and" children of men ".
In 2009 plays the role of a widowed father in "my boys", taken from the famous novel "The Boys are back in town", by Scott Hicks. In other important films such as "The International", starring Naomi Watts, and "Duplicity" with Julia Roberts.
The years 2010
In 2010 is one of the stars of "Trust" in 2011 and "Killer Elite" and the horror film "Intruders". Among her most recent film appearances include films instead as "Hemingway & Gellhorn" by Philip Kaufman and starring Nicole Kidman (2012), "Blood Ties" (2013): film which was awarded at the Berlin Film Festival as best international actor, winning the Golden room.
Furthermore, it also appears as a testimonial for the French cosmetics Lancome perfume, Bulgari Bulgari Man and vodka in London "Three Olives". In 2015, on the other hand, is next to the main character, superb Morgan Freeman, of the action movie "The Last Knights" by Kazuaki Kiriya.

Carmen Russo biography

Sex-appeal and courage
October 3, 1959

Who is Carmen Russo?

The explosive soubrette who for years undermined the sleep-and-dreams of Italians now is a bit older, but for her time seems to never go. Born in Genoa on October 3, 1959 Carmela Russo, Carmen, has always had a sort of innate love for the sake of appearing.
Didn't even fourteen when he presents the Miss Liguria and WINS it. Already dreaming about the "quantum leap", the Crown of Miss Italy, but unfortunately is disqualified because still too young. Will bounce back in other ways, throwing himself into soul and (especially) body in search of success. These are the years in which those begin to build that character that becomes then the icon from all known.
First fit to perform in the usual clubs (where it reaches a wide local popularity), then arrives at the cinema which, over the years ' 70 pretty girls hungry to be placed behind the holes, locks the assign roles of Busty.
Among the several movies involving at least remember "what's your sign?" with Paolo Villaggio and "young, beautiful ... probabilmente ricche" with Gianfranco D'Angelo.
The television debut is instead dated January 1978, thanks to that process everything Italian that consisted of "racking" film characters on television (a mechanism intended to topple over time, i.e. the growing importance that took TV in our country). First we see her wandering provocative studies of "the bribe" (produced by glorious Antenna 3), then, starting from 1983, Carmen Russo arrives in ennobling TV (Rai Due, to be precise) that assigns a role in program "Colosseum".
Great dancer, art in which even today is dedicated with great passion, in October 1983 becomes the first woman of the variety of Antonio Ricci "Drive In", where he sings, acts and dances, led by choreographer and her partner-husband today-Enzo Paolo Turchi. From that moment on he dedicated himself only to television, participating in numerous broadcasts for the TV commercial as "Risatissima", "Grand Hotel" and "a great tragedy", while Rai call it again to "I Tarzan, you Jane". A brief parenthesis sees engaged in Spain with Tele Cinco, then returned to Italy in an attempt, rather successful relaunch, participating in the first edition of the reality show for "dead" renowned (copyright by Aldo Grasso) "l'isola dei famosi".
Italian Edition I had made ... we'll try again in Spain in 2006: Carmen Russo WINS 200 thousand euros (in part intended to charity) to reality "," Superviventes the Spanish edition of the "Isola dei famosi". Carmen is spending the last two months of reality in complete isolation on a beach, as had happened to Sergio Muniz, winner of the second Italian Edition.
In 2012, at 53 years of age, announces that it will be mom. His daughter, Mary, was born on February 14, 2013, on Valentine's day.

Gwen Stefani biography

Mission: glamour
October 3, 1969

Who is Gwen Stefani?

Gwen Stefani was born October 3, 1969 in California in Orange County, also known as "the O.C.", made famous by the tv series. It grows in the Sun with her mother Patti semitropicale and father Dennis and brothers Todd and Eric. On the wave of ska and punk fashions of the period his brother Eric, together with his friend John Spence, founded the Group of "No Doubt" in 19Shortly after arriving, even Tony Kanal (London's Indian origins), former bassist of Prince, while Gwen enters as a singer added. Gwen Stefani became lead vocalist when at the end of the year, Spence takes off tragically his life.
Despite the tragedy, "No Doubt" go on playing at various festivals. Gwen Stefani graduated from high school and enrolled at "Cal State Fullerton College. At the same time starts a relationship with Kanal, which lasted seven years.
In 1989 the formation of "No Doubt" is completed by guitarist Tom Dumont and drummer Adrian Young. The group is now a local phenomenon, so much so that Flea (bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers) produces a demo in 19The effect is immediate and the band soon signed with Interscope.
Two years later, in 1992, debuted with the album "No Doubt": contrary to the forecasts the job was a rather poor success. Interscope curls and nose proves that he did not believe more in "No Doubt", but they break down and recorded at his own expense "The Beacon Street Collection (1995).
This new work clarifies all ambiguity: the record company renews and restores confidence in his business. Even without his brother Eric, who now works as an animator for the Simpsons (Matt Groening), in 1995 the "No Doubt" bake "Tragic Kingdom".
Ska/new wave of "No Doubt" breaks through the charts with the singles "Just a girl", "Spiderwebs", and especially with the planetary megahit "don't speak": written by Gwen Stefani, inspired by the story ended with Kanal, the success of this song is resounding.
Gwen, with his charisma and his innocent charm lost, becomes one of the most beloved divas of rock.
In 2000 the four back with "Return of Saturn" and individual "Ex-Girlfriend" and "Simple kind of life", good achievements (not at the level of "Don't Speak", anyway) that bring them back in business in five years after the previous disk. Gwen Stefani appears everywhere and a couple of guesses: collaborations with Eve in "Let me blow your mind" with Moby in "South side".
An aura of glamour the glitters around her, and full creative and relaunch in late 2001 with his new band "Rock steady".
Then, the activity of "No Doubt" slows down a lot. In 2003 released the collection "The singles 1992-2003" and Gwen looks forward to a solo debut.
You invent fashion designer with her L.a.m.b. fashion line (sold from "Kitson," one of the most frequented by celebrities in Los Angeles), then starred in "The Aviator" by Martin Scorsese (with Leonardo Di Caprio, in theaters in late 2004) and finally completes the coveted album, do-it-yourself, for which encompasses you a slew of guests and big-time producer: Dr. Dre , Neptunes, New Order, Dallas Austin, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Martin Gore of Depeche Mode and Andre 3000 of OutKast.
Preceded by the single "What you waiting for", in October 2004 "Love Angel Music Baby" (whose initials are a self promotion of his line). Also in 2004 released "Everything in time", a collection of rarities and b-sides of "No Doubt".
Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale (Bush) were the focus of the Chronicles, because Gavin turned father of a child born in 1990, and Gwen is apparently suffering from an eating disorder that may have already taken to anorexia.

Biography of Stevie Ray Vaughan

A white Jimi Hendrix
October 3, 1954
August 27, 1990

Who is Stevie Ray Vaughan?

In times of little singers, songs sung only danceable and rapper who knows musical instruments only electronic gadgets and sampled sounds, the name of Stevie Ray Vaughan is one of those from pin within its agenda of precious things.
Guitar hero what others never (in the company of distinguished gentlemen, especially Blacks, he Texas white, called by some the Jimi Hendrix white), Stevie was born on October 3, 1954 in Dallas (Texas, USA), immediately showing a bond almost with music and life with the most spiritual and "old" it: the blues.
Approaching the guitar thanks to older brother, Jimmy, future guitarist of Fabulous Thunderbids, which not only offers considerable artistic ideas as an instrumentalist but introduces himself to listening to all the legends of that musical genre. In moments of relaxation, but not only, within the walls of the House resound continually notes Vaughan of masters like Albert King, Otis Rush, Lonnie Mack, to the delight of the sensitive ears of Ray, always ready to steal all the smallest details of those sacred cows.
After the first tests in duo with his brother in some classic local pop group, moved to Austin in 1972 with serious intentions, determined to prove what it's worth. Runs as a Whirligig from one group to the other, eternally dissatisfied and always looking for that "something extra" that makes the difference and that only the real artist knows.
As "Nightcrawlers" and "Paul Ray & the Cobras" (with whom in the 1974 "Texas Clover records"), in 1977 the form "Triple Threat Revue" with vocalist Lou Ann Burton, then become "Double Trouble" (the name is taken from the title of the never forgotten Otis Rush).
In 1979 the Burton decides to leave to pursue a solo career and since then the Double Trouble became a trio, with Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar, vocals, Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon battery on bass.
Stevie finally finds its ideal balance and the fruits of this state of grace begin to be seen.
Few know that the true discoverer of American guitarist is none other than Mick Jagger. The charismatic leader of the Rolling Stones, enthusiastic performances, reports it to producer Jerry Wexler that takes him straight to the Montreux Jazz Festival in 19The exhibition has such resonance that David Bowie decided to sign him for the recording of his album "let's dance" and to the related album world tour; half tour Vaughan, dissatisfied with the kind of music that, for better or for worse, Bowie obliges (and who does not feel suitable for itself), decides to leave.
Thanks to producer John Hammond Sr., in 1983 he recorded his first album "Texas Flood". Vaughan has 28 years and is in full artistic maturity: his solos are overwhelming and crystalline, the mastery of the instrument is of a rare quality. His voice doesn't looks good at all, making it ideal for that genre without frills which is the Blues.
A year later it was the turn of "couldn't stand the weather", the second album, as is often the case, raises many expectations. The reception is excellent and exceeds all expectations: the disc goes of in the early thirties going gold. In this album the influence of Jimi Hendrix is crucial and the version of "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)" is not the usual imitation Guitarist but is a true masterpiece.
The next step consists of "Soul To Soul" (1985), which sees the Group of keyboardist Reese Wynans considered as the fourth Double Trouble. During this period, at the height of his talent and fame, Stevie Ray Vaughan participates as a "guest star" also to other artists ' albums as Johnny Copeland ("Texas Twister"), James Brown ("Gravity"), Marcia Ball (Soulfull "Dress") and with one of his idols, Lonnie Mack (for "Strike Like Lightning").
The Montreux performance engraved on the album "Blues Explosion" win a prestigious "Grammy". Unfortunately a serious nuisance is to pollute the prolific guitarist artistic life: the abuse of alcohol and drugs, hidden defects that afflict him.
During one of his usual, intense performances is caught by the collapse and hospitalized. The fear is so great and Stevie must face a long period of detoxification.
Back to the studio in 1989 coincides with the release of "In step" with which, thanks to record sales in excess of one million copies, won her second Grammy.
In 1990 he collaborated again with brother Bob Dylan disc "Under the red sky"; following the disappointing impact "Family style".
On August 27, 1990, the tragedy: after attending a concert with Eric Clapton, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy, gets on a helicopter that should lead to Chicago but immediately after take-off, due to the dense fog that prevails on the area, the aircraft crashed into a hill. This tragic fate, ending the short life of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the life that he had so abused with its excesses.
The early death casts the legend, but hopelessly devoid of music one of his most heated and sensitive interpreters.
It is important to remember the beautiful instrumental track "SRV" that Eric Johnson, another of the six-string monster, dedicated to this artist after his death.

Biography of Gore Vidal

Enfant terrible
October 3, 1925
July 31, 2012

Who is Gore Vidal?

More than eighty years old Gore Vidal is an enfant terrible of even more when she was only twenty-two, when it was banned by the American literary community to the shameless outing of the novel "The pillar of salt". Right now is struggling with writing a sort of American history, a grandiose saga almost as "fiction", where the writer gives to fund all his instincts and visionary dietrologico (as when, for example, argues that John F. Kennedy was in the midst of a crisis of Addison's disease and had to decide whether to send the missiles out of Cuba). This enormous fresco for the moment includes seven titles, from the novel "Empire" to his masterpiece "Burr" at last "The Golden Age", which has provoked extreme reactions overseas, exalted and annoyed.
Was born as Eugene Luther Vidal on October 3, 1925 in West Point, Scion of a large family; the name by which it is known is a collage of the name of the father and mother, Nina Gore and Eugene Vidal. Among other things, nephew of Democratic Senator Thomas p. Gore, initially he started a political career instead became one of the most thorough and most of America, thanks to his unfailing talent.
Gore Vidal is subjected to the shock of the second world war, where he plays the role of an officer, an experience that marks him deeply, as only the great events of history can do. Following the entry of the literature that pawed so much inside him will emerge and will lead to the drafting of the first important novel, that "Williwaw" which incensed by the criticism. And not just for but premature debut to the already great quality of his style and themes.
Overwhelming personality and unconventional, Vidal has always spoke on behalf of civil rights and minority rights, fighting strenuously bourgeois hypocrisy which, in his view, postwar America infested. With time, even strong outing before the famous remembered, became spokeswoman for the gay and "critical conscience of the Empire" as they like to call it our greatest, the well-known Americanist Fernanda Pivano.
After the scandal of the publication in 1947 of "The city and The Pillar", a novel, openly gay Gore Vidal try the road Theatre, writing several successful play; then that of cinema, where he is as a writer, whether in the guise of actor-unforgettable appeared in "Gattaca" (1997, with Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman).
Having realized that politics-willy-nilly-permeates our living and infiltrates in the most minute of our daily choices, don't forget the political commitment, which leads to a real career in this sense. Is a candidate for the Senate and Congress and becomes a very active political commentator.
Irreverent and eclectic Gore Vidal is also the author of detective novels under the pseudonym Edgar Box and won the 1993 National Book Award for his collection of essays "United States Essays" 1952-1992.
Italy lover, which has always considered a second homeland, now lives in Los Angeles and Ravello, on the Amalfi coast.
Gore Vidal died on July 31, 2012 in Los Angeles (USA) at the age of 86 years, as a result of complications due to pneumonia.
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