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  5. Biography of Georges Jacques Danton
  6. Biography of Dylan Dog
  7. Biography of Carlo Lucarelli
  8. Biography of François Mitterrand
  9. Biography of Silvia Toffanin
  10. Biography of Trilussa

Biography of Aldo Biscardi

A very special court
October 26, 1930

Who is Aldo Biscardi?

Aldo Biscardi, the popular sports writer, was born in Larino, a small town located in the province
in Campobasso, in 19To make the University moved to Naples: in my heart and in my head has ever soccer dream matches with open eyes and reads everything he can but duty presses and so, making happy the whole family, finally obtained a much sought after graduation. Passionate sports 360 degrees, still dreams of making this his "fever" a profession. Between the job search and the other, therefore, is knocking at doors of some editors, some of them happily welcome him in their ranks as a contributor.
An apprenticeship is fundamental to the future development of his career as a sportswriter. In ' 52, for example, we find it in the hallways of the Neapolitan daily paper "Il Mattino", where he remained for some years, and in 1956 the head changes to "Paese Sera", which is its real springboard. Thanks to its vèrve, its organizational capacity and coordinating skills. In fact, soon arrived at the title of editor-in-Chief, instilling in the pages he tours and his collaborators that innovative power which is a distinctive feature of Biscardi then became popular.
The visiting "Paese Sera", among other things, it requires a trip to the capital, a great culmination to probe the moods of what happens around (don't forget that in Rome, there is still the most important seat of Rai). Therefore continues his career covering the role of Special Envoy to follow several football World Championship.
In this period he began to conceive the idea of a program that, every week, put briskly in comparison football experts, opposing opinions, on one particular aspect of the Championship. In 1979 the lucky break: begins work for television as head of sports programmes of the third network and, 1980, is finally able to realize his dream, launching "the trial on Monday," a title perfectly timed suggested by a sentence of Gianni Rodari, in the preface to a history of sports journalism with the same Biscardi, stated that these "... comes to football such a process". To lead in the studio, first voice of Enrico Ameri radio program "Italian soccer minute by minute" and Novella Calligaris. Aldo Biscardi was directed to fly to voice the entire program that aired in the third night at 22.Biscardi introduced the "indictment" that commissioned the then very young journalist Carlo Nesti (which lasted until the process remained in Rai).
The formula of the process, so apparently simple and elementary, is in fact a true stroke of genius communicative and managed to catalyse the feelings of an entire nation and serving as the crucible where debate hot topics, chosen with the same wit Biscardi (indifferent and not conditioned with respect to the issues prevailing in the major newspapers). The strength of Biscardi, moreover, is to act as a passionate but moderators steely, a referee who sails with wisdom in the fuss that often debates. In short, the job name is inextricably linked with the name of Biscardi: soon becomes he is the sole holder, instantly recognizable, and the ratings are all on his side.
In an interview with Aldo Biscardi was able to declare: "I don't say the fights, then even in Political Forums was the law of the hourglass, three minutes apiece and go. There were no broadcasts on football, apart from the timid moviola invented by Eros Van Wyk and Carlo rocks. I invented the moviolone and sconvolsi calcium with the controversy. For saying that Juve had stolen the scudetto with Roma paid seven-year boycott of Swiss, Sergio Zavoli revealed to me at funerals of Willy De Luca all the pressures received from Agnelli. If I had then the Moviolone now, I would have made tens of millions of listening with the goals disallowed Turone. And then in Rai, I mean, I had some merit in hiring, but no one ever recognizes me. I brought Varriale, Cerqueti, Nesti, Ivana Vaccari, Floriana Bertelli, Carlo Paris, Stella Bruno and Marco Mazzocchi. In short, the renewal of Rai is owed to me. "
In 1993 the journalist is passed to Telepiù 2, with a contract that binds him until 1996 and with responsibility for the entire palimpsest sports network surcharge, where he revived a program with the same formula of the previous: "Il Processo di Biscardi".
From 1996 to 2001, he led the same program and various special editions on TMC. In August 2003 the broadcast airs on new tv channel "La 7", born from the transformation of TMC.
Few people know that Biscardi wrote several books including the biography of Pope John Paul II entitled ' the Pope with a human face ". His interest is automatically extended to other sectors, such as literary or artistic.
In May 2006, after the end of the season, marked by scandals of wiretaps that involved Luciano Moggi and other leaders of other serie A teams, Biscardi announced the end of her relationship with The 7.

Michela Brambilla biography

October 26, 1967

Who is Michela Brambilla?

Michela Vittoria Brambilla was born in Calolziocorte (Lecco) on October 26, 19Congresswoman and Italian entrepreneur May 12, 2008 is Undersecretary to the Prime Minister with special responsibility for tourism in the fourth Berlusconi Government. A year later he became Minister of tourism.
Elected in the constituency of Emilia-Romagna XI for the people of freedom party, Michela Vittoria Brambilla was proclaimed Deputy of the XVI legislature on April 22, 20This is the fulfillment of a political track that got its start when, on November 20, 2006, founded the circles of freedom, of which he is currently President. A movement is well established throughout the country, its purpose is to represent instances of citizens in policy and contribute to the birth of the people of freedom.
After having assumed the position of Government, Michela Vittoria Brambilla has resigned from the boards of Directors of their companies, then President of Sal Group spa, (leading company that operates in the field of fresh food and, with a second division, for feedingstuffs), Sotra Coast International, (food sector), and the position of General Manager of Trafilerie Brambilla spa , (historical family business that operates as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel wire, which represents the 4th generation).
From the moment she was given responsibility of the national tourism policy, Michela Vittoria Brambilla launched a series of activities designed to bring the "tourism" as a source of economic growth and development, the focus and the national economic interest.
In July 2008, at Palazzo Chigi, Michela Vittoria Brambilla, and the Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, have shown the Government program and the first steps taken in the field of tourism. During the meeting with the press, was presented the new President of ENIT, Matteo Marzotto, chose to revive the image of Italy as a tourism destination in international markets.
Michela Vittoria Brambilla has already embarked on some significant measures for the industry, including a single national standard classification and good homes for low income families, and organized the National Tourism Observatory, which carries out its activities and innovative contributions by Istat, Unioncamere and the Bank of Italy.
Since the beginning of the mandate, its activities focused on multiple fronts: the increase of tourists from some foreign countries of great potential, including China; agreements with other institutions, such as ministries of foreign trade or Foreign Affairs, to improve the networks of promoting "Italy System" made in Italy "in the world; the establishment of working committees in order to achieve a seasonal adjustment in the sector, on the issues of tourism training and culture of hospitality, the creation of new tourist routes in the country, development of sports tourism, Spa and culinary Conference, waterways, social tourism and the review of the State-owned maritime heritage classification in relation to tourist concessions, which has already resulted in a memorandum of understanding that is shared between Government , regions and enterprises of category.
In order to give effect to a sustained promotion and marketing of our country, Michela Vittoria Brambilla kicked off the project for the new portal "Italia.it", which will oversee the implementation and management.
In addition, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the heads of Government of France and Spain's tourism policy, Hervé Novelli and Joan Mesquida Ferrando (February 19, 2009), with the aim of identifying appropriate synergies to tackle the economic crisis, which threatens to penalize tourist flows in Europe, and to promote a new project (with a single brand), bringing together the best of the three great countries in one quotation system that meets especially to the needs of tourism from other continents.
To finally give birth to a travel Italy, Michela Vittoria Brambilla has put on the agenda of the first national tourism strategic plan that comes from work done by committees and by the results of the States General of tourism, which will dictate the Government's agenda for the coming years.
Also in terms of ethics and always committed to the protection of children, has created the national campaign: "and if it was your son? -Ethical "tourism Together, rallying all operators in the tourism industry, with an initiative to counter any form of tourism for the purpose of sexual exploitation of minors. Simultaneously was also presented the text of a new code of conduct (ethical tourism Certification) that the major associations of the tourist industry will adopt to counter the phenomenon of "journeys of shame".
A few days after the official presentation of the project for a Tourism Ethics (November 2008), Michela Vittoria Brambilla has opened in Rome at the Department for the development and competitiveness of tourism, the World Committee on Tourism Ethics. An initiative by the World Tourism Organization, with the recognition of the UN, which entrusted to Italy the task and responsibility of establishing such a body giving it a permanent home.
Always great animal lover (his private zoo counts 14 dogs, cats, horses, 23 4 4 8 2 donkeys, goats, chickens) and active militant on this front (is President and founder of the Italian League for the defense of animals, provincial President of the National League for the defense of the dog, as well as from 2000 provincial Kennel management Lecco) , Michela Vittoria Brambilla has unveiled details of the new regulations for admission of pets on trains from Trenitalia, on November 18, 2008 at the headquarters of the State Railways, along with the Undersecretary for health Francesca Martini and the Chief Executive Officer of Trenitalia, Mauro Moretti.

Biography of Hillary Clinton

Driving rights
October 26, 1947

Who is Hillary Clinton?

Hillary Diane Rodham was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 26, 19Grew up in Park Ridge, Illinois, into a Methodist family: her father, Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, was the son of English immigrants and Manager of a textile manufacturer in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and her mother, Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham, was just a housewife. Hugh and Tony are his siblings.
He spent his childhood and adolescence engaged in various activities of the Church and school in Park Ridge. Practice different sports getting some awards for his activity in some women's organizations to scout. He attended Maine East High School where he was class President, Student Council member and member of the National Honor Society. Follows then graduating from Maine South High School during his senior year, receiving first prize in social sciences.
Raised in a conservative family, he worked as a volunteer for the Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in the 1964 presidential campaign.
Entry in 1965 at Wellesley College, and soon became active in politics. In the following years learns of the death of Martin Luther King (April 4, 1968) and lives with sadness that time, for that great mid-century contemporary character that Hillary had got to know in person six years earlier.
He then attended law school at Yale University. His interest in these years focuses on the rights of the child and the family, which will continue with passion and dedication over the years, even during his career as a lawyer and political figure.
After graduating joined the team of lawyers of the "Children's Defense Fund" American. Then enters the Group of lawyers (it is one of only two women who make up the staff) of the House Judiciary Committee, the body responsible for the trial of the impeachment of Richard Nixon for the Watergate scandal.
The career of Attorney continues: reject offers from major studios to decide to follow the heart, kidnapped by a man from Arkansas named Bill Clinton. He moved then to Arkansas where the two are joined in marriage in 1975: five years later her daughter Chelsea.
Meanwhile Hillary's activity is aimed at providing legal aid for child abuse. Organises and creates the "Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families". Carries out this task even when her husband was elected Governor of the State. In the following years his name goes on the list of 100 most influential lawyers in America.
Bill Clinton is elected President of the United States in 1992: the role of First Lady Hillary will run for two terms, until 20In these years he travels the globe with her husband but also alone, to talk and to denounce the conditions of degradation and abuse of women by supporting the noble principle that women's rights are human rights.
Hillary's political activity continues, rising, until 2000, when she was elected to the Senate in the ranks of the Democratic Party. Without abandoning social issues dear to her, she found herself starring in September 11, 2001 terrorist acts followed face facts.
Endorsed and supported by her husband, as well as tens of millions of citizens across the country, Hillary Rodham Clinton took a big decision about his future and that of the us, announcing in early 2007 his candidacy for President of the United States for the elections of 20After a long run for the primaries characterized by a daily head-to-head, but Barack Obama will be the Democratic candidate in the race for the White House.

Biography of Maria Grazia Cutuli

October 26, 1962
November 19, 2001

Who is Maria Grazia Cutuli?

Maria Grazia Cutuli, a journalist of the Corriere della Sera, who was killed in Afghanistan on November 19, 2001, described Kabul: "city of spies, Kabul, put the ribs of every foreigner. Capital of rubble, of beggars who are stationed at every intersection, ragged and hungry children ".
Maria Grazia Cutuli was there to follow the military operations after the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.
With her were also three other journalists: the Australian Harry Burton, Afghan Azizullah Haidari, both correspondents of the «Reuters» and Spaniard Julio Fuentes of ' Mundo '. Two of the suspected killers are then arrested.
Maria Grazia Cutuli
Maria Grazia Cutuli was born in Catania on October 26, 19Long red hair, a physique, sophisticated, courageous, stubborn. 110/110 cum laude graduate from the University of Catania with a thesis on space and power of Michel Foucault. His journalistic career began in 1986, the main newspaper of eastern Sicily, "Sicily" and leads the evening edition of the regional television newscast Telecolor International. He then moved to Milan, where he started working for the monthly magazine "Marie Claire". Gets contracts from the monthly "Centocose" and the weekly "age." After four futures exchanges, in 1999 is taken indefinitely to the foreign desk of the Corriere della Sera.
The ambush
Is 19 November, are the 5.30 am. Twenty journalists are aboard eight vehicles. The convoy from Jalalabad and heads toward the Afghan capital. To open the convoy, there is a Toyota Corolla carrying Maria Grazia Cutuli, Spaniard Julio Fuentes, Afghan driver and translator. The second half carries the Australian Harry Burton and Azizullah Haidari, both correspondents of the Afghan "Reters", the driver and the interpreter. Follow the other cars. The convoy, at some point, fragments, then breaks. Division that favors the plans of murderers.
Missing three hours ' drive from Kabul. We are near the town of Surobi, about seventy kilometers east of the Afghan capital. Just before a small bridge in concrete and stone, eight gunmen capture two cars carrying Fuentes, Cutuli, Burton and Haidari. Journalists are transferred off by cars and are forced to move away from the path, up the Mountain corner. Maria Grazia falls to the ground, hit probably from a stone thrown by a bomber. Then the commandos kill four journalists with Kalashnikovs. It all happened in less than five minutes. One of the assassins stole some personal items of the journalist: the bag, one pair of boots, a laptop computer, a radio and a camera. No organization claims that bombing.
The tale of Ashuqullah, the driver who accompanies Mary Grace and Julio Fuentes
"During the trip the atmosphere is relaxed. Julio sleeps. Maria smoking and eating pistachios. We stop only once: she photographs the camels. There are other cars of journalists on front and back. But it is not a column organized, everyone goes at the speed you prefer. We travel about forty kilometres per hour in the Surobi area. At 11.30, we stopped by eight gunmen. Shoot first to Julio from the front, not a volley, but single shots. Then to Maria Grazia, finally they shoot so many, at least four machine guns against all ... […]."

Biography of Georges Jacques Danton

Believe and dare
26 October 1759
5 April 1794

Who is Georges Jacques Danton?

Georges Jacques Danton was born at Arcis-sur-Aube (France) on 26 October 17His father Jacques is an attorney from the tempestuous past: after the loss of his wife and five children from his first marriage, marries Marie-Jeanne-Bestelot, mother of Georges, with whom he had seven children.
Georges is the fifth child of the couple, and stands now for the lively character and disinclined to study, to which prefers outdoor raids. Still managed to graduate in law at the University of Reims in 17After graduation he employs in Paris as a Prosecutor. His work does not do it enough, so the young Georges resorts to the help of his parents. Actually spends his time reading the encyclopedia and to attend caffés. It's just one of those who knows the young Antoinette-Gabrielle, daughter of the wealthy owner of the café Parnasse, Jérome-Francois Charpentier. The two agree on dowry, and as is the practice of the time, Georges manages to pay the Office of lawyer King's advice.
Open a new studio in Cour de Commerce-where today stands a statue in his honour-and marries Antoinette. It's the year 17Until 1790 full-time deals his lawyer following well twenty-two causes, nearly all have ended in success. His life seems to have turned into that of a peaceful bourgeois lawyer: in 1788, the first born son, François, who died unfortunately a year later. The first child is followed by two others, always male: Antoine and François Georges.
In France already hatching the first revolutionary movements and Danton's drag, convinced that to change things requires a well-defined program and aimed at achieving of goals circumscribed and discoverable. His program will include: extension of certain rights to the poorest people, the end of the war as soon as possible through a work of negotiation, and restoring order through the establishment of a strong central Government.
The first record of his participation in the revolutionary events dates back to 13 July 1789 (the day before the storming of the Bastille), when in the former convent of Cordoglieri harangue the crowd, invoking it to arms for the defense of revolutionary claims. In the convent of Cordoglieri has created the district, which also operates a printing press where are published magazines such as: "the friend of the people" of Marat. The President of this district, which assumes the function of a Government almost parallel to the official ones, it's the same Danton.
Gets involved in the storming of the Bastille on July 14 1789, and is one of the harshest critics of the Municipality and the Government of the Marquis de Lafayette. Asks loudly for the establishment of a Republican government, and his fiery speeches are considered the cause of popular unrest over with the massacre of the Champ de Mars. Because of its activity the police stood out an arrest warrant against him that forces him to flee for a few months in England. Thanks to an amnesty can return home at the end of 1791.
So as not to attract the attention of law enforcement remains muted, although its popularity in revolutionary circles remains unaffected. After the invasion of the Tuileries is elected President of the electoral district of Théâtre Française and pronounce the famous speech in which, first, theorizes the legal equality of all citizens. Danton also participates actively in the conspiracy that will implement the overthrow of the monarchy on 10 August 17It is now convinced that the existence of the monarchy is a way too big to implement revolutionary demands.
After the fall of the monarchy was appointed Minister of Justice and become a part of the Executive Committee. Later in 1793 gets also a member of the Committee of public safety. Acquired the charge, agrees to terminate the war between France and other European countries, carrying out an intense series of diplomatic manoeuvres. Gets the election to the Revolutionary Tribunal and begins to act like a true dictator. Danton becomes convinced that the success of the revolution also depends on the ability to quell internal dissent. In this way, unfortunately, the sympathies of the alien, which begins to look to Robespierre and other Jacobins as to characters better suited to the role of leader. Danton is not reelected, and leadership passes to Robespierre.
In October 1793, retired to his birthplace of Arcis before returning to Paris next month following the entreaties of his friends worried the ferocity of Robespierre. Among the victims there are Robespierre Hebert and his followers, to crush which receives the support of Danton. After the Suppression of the followers of Hebert, the same Danton, though, is called before the Revolutionary Tribunal and charged with antirivoluzionarie activity. Despite the heartfelt defense is condemned and guillotined: Georges Danton dies so on 5 April 17It is said that dying has asked the executioner to show his head to the people.

Biography of Dylan Dog

Profession: inquiring of the nightmare
October 26, 1986

Who is Dylan Dog?

In 1985 Kubrick told his publisher Sergio Bonelli (son of the great Gianluigi): "in addition to science fiction, other series of 1986 may be the horror ... in my opinion it's worth trying."
A couple of months to finalize the project: early Sclavi thought a detective "black", a little chandleriano, no shoulders comic, set in New York. The discussions (animated) with Ballard were crucial: London, a young light-hearted, with one shoulder comicissima. To Claudio Villa was asked to put a face to Dylan Dog (the name had to be temporary). A month before Sclavi had seen "Another Country," with Rupert Everett, being impressed by the actor's face "comic", giving for the task the designer of relying on the face of the actor for the hero.
With regard to the comedic Sidekick, you thought of Marty Feldman, but drew was more monstrous monsters was to fight the main character, so they opted for Groucho, Groucho Marx lookalike.
In September were ready the first three stories; covers made of evidence both Villa that are more traditional and Villa Bonelli was preferred (the number 42 will change). 26 October 1986: appears on number 1, "dawn of the dead". A few days after the petrol station called: "the roll is dead on newsstands, a fiasco". The news was kept in Sclavi until a week later, the dealer phoned again: "it's a boom, virtually exhausted, maybe we should reprint it."
Today, over 20 years later, Dylan Dog sale surpassed stars like Mister No and Zagor, coming in second place after the myth Tex.
Real phenomenon, the inquiring of the nightmare is enjoyed by all age groups, not just among young people, as you would expect from a comic book. Umberto Eco called it "authoritative"; He was quoted in "Corriere della Sera" by the philosopher Julius Giorello, who, to console himself by a meager literary season, invited readers to engage in Dylan Dog.
In the traditionally male world of Italian comic another important novelty is the growing interest and growing female audience. The burgeoning series has required the Bonelli of fuoriserie: the "summer Special", the series of "Dylan Dog & Martin mystery", and "Almanacs of fear". However, the more the register monthly, edited so maniacal Sclavi himself, whose dream was to create in Italy the first "comic strip" which was also popular, a large print run.
Broadly speaking, the character reflects the complex character of its creator (by his own admission): a closed character, difficult and shady.
Dylan Dog is a private detective who only deals with "unusual" cases, in all the nuances of the term. It has just over 30 years, living in London in a house full of monstrous and gadgets with a Bell that instead of the classic sound launches a bloodcurdling scream. Former agent of Scotland Yard, has a mysterious past. His clients are all particulars, and all United by the fact that no one believes their events, except Dylan Dog himself, the only one able to listen to them and help them.
It is not a classical meaning of the term hero: afraid, very often resolves cases partially, is contradictory, always has doubts about himself and the world, although this is always ready to jump into the unknown, hoping to understand it thoroughly. She loves music and playing the clarinet ("the Devil's trill" by Tartini), doesn't smoke, doesn't drink (though it is a recovering alcoholic), vegetarian, animal rights and environmentalist, an advocate of non-violence. All traits of character that, along with darker ones, impose the vision of a man, in short, steep difficulty with most of the world, but especially with himself, incapable of having a stable relationship with a woman or establish a social relationship satisfactory but with the strength to move on to the right path, comforted by his old friendships than Scotland Yard Inspector Bloch, and from that of his hare-brained Assistant, real comic Sidekick, an expert in launching the gun, and even more in chilling and terrible puns, jokes that very often you administer to clients of his boss, causing them to flee.
Cultural phenomenon, we said. Yes, no doubt (Dylan Dog also has "participated" in many campaigns against drug and alcohol abuse) but also alter-ego of its creator, who succeeded really in enterprise to make a comic strip, it's not just for kids, but he can make you think and reflect on the day, and especially to win, with its million copies sold per month , the excessive power of Japanese manga.
After years in which he spoke, finally in 2011 goes to the movies "Dylan Dog: the movie" (Dylan Dog: Dead of Night) feature film directed by Kevin Munroe where the figure protagonist is played by Brandon Routh.

Biography of Carlo Lucarelli

Yellow, black and midnight blue
October 26, 1960

Who is Carlo Lucarelli?

Born on October 26, 1960 in Parma, the writer "noir" cult patrio literary landscape (in the opinion of many very stale), currently lives in Mordano, Bologna, and San Marino. Its ability to skilfully mix different genres getting amazing results is well known and widely credited not only with the public but also among the "experts" (directors and screenwriters).
The consequence is that Carlo Lucarelli, used to move between murky intrigue with his face like a good guy not only on paper but also on television for some years-with the successful tv show "Midnight Blue"-no longer has the time even to look in the mirror.
His narrative part from afar, and a look at his biography confirms it: they range from short stories scattered in various anthologies of "13" Group (which) to lucky yellow-historical with Commissioner De Luca trilogy published by a prestigious as Sellerio (the three romances: "carte blanche", "summer murky" and "Via delle Oche").
Carlo Lucarelli is a volcano. It is certainly a classic writer locked in his ivory tower to observe the world from a great distance, but it's one that gets dirty hands, traveling and doing a myriad of things. He is a member of the Italian section of the AIEP (Association International Escritor de Poliziaco, founded in Cuba by Paco Ignatio Taibo II) and the Association of Writers, but is also a Professor of creative writing at both the Holden school in Turin, in prison for Alessandro Baricco's "Two Palaces" in Padua. He is also editor of the online magazine "Hatchery 16".
Latchford won the "Premio Alberto Germans" with the novel "unauthorized" Investigation in 1993, the "Mystery Prize" with "Via delle Oche" in 1996 and with the novel "the island of the fallen angel" was a finalist in the "Premio Bancarella" in 2000, the year he won the Premio Franco faithful. " His novels have been translated for the prestigious Gallimard's Série noir, in France.
Collaborator of the "free style" of Einaudi-in which they appear her novels "Il giorno del lupo", "Almost Blue" and "Guernica"-is responsible for selecting noir along with Luigi Bernardi.
As mentioned, the best selling writer yellow of the moment led to the RAI television program "Mystery in blue" later called "Midnight Blue". In each episode a unresolved murder case Latch like a detective story. The success of the broadcast and its conductor is confirmed by the hilarious imitation that Fabio De Luigi, with the trio Aldo, John and James, have done in the 2003 Edition of "Mai dire domenica".
Among his many other activities Lucarelli writes screenplays to comics and subjects for video clips (one of the newest: for Vasco Rossi, directed by Roman Polanski) and sings sometimes with the post-punk group "project K".
From his short story "The black curtain" was made into a television drama with Luca Barbareschi, and his novel "Almost blue," the Director Alex Infascelli drew on the film of the same name. Carlo Lucarelli has also collaborated with Dario Argento for the movie "sleepless". His book "Werewolf" became a film by Antonio Tibaldi, with its screenplay and Laura Paolucci.
Lucarelli is always moving from one end to the other of Italy, not counting foreign presences. Gladly participates in as many events and literary encounters can (especially if dedicated to mystery fiction and noir). Almost all of his novels have been translated and published in France, the Netherlands, Greece, Spain, Germany and Norway.
One of his most recent work is "day after day" in which again takes on the character Grace Negro first appeared in "Werewolf" and later in "Almost blue".

Biography of François Mitterrand

Last King of France
October 26, 1916
January 8, 1996

Who is François Mitterrand?

François Maurice Adrien Marie Mitterrand, historical French President, was undoubtedly one of the most important supporters (together with Helmut Kohl and Jacques Delors), of the European cause. Born in Jarnac, Charente, on October 26, 1916, he graduated in political science; during the period of study has important acquaintances with organizations of the French right.
During World War II, after a period of imprisonment in Germany returns to France (1941), where Marshal Philippe Petain's collaborationist adheres to the appeal.
In 1943, however, approaches to the resistance and meets in Algiers with Charles De Gaulle, the great and charismatic General, France-loving and patriotic to the core.
Miterrand since then turns out to be a protagonist of the political scene. Participates in the liberation struggle and in 1944 he becomes Minister of Government insurrection. Three years later he began his career as a Minister, which will last ten years.
In 1971 takes the reins of the Sfio, the old socialist party, and the following year signed the common programme with the Communists.
In 1981 and in 1988 he was elected President. Under his leadership the France will know a remarkable period of cultural and economic revival, despite the many controversies that coordinating will arouse a man like Mitterrand.
In fact it was a much-loved President reaffirmed several times, and this says a lot about the imprint that he succeeded in giving to the history of France.
The decline of the statesman was slow and dramatic, marked by the inexorable March of an incurable disease, tumor, lived practically under the spotlight, the spotlight that his public office, willy-nilly, required him.
It was off the January 8, 1996, leaving behind a great void of personality and leadership.

Biography of Silvia Toffanin

October 26, 1979

Who is Silvia Toffanin?

Silvia Toffanin was born in Cartigliano (vi) the day October 26, 1979.
He debuted in the world of television in 2000, and became part of the cast of the quiz "word of mouth", hosted by Gerry Scotti on Canale 5; his other coworkers "letters" were then known fame and notoriety, among them Alessia Fabiani, Alessia Ventura and Ilary Blasi.
Left "word of mouth" in 2002 Silvia Toffanin debuted as presenter replacing Michelle Hunziker in "Nonsolomoda", long dedicated Channel 5 program to trends and fashion.
In 2003 leads the special "beach fashion in Porto Cervo", and at the same time leads Italy 1 magazine "Mosquito", aired on Saturday afternoons.
In 2007 he graduated in foreign languages and literatures at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan, with a thesis on "the American tv series for teens" (the rapporteur is the well-known journalist and television critic Aldo Grasso). After graduation became a professional journalist.
At the same time care on tv a space within the information programme "Verissimo", conducted by Cristina Parodi. In 2006 in the same program took over conducting, flanked by Alfonso Signorini.
During the second half of the year 2000 leads for several seasons is "very true" that "Nonsolomoda"; abandons the latter in 2009.
Romantically linked to Pier Silvio Berlusconi, Vice President of Mediaset, the couple at the beginning of June 2010 was born Matthew Lawrence.

Biography of Trilussa

Dave Daly
26 October 1871
December 21, 1950

Who is Trilusa?

In the autumn of 1871, October 26 Roman, Charlotte Parker gave birth to her second son, Charles Albert. Dressmaker, a native of Bologna, Charlotte married the waiter Vincenzo Salustri, Albano Laziale, putting up an honest family but of modest economic conditions that takes home in via del Babbuino, number 114, in Rome. In addition to the lack of means, 1872 seem persecuted by bad luck: in Salustri died of diphtheria little Isabella, sister of Carlo Alberto, in just three years and, in 1874, fails also.
To revive the fortunes of family shall be the Marquis-desperate-otherwise Ermenegildo De ' Five Quintiles, closely tied to Vincenzo-who had a service--as well as Godfather of Carlo Alberto. The Roman nobleman welcomes therefore the family S in their Palace in piazza di Pietra, 31 (today called "Lai").
The boy attends school of "Christian brethren" named after "Angelo Mai" but, at the age of 15 years, abandoned his studies by taking a personal and uncoordinated journey of his own. Loves poetry, especially the popular one, and has a real talent for improvisation in rhyme and verse in their rant. In 1887 the Editorial Board of "Rugantino", decides to publish his first sonnet in Roman dialect "the invention of the printing press," which gets a decent appreciation and represents the starting point of what will be a long and glorious career.
The anagram of his last name Carlo Alberto Salustri derives the word "Tan", with which he signed by taking it as final stage name. Two years later walks out, in the same newspaper, his first work "Stars de Rome". Switch to write about much more important publications, including the "Don Quixote" and "the Messenger", narrating his own way aspects of daily life in the capital.
Meanwhile, 1895, sonnets "in" forty public "Romanesque" in 1900, Fables "coffee concert" in 1901, "Er serrajo" in 19Trilussa's fame begins to spread beyond the Roman borders. In 1912 he falls for Giselda Lombardi, a girl of Trastevere with a passion for acting. Trilussa, thanks to his knowledge, was able to introduce it in silent films and, always with the anagram, is the stage name of Leda Gys ". The relationship will last a few years, during which the girl starts to rapid notoriety.
The artistic evolution leads him toward the parable and the allegorical tale: after "Ommini and beasts", 1908, publishes "people" (1927), "hundred apologists" (1934), until "water and wine" (1944). The first December 1950 receives from the President of the Republic Luigi Einaudi the nomination of Senator for life, as a tribute to its artistic merits, but his health failing him now become heavily debilitated.
At his home-studio in via Maria Adelaide, 17, assisted by loyal housekeeper Rosa, Carlo Alberto Salustri-in art Trilussa-turns off a few weeks later, on December 21, 1950, at the age of 79 years.
Cooperation in "Rugantino" begins as a journalist, and it is precisely by observing the everyday life around him which leads him to discover a particular talent in the narrative in verse: Trilussa manages to draw from the facts and human behavior the most intimate essence which becomes poetry often ironic and teasing approach. Tall, stylish, disenchanted, with its irreverent, sometimes scathing, the Roman poet you weapon of satire to denounce the false morality of Roman and Italian middle-class of the time.
But Tan is also defender of the dignity and freedom of peoples when it lays bare the hypocrisies of sovereigns and heads of State:
"… Lullaby, tu nun look
Li sighs and moans
de la gente che if Sachin
for a mate that commanna;
that if Sachin and ammazzza
benefit de la race ...
or for the benefit of a faith
for a God who nun if she sees,
but serving as a shelter
AR Sovramo macellaro ... ".
Born as dialectal poet, in the same vein of Belli and his contemporary Painter, the vernacular of Trilussa tends rather to urban neighborhoods, which, if on the one hand, exposes him to criticism from Trastevere poets of the era, on the other hand allows him to instill in his epigrams a wider breath to give his art a more universal dimension. And this you have the success that he collects throughout Italy and abroad. After death, Mondadori brings together in one volume, which publishes his works under the title "all the poems", in 1951.

Sources: Biografieonline.it

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