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Biography of Pele: Edison Arantes do Nascimento

O Rei do futebol
October 23, 1940

Who is Pele: Edison Arantes do Nascimento?

Edison Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pele, is considered along with Maradona the greatest player of all time.
His father, João Ramos do Nascimento, or Dondinho (as he was known in football), was a professional player. Was considered one of the best butt pads at the time. The heavenly mother, instead, took care of Pelé and the whole family with great affection and dedication. As a child, He moved with his family to Baurú, in the Brazilian State of São Paulo, where he learned the art of "futebol".
Born on 23 October 1940 in Tres Corações in Brazil, Pele scored more than 1200 career networking, setting a record hardly attacked (in practice, it is almost the average of a goal per game). Also, is the only player to have won three World Championships (he has played a total of four), namely: in 1958, 1962 and 1970.
Pele's story began in 1956 when he was noticed Waldemar de Brito, who accompanied him in Sao Paulo Brazil to audition for Santos. He made his debut for Everton on September 7, 1956 with a goal that launched him in his amazing career. The following year it was time for international debut. The fact is that Pele was only sixteen. Was the July 7, 1957 when the recruiter Sylvio Pirilo, summoned him for the match against Argentina. The Brazil was defeated by 2-1, but Pele was the author of the only national goal.
Keep in mind that at that time the Brazil was considered only the third team in South America but, in 1958, Brazil's position changed quickly, thanks to the brilliant performance of 17-year-old champion, which soon earned the title of "o' Rei" ("the King").
The following year, 1958, Pele played in his first World Championship in Sweden, and being the World Championship the most important window into the football scene, everyone had the opportunity to meet this standard, which also contributed to the final victory (5-2 against Sweden: Pele was the author of two networks). Newspapers and commentators did compete to appiopparli names and nicknames of all kinds, the most famous of which remained "the Black Pearl". His uncanny speed and his infallible shootings left many speechless. All it took was sauntering down the field, because the crowd unleashed in dances and the songs of joy. devote
The victory in Sweden revealed in short to the whole world the greatness of the game by Pelé and from there began the triumphs. He led Brazil to victory twice more for the World Cup in 1962 against Czechoslovakia and in 1970 against Italy. In his career, Pelé scored a total of 97 goals for Brazil during international competitions and ben 1088 militating in the team of Santos, who thanks to him won nine Championships.
He came to Chile in the 1962 World Championships. This was supposed to be the year of consecration of Pele, just that unfortunately, in the second match, against Czechoslovakia, the Black Pearl is injured and had to leave the tournament.
Later, there were the 1966 World Championships in England (which ended brilliantly), and the Mexico of 1970, which saw Brazil once again at the top, at the expense of Italy, who was defeated by 4-1, with fundamental contribution of Pele.
After eighteen years in Santos, Pelé in 1975 passed to the team the New York Cosmos. During his three years in New York, He brought the Cosmos to North American Soccer League title in 19His presence in an American team has strongly contributed to the spread and popularity of soccer in the United States. Pelé gave an emotional farewell to football game held on October 1, 1977, facing 75646 fans in the Giants Stadium, playing the first half in the ranks of the Cosmos and the second half in the ranks of his historic team, Santos.
After his retirement from racing, He went on to make its contribution to the world of football. Five films have been made about its history and he took part in another six films, including one with Sylvester Stallone, "Victory." He is also the author of five books, one of which was turned into the film.
Furthermore, on 1 January 1995 Pelé was appointed extraordinary Minister for Sport in Brazil, providing the Government its professionalism and expertise to the development of football. He resigned from Office in April 1998.

Biography of Sam Raimi

October 23, 1959

Who is Sam Raimi?

Samuel Marshall Raimi was born on 23 October 1959 in Royal Oak, Michigan, fourth of five children of two traders, Leonard Ronald and Celia Barbara. Raised in Birmingham, is educated according to the Jewish precepts; then, he graduated from Groves High School.
After becoming passionate about the world of film thanks to the purchase of a camera made by the father (with whom he began to turn his first Super 8 movies), he attended Michigan State University studying English literature, but retires after three semesters.
During the University years runs, along with his friend Bruce Campbell, a movie on Super 8, entitled "Within the Woods," which will be the starting point for "the House": this is a 32-minute long film, which gets $ 375 thousand tons of cash.
The first films
Having partnered with Campbell and Robert Tapert, her roommate, Sam Raimi starts looking for financial resources to achieve a cheap horror movie. With its two partners gives life to Renaissance Pictures, a film production company founded with the help of Irvin Shapiro: it turns, only twenty-two years, the film "La casa", which gets a major critical and commercial success.
Afterwards, he devoted himself to the production of his second feature film, called "the two craziest criminal the world", taken from a comic strip for action: the film was released in 1985, but did not repeat the success of the debut of Raimi. In the same year, he also tried his hand as an actor (after being shown-although uncredited-in "the House"), in "spies like us", directed by John Landis.
The Director later decides to return to horror, and in 1987 he made "the House 2," sequel to the film with which he debuted: the tones are more moderate, while large space is reserved to slapstick. In the following years, thanks to his passion for comics, Sam puts his mind to the idea of creating a film adaptation of the graphic novel "The Shadow", but his intentions collide with the inability to acquire rights; as a result, decide to give birth to a superhero in his own hand.
Gli anni ' 90
That's how in 1990 (the year in which he has a cameo in the Coen brothers ' movie "crossroads of death") goes to the movies "Darkman", which while not conquering the audience allows Raimi to earn that money that allow them to have resources for "army of darkness", the third film in the series of "La casa": abandoned almost completely the taste for horror in this film veers more towards comedy and fantasy.
In 1993 the Director appears in the tv film "Body Bags-foreign bodies", directed by John Carpenter, and is married to Gillian Dania Greene, daughter of actor Lorne Green, which will give him five children.
In 1995 is dedicated to the production of tv series "Hercules" and "American Gothic", while the following year produced the film by Bradford May "Darkman III-Darkman die." After producing the telefilms "Spy Game" and "Young Hercules", in 1998 Sam Raimi directs Billy Bob Thornton and Bill Paxton in "dirty money", and the following year returned to the movies with Kevin Costner, who stars in "game of love".
The success of Spider-Man
In the same year the Director is chosen by Sony Pictures to make a movie about Spider-man, being preferred to David Fincher, Chris Columbus, Tim Burton and Roland Emmerich, who also had shown some interest in the project. To play Peter Parker, i.e. Spider Man, Sam Raimi chooses Tobey Maguire, clashing-other-with producers, not confident about the ability of the interpreter. "Spider-Man" turns out to be a great commercial success, exceeding 800 million dollars in takings worldwide, and consecrating Sam Raimi to worldwide fame.
The years 2000
In 2004, therefore, he was called to direct the sequel of the film: despite disagreements with Danny Elfman, curator of the soundtrack, "Spider-Man 2" repeating the success of the first episode, touching the 783 million in ticket sales around the globe.
In 2007 (the year when Raimi decides to donate to the Republican party $ 9999, the legal maximum permitted for individuals), also sees the light "Spider-Man 3": Raimi is also Center this time, whereas the earnings reach $ 900 million.
In 2009 the Director of Michigan conducts the supernatural horror film "Drag me to Hell", starring Justin Long and Alison Lohman and is produced by Ghost House Pictures: movie collection exceeds 90 million worldwide. The following year, Raimi started working on the fourth episode of "Spider-Man", but soon was forced to change its plans: Columbia Pictures, in fact, announced that "Spider-Man 4" will not be accomplished, and that in its place will come out "The Amazing Spider-Man," a reboot of the franchise turned with three-dimensional technique.
The years 2010
In the fall of 2010, the filmmaker of Royal Oak back behind the camera for "the great and powerful Oz", which is a prequel of "the wizard of Oz": the film will be released only three years later.
In 2014, Sam Raimi is dedicated to television direction, directing two episodes ("Serial killer" and "the Cannibal") of series "Rake".

Ryan Reynolds biography

October 23, 1976

Who is Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born on 23 October 1976 in Vancouver, Canada, son of Jim, a trader of food, and Tammy, a saleswoman.
Grew up with a Catholic education, he graduated from Kitsilano Secondary School in his hometown in 1994, then subscribe to Kwantlen Polytechnic University without graduating.
In fact, his acting career began in 1990, when he starred as Billy Simpson in Canadian teen soap "Hillside", which in the United States is distributed by Nickelodeon under the title "Fifteen". Ryan Reynolds in 1993 has a role in "The Odyssey", where he plays the role of Macro, whereas in 1996 participates in the television movie "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", starring opposite Melissa Joan Heart.
The debut on the big screen
The following year he was chosen as the star of "two guys and a girl", tv series that gets a considerable success in the Usa. For Reynolds, then, even the doors of the cinema: in 1997 reads for Evan Dunsky in "fatal Warning", while two years later is part of the cast of "Coming soon" by Colette Burson, and "the girls of the White House," by Andrew Fleming.
The years 2000
After working with Martin Cummins in "We Are Fall Down" and with Mitch Marcus in "Big Monster on Campus", in 2001 is directed by Jeff Probst in "Finder's Fee". The following year he was one of the actors of the zany comedy "Van Wilder", directed by Walt Becker, and always with Becker starred in "never say forever"; Meanwhile, embarks on an affair with Alanis Morissette, singer his compatriot.
In the 2003 Ryan Reynolds is alongside Michael Douglas in "Marriage impossible," directed by Andrew Fleming, and works in "Foolproof", by William Philips. Subsequently starred in a cameo in "American Trip-the first trip you never forget", by Danny Leiner, while in "Blade: Trinity," by David s. Goyer, plays the role of Hannibal King, next to Jessica Biel and Wesley Snipes, sporting a big martial arts skills.
He as a voice actor for the tv series Zeroman, "in 2005 is one of the interpreters of the film by Andrew Douglas" Amityville Horror "remake of the famous horror films of the 1980s, and" Waiting ... ", by Rob McKittrick. After guest-starring on "Just Friends", by Roger Kumble, in 2006 is present in "Smokin' Aces", film by Joe Carnahan he sees also starring Ray Liotta, Alicia Keys and Ben Affleck.
In 2007 his relationship with Morissette ends (the singer will draw inspiration from this story to make his "Flayors of Entanglement"), but on the professional front things are fine: Ryan Reynolds appears in "The Nine" and "Chaos Theory", while the following year he was on the big screen with "A secret between us", by Dennis Lee, starring Julia Roberts.
During the same period is at the cinema with "definitely, maybe", directed by Adam Brooks, and with "Adventureland", by Greg Mottola. On 27 September 2008 the Canadian actor is married to Scarlett Johansson. In 2009 plays the role of Dreadpool in "X-Men origins: Wolverine" movie directed by Gavin Hood inspired by Marvel Comics, then appear alongside Sandra Bullock in the romantic comedy "the proposal", by Anne Fletcher, and in "Paper Man", by Michele Mulroney and Kieran Mulroney.
The years 2010
Between 2010 and 2011 Reynolds-become a testimonial for Hugo Boss and placed on the first place in the ranking of the sexiest men around the world by the magazine "People"-separates, and then divorced permanently, by Johansson; on the front, two episodes of "family guy" and recite for Rodrigo Cortés in "Buried" and for Martin Campbell in "Green Lantern", where she plays another comic book superhero (Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, or, if you prefer) alongside Blake Lively.
With the Lively remarried on 9 September 20Two years later the couple announces to wait for a baby girl, who was born in December of 2014: the Sisterhood of the small are America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledel, friends and coworkers of Lively.
Meanwhile, the career of Reynolds continues to sail: only in 2014, the North-American interpreter appears in Atom Egoyan's film "The Captive" and "The Voices", by Marjane Satrapi, as well as in the comedy of Seth MacFarlane (creator of the "Griffin") "a million ways to die in the West", but is not credited.
The following year he was directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden in Mississippi "Grind" before acting in "Self/less" by Tarsem Singh, and in "Woman in Gold" (alongside Helen Mirren), by Simon Curtis. Works also to Tim Miller "Deadopool" whose release in theaters is scheduled for 2016.

Biography of Gianni Rodari

Nursery rhymes in heaven and Earth
October 23, 1920
April 14, 1980

About Gianni Rodari?

Among the best children's writers of the 20th century, Gianni Rodari was born on October 23, 1920 to Omegna on Lake Orta, the place where they had moved for work the parents originally from Val Cuvia in the Varese area.
The small Rodari attended primary school in his native country until the fourth. In just ten years, following the untimely death of his father, a Baker in the central street of the country, the whole family is forced to move again, this time in Gavirate, his mother's native country; Here Jamie has got to complete his studies for the elementary school.
The poor woman was no companion can fortunately rely on the help of Gianni and his two brothers Cesare and Mario: these are definitely more lively by Gianni and vice versa is a sensitive child and rather lonely, disinclined to become friends with her peers.
Such is the inner of Rodari and his intense spirituality, so different he wants to be compared to guys who surround him, that the August 5, 1931 requests to enter the seminary to attend the gymnasium. It stands out for the excellent skills soon became the head of the class. Confirmed results afterwards until the beginning of the third when in October 1933 withdraws from college.
The school year ends in Varese but, strangely, not in high school but chose to move to schools. A harbinger of the exceptional teaching and spirit of the enormous love for children who already since this timid intellectually nourished.
Moreover, as early as 1935, Rodari militated in Catholic action coming for a time to serve as President.
In 1936 publishes eight stories about the Catholic weekly "youth action" and began a collaboration with "light" directed by Monsignor Salazar. In 1937 began a period of profound inner changes. Leaves the Presidency of young gaviratesi of Catholic action, a tear destined not to sew again ever again.
Meanwhile, tenaciously pursues his way and he socialized not with nobody behind the shy kid discovers a man capable of great initiatives. Becomes first HouseMaster at a Jewish family in Sesto Calende then he enrolled at Catholic University, but arrive at graduation. Later he was hired as an elementary school teacher in different countries of the Varese area. Irony of history: Gianni Rodari is assessed "insufficient" as a teacher because he refuses to take an assignment in the fascist party.
Starting with this episode, his political engagement is increasingly taking shape. After the July 25, 1943 he began a collaboration with "Communists" and a year later, in May 1944, he joined the team of Patriotic action of Saronno. He signed up to the Italian Communist Party, he became official. In March 1947 the newspaper is called "the unit" in Milan as Special Envoy. The paper publishes first nursery rhymes for children.
In 1950 in Rome directs "the pioneer", which gives a significant contribution as a writer and as an organizer of an educational project.
Married to Maria Teresa Feretti from that Union was born the daughter Paola, passes to the direction of "Vanguard", weekly of the FGCI. In 1956 he returned to Rome as a news unit, while in 1958 is "Paese sera" as a special correspondent, commentator and corsivista, a position he held until his death.
The years of writing for children and renown are however those from 1960 onwards. Begins to publish for a prestigious publishing house like Einaudi and his fame spread throughout Italy. The first book coming out with the new publishing house is "nursery rhyme in heaven and Earth" in 19Only in 1962-1963 reaches a certain economic tranquillity through collaboration "the better way" and the encyclopedia for children "the fifteen".
WINS in 1970 the Andersen Prize, a prestigious recognition to his work as a writer for children.
Gianni Rodari died in Rome on April 14, 1980 to cardiovascular collapse, following a surgery to clear an occluded vein in his left leg.
Since 1992 the works of Rodari shows for Einuadi Boys from the famous cartoonist Altan.

Biography of Robert Trujillo

October 23, 1964

Who is Robert Trujillo?

Roberto Agustin Miguel Santiago Samuel Trujillo Veracruz, known simply as Robert Trujillo was born on October 23, 1964 in Venice, California.
From an early age plays bass guitar for several groups in his hometown: thanks to his skills, he began a career as a bassist. The road to success is unrelenting and, after playing in various bands such as Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves and Ozzy Osbourne, on February 24, 2003 enters finally to be part of a group that makes a difference: Metallica.
After the departure of Jason Newsted, the Group should in fact seek a new bass player. That's what Robert and the other three founding members-James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett-met entering from now to become part of each other's life.

Alex Zanardi biography

With the will to live, with the will to win
October 23, 1966

Who is Alex Zanardi?

60 to 100 kilometres from Berlin and from Dresden was built adjacent to the new track of the Lausitzring (infamous for the terrible accident claimed the life of pilot Italian Michele Alboreto), a 2-mile long circuit that allows easily to cars to reach peaks of over 370 km/h.
It is precisely within this circuit that, in a race a few laps to go, on the afternoon of Saturday, September 15, 2001 took place the terrible accident among our Alex Zanardi and Canadian Tagliani Italian rider.
Zanardi, in eleven laps to go, had returned for a precautionary refilling station and with the heat had regained the lead, getting splashes of fuel on the visor. But in the Act of detergerla it happened that unfortunately lost control of the car which, after a head and tail, returned slowly but transversely on track even as the same line soppraggiungeva the carriage of Tagliani. A result of this tragic fate was a bump perfectly perpendicular between the two cars, inevitable and violent, which cut off literally in two the Reynard Honda to Zanardi, just at the level of the pilot.
For the conditions appeared hopeless, and to limit the bleeding you had to intervene with more drastic and radical solution: lower limb amputation. As for Clay Regazzoni, as for Frank Williams. If with this Act, dictated by "last resort" was undoubtedly to save the life of the valiant rider, very serious conditions Zanardi remained for a long time, thanks to numerous fractures and the perennial risk of embolism.
Alessandro Zanardi was born in Bologna on October 23, 1966 with a passion for motors in the blood, well supported in the example. Also the parent was great great connoisseur and amateur pilot. Alex attends the races, starts to race karts and follows with passion all the events related to this sport. His undisputed class slowly emerges, obtaining excellent results over time as the 3 Italian Championship and the European title of karts: the results do come right in Formula 3 where as best result, gets a second place in the European Championship.
Even without possessing great financial means (his father is a plumber and his mother a v camiciaia artisan), Alex Zanardi manages to get into Formula 3000 in 19Eddie Jordan, great talent scout and opportunist, follows him and in 1991 the host Team in Formula While confirming its great fighter doesn't get though during this period notable achievements. Passes for all the so-called "fill" teams (Minardi, Lamborghini and Lotus), until 19In 25 Grands Prix started not getting that one point in the standings. A Spa is involved in a terrible accident which, although without consequence, forced him to leave the Team Lotus.
In 1995 despite the many contacts with Formula 1 teams, nothing goes smoothly and is approached by prosecutors who offer it to managers of American Kart Formula. Chip Ganassi, American series legend wants it and, with a gig that you can't refuse, convinces him to take the step. Takes place quickly and already in the first year (1996) gets three victories that put him in front to victory the following year: a success that earns him respect (with even a hint of healthy envy) of American pilots.
The forecasts are fully confirmed and for the years 1997 and 1998 the rider to beat him. With real companies that make me crazy fans Alex asserts himself in the Championship in both years, but the desire for revenge for a Formula 1 that he neither understood, nor justly evaluated, calls it. The request by the Williams Team for a three-year deal doesn't even reflect, signature and gives up the United States, leaving a big gap between the lovers.
Williams, still top team in 1999 he made a botched car and in 16 Grands Prix, Zanardi collects ben 10 retreats. Within the Team his polite and kind character collides with the surly mood of Chief Designer Patrick Head who downloads it literally, and instructed the young Ralf Schumacher of the development of the car. The climate becomes impossible and so, at the end of the season, Great Lord, Alex accepts the transaction termination of the remaining two years. With a large amount of liquidation retires in Montecarlo enjoying the sweet wife Daniela and Niccolò, with frequent episodes at Castelmaggiore find the beloved mother and grandmother.
After a cushy 2000, Mo Nunn, another great manager of Cart convinces Zanardi to return to racing in the series aboard the Reynard Honda team and so Alex comes back to the States. Toltosi the rust of inactivity in the early races, unfortunately that fatal accident, completely random, stopped that comeback.
The pilot, featuring a character of iron, not without effort rebounded, has adapted to those nasty (but for him saving) prosthesis and his smile has returned to shine on the slopes, to the great joy of fans and of those who have always loved.
With the help of Gianluca Gasparini, journalist of the "Gazzetta dello Sport", Alex wrote "... However, Zanardi from Castelmaggiore! " (2003), a book that recounts his life, his career and especially its remarkable recovery.
The return of Alex Zanardi has touched the entire sporting world even more than the drama lived by the incident. Always kind and noble soul, Alex doesn't only showed tenacity and determination, but a great humility, desire to live and a great love for his sport. For all the unfortunate victims of similar incidents at her, for their friends and family, and for everyone who loves the sport spirit, Alex Zanardi is a hero, an example and a landmark.
In 2010 his career is enriched by a new experience, that of television presenter: on Rai Tre leads "E se domani", an innovative science broadcast aired in prime time.
In 2012 London Paralympics Racing now participates on the three wheels of the handbike: undertaking an extraordinary feat by winning the gold medal and climbed on the highest step of the podium for the first time in his career.
On October 12, 2014 accomplishes another enterprise: after months of training participates in Hawaii at the most important race in the World Ironman triathlon, which involves 3.8 km swimming, 180 km with the handbike and 42 km (the distance of the marathon) with the wheelchair Olympics. The mere fact of completing this grueling race is for every participant a great success: Alex Zanardi will succeed in less than 10 hours. After said (via Twitter): "what a thrill: thousands of people screaming your name and the announcer declaring: Alex Zanardi, you are an ironman!".


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