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Chuck Berry biography

The invention of rock
October 18, 1926

Who is Chuck Berry?

Charles Edward Anderson Berry, or simply Chuck Berry was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, Usa, on 18 October, 19Singer and composer, one of the first rock guitarists of all time, contends--and probably always will contend-with Elvis Presley, the record for having invented or at least brought success, the most famous twentieth-century genre: rock and roll.
For sure Chuck Berry was the first to have used the pentatonic scale in rock solos, the so-called "double-cut", carrying his instrument, the guitar, to compete when not just to Excel on the voice, until the 50 considered the main thing of any band and in any musical genre. According to the renowned magazine "Rolling Stones" is in fifth place in the list of the hundred greatest guitarists in rock history.
Early life of Chuck are those commonly, especially for those black guys who, in the years ' 40, must struggle against racial prejudices and, above all, against the arrogance of the white ruling class. Is a turbulent, with a strong tendency to commit a crime. Passing years in Juvie, during adolescence, are certainly not few.
Fourth son of a family of six children, he makes the bones in the neighborhood "The Villas". His father is a deacon of the Baptist Church and is being done as a business owner, giving however the large family some moderately, especially in comparison with many other families of color of the United States, in those years, in great distress.
Little Chuck falls in love with the blues guitar and soon, performing in front of an audience since way back in 1941, when is little more than a teenager, at the Sumner High School. By now though, for three years, the young musician attends the so-called bad companies, so that in 1944, while still a student, he was arrested and jailed for armed robbery, along with his gang. The disappointment for the family is strong and the young man is sent to Algoa, in reform school near Jefferson City, Missouri. While in detention he knows other musicians, form a vocal Quartet and is training as a boxer. In short he guesses that music may be his only way to stand out and stay away from certain situations.
At the age of twenty-one years, once out of jail, Chuck Berry married Themetta "Toddy" Suggs his fiancee, exactly on 28 October 19Two years later comes the first daughter, Darlin Ingrid Berry, born on 3 October 1950.
During this period, while not abandoning ever music, future guitarist is being done with different jobs, as well as being janitor in St. Louis as a labourer, Concierge and more. In the same year that his daughter is born, the family Berry manages to buy a small apartment in Whittier Street (later declared historical building just for hosting the idol rock during those years).
Before 1955, fateful year for him musically, Berry thinking about music as his second work, playing with various groups, preferring the blues but not forgetting even the country, music of whites. In 1953 he knows a certain notoriety in the wake of the pianist Johnnie Johnson, beginning a long association.
To make a change in his career is the great bluesman Muddy Waters, who makes his name to Leonard Chess, of Chess Records in Chicago. In May 1955 Berry has a job done and finished, all blues, but they do not care that much the owner of the label. These, however, is surprised by a kind of joke recorded by Berry and companions, a remake of an old classic country & western to Bob Wills, entitled "Ida Red" and turned into "Ida May." The guitarist and singer is persuaded to hack back the track, May 21, 1955, becomes "Maybellene". With him there are the pianist Johnnie Johnson, Jerome Green at maracas, Jasper Thomas on drums and bassist and blues singer Willie Dixon. The song that year sells a million copies and Chuck Berry and its port topped the American charts. The song in question, according to many, marks perhaps the true beginning of the genre "Rock and Roll", the result of mixture between rhythm and blues and country music.
From this year, 1955, until 1958, Berry realizes all his masterpieces, writing an important, if not crucial, in rock history and especially of rock and roll. The now legendary songs see the light, like "Roll Over Beethoven", "Thirty Days", "You can't Catch Me", "School Day", "Johnny b. Goode", "Rock and Roll Music".
To give a setback to his career as a musician are directioners is once again a lawsuit, which affects not just on the popular imagination. In 1959 the author of the famous "Johnny b. Goode" and always loved, played by the greatest of all time and a soundtrack of hit films, he was arrested for having sex with an underage girl: a 14-year-old employee at one of its premises. The condemnation initially is five thousand dollar fine and five years in prison. However, two years later, appeal in 1961, Berry gets a reduced sentence to three years ' imprisonment.
Back in 1963, the black musician struggling to get back in the game that matters. Partly it is the new band of the so-called British invasion to rescue him, bringing back his name and many of his best songs. Groups like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Beach Boys the pay due, reworking his best singles.
John Lennon he said: "it is one of the greatest of all time. I've said this many times, but it's the first real poet rock. ".
Until 1965 Chuck Berry living annuity, publishing a total of eight individual interesting, but not at the same level as the previous ones. By 1969 publishes five discs for Mercury, including a live at Fillmore, but without getting much attention from the public and by professionals. Is again the Chess Records to bring him luck. In 1972 for his old House will affect a new live version of his old song "My Ding-a-Ling". The song, surprising the same guitar player, leaps to the top of the charts.
After this last moment of glory, Berry continues to perform live until 1979, when day 1 June is called to perform at the White House, in front of President Jimmy Carter. Meanwhile, two other public records, not particularly exciting: "Chuck Berry", 1975, and 1979 's "Rock It".
Also in 1979 the American artist suffers another four months in prison, plus a substantial number of hours in the social services, this time because of a conviction for tax evasion.
80 years on, despite all the vicissitudes that concern him, Berry gets back into sixth and is dedicated with all over himself to live concerts, making a hundred every year and throughout the Decade. In 1986 Taylor Hackford shooting a documentary about him, titled "Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll, "and focused on the celebratory festival done in her honor, for his 60th birthday. For the occasion, to pay Berry, there are the best ever: from Keith Richards to Eric Clapton, to Etta James, Julian Lennon, Robert Cray and Linda Ronstadt.
At the end of 1990 the artist talking about himself and yet for reasons not related to his music. Have to pay more than a million dollars to 59 women who accuse him of having installed a camera in the bathroom of a famous restaurant in Missouri in order to spy on them at moments less opportune. During the search, are found at his home that undergoes video with recorded video as well as compromising, from his local, among which would appear even a minor, even sixty grams of marijuana. Berry bargains and gets along with two years probation and five thousand dollar fine.
Ten years later, in 2000, is his former pianist Johnnie Johnson to sue him in court for allegedly missed credits received regarding songs like "No particular place to go", "Sweet little sixteen" and "Roll over Beethoven", which claims to be the coauthor. But this time the guitarist has leverage over his former pianist.
In the following years and despite his age, Chuck Berry continues his performances in St. Louis without sacrificing even the European tours, like the one started in 2008, which brought him everywhere and even with good success.

Biography of Norberto Bobbio

Critical consciousness
October 18, 1909
January 9, 2004

Who is Norberto Bobbio?

Norberto Bobbio was born in Turin on October 18, 1909 by Louis, physician-surgeon, a native of the province of Alessandria, Chief at the Hospital San Giovanni, one of the most famous Surgeons of the city. His formative years see Turin as a centre of great cultural and political process. At the Liceo Massimo d'Azeglio knows Vittorio Foa, Leone Ginzburg and Cesare Pavese.
At the University he became friends with Alessandro Galante Garrone. He graduated in law and philosophy.
After studying philosophy of law with solar, teaches this discipline in Camerino (1935-38), in Siena (1938-40) and Padua (1940-48). His wanderings through the Italy leads him to attend various groups of antifascists. In the dressing room knows Aldo Capitini e Guido Calogero and started attending the meetings of the liberal movement. Da Camerino moved to Siena, where he worked with Mario delle Piane, and finally in 1940 in Padua, where he became friends with Antonio Giuriolo.
He also collaborates with the Turin Group of Justice and liberty, with Foa, Leone and Natalia Ginzburg, Franco Antonicelli, Massimo Mila.
Later in 1942 joined the Partito d'Azione. In Padua he collaborated with the resistance attending Giancarlo Talbot and Silvio Trentin. Is arrested in 1943.
After the war he teaches philosophy of law at the University of Torino (1948-72) and philosophy of politics, also in Turin, from 1972 to 1979.
Since 1979 he is Professor Emeritus of the University of Turin and fellow of the Accademia dei Lincei; Since 1966 he is a corresponding member of the British Academy.
The choice not to be the protagonist of active political life has never prevented Bobbio to be present and involved: on the contrary has been a point of reference in the intellectual and political debate of the last 30 years.
"Critical academic philosophies or affirm that already with ' the philosophy of decadence ' (1944), after the war he undertook in defense of a renewed enlightenment against the legacy spiritualistic and idealistic tradition. In numerous theoretical studies (theory of juridical science, 1950; Studies on the general theory of law, 1955; Theory of the legal standard, 1958; Theory of law, 1960; Natural law and legal positivism, 1965; From structure to function, 1978) sustained a avalutativa conception of law science, resulting from analytic philosophy the principle that the right is composed of "prescriptions" (rules), and the "legal positivism logically irreducible principle of effectiveness", for which the right is the set of rules with real effectiveness in a given society. "
[Enciclopedia Garzanti di Filosofia]
In 1966 supports the process of unification between Socialists and Social Democrats. In 1984 the philosopher opens a strong disagreement with the "democracy of applause" launched by Bettino Craxi in the Congress of Verona and Sandro Pertini, President of the Italian Republic.
In July 1984 he was appointed Senator for life by the President of the Republic Sandro Pertini.
Norberto Bobbio has received several honorary doctorates at the universities of Paris, Buenos Aires, Madrid (Complutense), Bologna, of Chambéry.
It has long been the Director of the "Rivista di filosofia" together with Nicola Abbagnano.
The great Italian philosopher passed away on January 9, 2004 at the age of 94 years.
Humble personality, although life has asked that his funeral be celebrated in private form, many were Italians and official personalities, including President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, who paid tribute to the Senator for life by visiting the funeral home set up (with the consent of the children) at the University of Turin.
"With Norberto Bobbio disappears the critical conscience of the Italian left. It was the «Oracle» which, periodically, and especially in the most critical moments of the recent Italian history, politicians and intellectuals of the left have resorted. Always surprising them, throwing in political thought the restlessness of those who-like himself-felt to belong to the category of people who are never happy with themselves. The legacy of political reflection left by Bobbio to the Italian left can be summed up in a way that he himself has called "politics of rights. '"
[Corriere della sera-1/10/2004]
Written by Norberto Bobbio:
1944 the philosophy of decadence
1950 law science and language analysis, Edizioni di Comunità, Milan
in: u. Scarpelli (ED), law and language analysis
1950 legal theory of science
1955 politics and culture, Einaudi
1955 studies on general theory of law
1958 theory of rule of law
1960 theory of legal system
1964 Civil Italy
1965 From Hobbes to Marx
1965 natural law and legal positivism, Edizioni di Comunità, Milan
1969 ideological Profile of twentieth century, Garzanti
in: e. Cecchi, n. Sapegno (ED), history of Italian literature. The Twentieth Century
1969 essays on political science in Italy
1970 studies for a general theory of law, Giappichelli, Torino
1971 A militant philosophy. Studi su Carlo Cattaneo
1973 the culture and fascism, Einaudi
in: g. Guazza (ED), fascism and Italian society
1976 which socialism?
1978 from structure to function
1978 the problem of war and the ways of peace
1994 right and left
1995 bibliography of writings. 1934-1993
1996 De Senectute, Einaudi
1999 Autobiography
1999 general theory of politics, Einaudi
2001 Dialogue around the Republic

Biography of Ivanoe Bonomi

At the helm of twentieth century Italian politician
18 October 1873
April 20, 1951

Who is Ivanoe Bonomi?

Ivanoe Bonomi was born in Mantua on 18 October 18Teacher, journalist and politician, is a witness and protagonist, in his lifetime of the profound changes that Italy suffers from the late 19th to the mid-20th century. Passionate about culture and obtained two degrees in a short time: in 1896 he graduated in natural sciences while, in 1900, in law.
While engaged in university studies, Roy for a short period of his life he devoted himself to teaching, activities that abandons in 1898 to deal with journalism. Socialist Party of Italian workers since 1893, where current moderate and reformist, Bonomi joined collaborates with leading leftist magazines like the Next, social commentary, weather and Socialist Action. But the most intense activity in the life of Bonomi is the political one. After election to the City Council of his hometown, a position that follows that at the provincial Council of Mantua, becomes member of the Socialists.
With the outbreak of war between Italy and Libya, Bonomi supports the line promoted by Giovanni Giolitti during its fourth Government (1911-1914). Richard, in fact, analyzing the many economic problems prevailing in the Italy of the time, believed that the colonization of Libya would bring new land to be exploited and loosened the Italian immigration to America and European countries richer. This thought though, far from the General line of the party, because the expulsion from the Socialist Party in 1912.
Always convinced of his ideas, then the Italian reform Socialist Party in what will be only the first of many splits that the Italian Socialist Party will suffer in the course of its history.
With the outbreak of the first world war Bonomi, a volunteer at front, leaning democratic line of interventionism. Between 1916 and 1921 he holds several institutional offices: Minister of public works, Minister of war and Minister of Treasury.
The July 4, 1921 is appointed Chairman of the Board. Among the decisions made during his tenure remembers especially to dissolve the body of Sharpshooters, the August 2, 1921, following huge losses occurred during World War I. His Government, proving weak against the initiatives implemented by Benito Mussolini, lasts only seven months until February 26, 1922.
In the 1924 election as a candidate participates in alignment of the opposition; the defeat of fascism in Italy claim receipt and make him make the decision to temporarily shelve his passion for politics, devoting himself to historical studies.
The political activity of Ivanoe Bonomi, however, is far from over. In 1942, in fact, back on the Italian political scene, playing the role of mediator between the General Pietro Badoglio and the Royal House. Having founded the clandestine newspaper Reconstruction, in 1943 joined the Liberal Party and becomes the President of CLN, the Committee of national liberation was born with the allied landings in Italy and composed of Christian Democrats, shareholders, demolaburisti (from which the labour Democratic Party is founded by the same Bonomi) and Socialists.
With the crisis that topples the second Government led by Badoglio, Ivanoe Bonomi is chosen to create a new Government. The result is June 18, 1944 his second Government supported by political parties that belong to very different ideologies and politicians including Alcide De Gasperi, Palmiro Togliatti, Giuseppe Saragat, Giovanni Gronchi and Benedetto Croce. The diverging views of the political parties that make up the Government cause the premature end of the second Government Bonomi; the latter resigns on November 26, 1944.
Bonomi is forced to form a new Government. The allies, in fact, focus to carry out quickly the second world war, put a veto on the formation of additional Governments. The last Government he chairs, formed on December 10, 1944, consists of many of the parties and the politicians featured in his second term: Togliatti was appointed Vice-president, Foreign Minister De Gasperi, congers Minister of industry, trade and labor.
With the total liberation of Italy by the allies, Bonomi took the decision to resign. Nevertheless, continues to be a central character in Italian politics. After attending the meetings of the constituent Assembly in 1947 and his presence at the peace conference as a delegate of Italy, becomes first President of the Italian Democratic Socialist Party and then President of the National Association of printing. The May 8, 1948, also, he was appointed first President of the Senate of the Italian Republic.
After watching the Italy pass from the period of immigration in the early 1900 to fascism, from monarchy to Republic, Ivanoe Bonomi goes off in Rome on April 20, 1951, at the age of 78 years.

Biography of Zac Efron

October 18, 1987

Who is Zac Efron?

Zac Efron, whose full name is Zachary David Alexander Efron was born on 18 October 1987 in San Luis Obispo, California, the son of David, engineer in an energy industry, and Starla, former Secretary.
He moved with his family to Arroyo Grande, at the age of eleven, he is persuaded by his father to pursue a career as an actor; After the first few performances in representations of her high school, he began working in a theater, The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville, taking part in projects like "the little shop of horrors," "Peter Pan, or the boy who wouldn't grow up", "Gypsy" and "Mame."
After starting to take singing lessons, attended Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts.
The years 2000
In 2002 gets the first parts in several tv series, including "Firefly," "The Guardian" and "ER". In 2003 says in the pilot episode of "The Big Wide World of Carl Laemke," telefilm but will never see the light. She also "Summerland," Warner Bros teen drama in which she played Cameron Bale: at first her is one of the secondary characters, but since 2004 it becomes one of the protagonists.
Later, Zac Efron appears in "NCIS," "CSI: Miami" and "Zack and Cody." After being the star of "two lives marked," the Lifetime movie in which he plays the role of a sick boy with autism, and have gotten for that role a Young Artist Award nomination (best performance by a tv movie, miniseries or special by a younger actor) in the 2005 film "The Derby Stallion" works at Zac and takes part in the making of the music video for "Sick inside" , song of Hope Partlow.
An explosive success
The success, however, came in 2006, when-after working for the zero series episode "If you lived here, you'd be home now," Zac Efron is chosen for the role of Troy Bolton in Disney's "High School Musical", which won an Emmy Award and allowing him to conquer, along with co-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale , a Teen Choice Award as best new actor.
Just Vanessa becomes, in this period, his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Zac made his debut as a voice actor, in an episode of the tv series "The Replacements: Replacements." The following year ceases to attend the University of Southern California, which had meanwhile entered, to devote himself entirely to entertainment career: appeared in an episode of "Punk'd" and took part in the filming of "Say OK", Vanessa Hudgens music video in which he impersonates the singer's boyfriend.
While the magazine "People" puts it in the top one hundred most beautiful boys 2007, Efron back to cinema with "Hairspray," big-screen version of the musical: Unlike what had happened in "High School Musical", in this work he sings all the songs with your own voice, and was nominated for the Critics ' Choice Movie Awards for Best Song , best song.
Presenter at the Teen Choice Award for movie of the year, Zac reads then in "High School Musical 2" and "17 again" in high school, 17-year-old who sees him play the comedy version of the character of Matthew Perry: for this role gets the awards Choice Movie Rockstar Moment "and" Choice Movie Actor: Comedy at the Teen Choice Awards.
Later Zac Efron appears on the cover of "Rolling Stone" and leads to Sydney the Nickelodeon Australian Kids ' Choice Awards. In 2009 two episodes of the television series "Robot Chicken" and is at the cinema with "Me and Orson Welles, Richard Linklater film that sees him play alongside Christian McKay and Claire Danes, but especially with" High School Musical 3: Senior Year, "the third chapter of the saga in which modified plays Troy Bolton, which gets a Mtv Movie Award for Best Male Performance , best actor (also for Best Kiss nominee coming, best Kiss), and a Teen Choice Award Choice Movie Actor: Music/Dance (also nominated for Choice Movie Liplock coming).
The years 2010
The following year, Efron ends his affair with Vanessa Hudgens; After returning to the dubbing room for tv movie by Chris McKay "Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III", is the star of "follow your heart", a film based on the book "I've dreamed of you"; She also "at any price", by Ramin Bahrani (presented at the 69th Venice International Film Festival), "Liberal Arts", by Josh Radnor, and "The Paperboy", by Lee Daniels. The latter film, which sees him work alongside Nicole Kidman, allows him to participate in the Festival of Cannes.
Together with Taylor Shilling, Zac Efron is also the star of "I searched your name", based on the novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks, which gets two awards at the Teen Choice Awards, Choice Movie Actor Romance and Choice Movie Actor Drama (in the same review you see also deliver an award as Best Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male, best red carpet fashion icon male); During this period, he worked again as a voice actor, lending his voice to Ted, character from "Lorax-the guardian of the forest".
After taking part in the filming of "Parkland", by Peter Landesman, in 2014 the Californian actor recites in the comedy Tom Gormican "That awkward moment" (film that won him an award at the Mtv Movie Awards for Best Performance, the best exhibition Shirtless without clothes) and-alongside Seth Rogen in "bad neighborhoods", by Nicholas Stoller.

Biography of Wynton Marsalis

Breath on trumpet
October 18, 1961

Who is Wynton Marsalis?

Composer, instrumentalist excelled, "band leader and educator, Wynton Marsalis has racked up during his multifaceted career a wealth of impressive accolades. Virtuoso and acclaimed artist, both on the side of jazz that classic, Marsalis was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on October 18, 19He began studying trumpet when he was 12 years old and lives his first experiences as a musician in the local marching band, jazz bands and funk, as well as the classical youth orchestras.
In 1979, at the age of seventeen, he enrolled at the Conservatory of the Juilliard School, where he immediately stands out as the most remarkable trumpet player.
That same year he joined the Jazz Messengers of Art Blakey, the famous band in which were formed generations of jazz musicians. The 1982 is the year of his recording debut as a leader, and since then has produced an unparalleled catalogue of forty engravings between jazz and classical music for Columbia Jazz and Sony Classical, which they did win well 8 Grammy Awards. In 1983 was the first and only artist to win both the Grammy for jazz that the Grammy for classical, incredibly firm also repeated the following year.
In 1999 Wynton Marsalis has created eight new registrations for its unprecedented array "Swinging into the 21st," which includes a 7 CD box set of live performances at the Village Vanguard.
Marsalis is the Music Director of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, which spends more than half of the year on tour. Also devotes a considerable part of his time to composing new works, many of which are commissioned and presented to the public by "Jazz at Lincoln Center": these included "Them Twos", born from the second collaboration between Jazz at Lincoln Center and the New York City Ballet in 1999; "Big Train", commissioned in 1998; "Sweet Release" Ballet score written in 1996 for the LCJO and choreographed by Judith Jamison for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater; "At the Octoroon Balls", performed by the Orion String Quartet piece of 1995 with the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center; "Jazz: Six Syncopated Movements", a collaboration of Lincoln Center dated 1993 with Peter Martins; "Jump Start", music written for the famous dancer-choreographer Twyla Tharp; "City Movement/Griot New York", opera in three movements written for a jazz Septet created in collaboration with choreographer Garth Fagan and "In This House, On This Morning," a piece based on the model of a traditional gospel function, commissioned in 1992.
One of his last works, "All Rise" is a composition in twelve parts, commissioned and presented to the public by the New York Philharmonic with the Morgan State University Choir and the LCJO in December 1999.
This extraordinary musician, despite the high degree of professional statement that has now reached, it never asleep on its laurels. It is internationally respected as a teacher and spokesperson for the music education, carrying out with great effort a teaching and Popularization worthy of praise. He received honorary doctorates from over a dozen universities and colleges for its educational programs of Jazz at Lincoln Center, where he regularly conducted master classes, lectures and concerts for students of all ages and disciplines.
The trumpeter-composer was also protagonist of television production Marsalis on Music for PBS (Public Broadcasting System) and Making the Music radio series for NPR (National Public Radio), which has yielded the Peabody Award in 1996.
Wynton Marsalis has also written a Manual-Guide to the PBS series, as well as the book "Sweet Swing Blues on the Road", in collaboration with the Jazz at Lincoln Center photographer Frank Stewart.
It was cited by Time magazine as one of the "25 most influential people in America", and Life magazine among the "50 most influential men of success," in recognition of his decisive role in stimulating an increasing awareness in the consciousness of an entire generation of fans and jazz artists.

Biography of Martina Navratilova

October 18, 1956

Who is Martina Navratilova?

Martina Navratilova was born in Prague (Czech Republic) on October 18, 1956.
The surname originating is Subertova: after the divorce of parents (three years after the birth of Martina), her mother Jana bride Miroslav Navratil in 1962, which became the first tennis coach of the eventual champion.
After several tournaments in his native Czechoslovakia, in 1975 he moved to the United States, of which it is to be a town in 1981, after being officially stateless for some years.
At this time make public his sexual orientation, becoming in fact one of the first sports stars to announce a lesbian, in 1991.
During his career he won 18 grand slam titles in the singles, doubles and 41 (31 in women's doubles and mixed doubles 10).
Memorable remain challenges against Chris Evert, which gave rise to one of the longest sports rivalries of all time: 80 meetings are held with a final budget in favour of the 37 to 43 to Navratilova.
Palmarès of Martina Navratilova
1974 Roland Garros mixed doubles
1975 Roland Garros doubles
1976 Wimbledon doubles
1977 US Open double
1978 Wimbledon singles
1978 US Open double
1979 Wimbledon singles
1979 Wimbledon doubles
1980 US Open double
1980 Australian Open double
1981 Australian Open singles
1981 Wimbledon doubles
1982 Roland Garros singles
1982 Roland Garros doubles
1982 Wimbledon singles
1982 Wimbledon doubles
1982 Australian Open double
1983 Wimbledon singles
1983 Wimbledon doubles
1983 US Open singles
1983 US Open double
1983 Australian Open singles
1983 Australian Open double
1984 Roland Garros singles
1984 Roland Garros doubles
1984 Wimbledon singles
1984 Wimbledon doubles
1984 US Open singles
1984 US Open double
1984 Australian Open double
1985 Roland Garros doubles
1985 Roland Garros mixed doubles
1985 Wimbledon singles
1985 Wimbledon mixed doubles
1985 US Open-mixed doubles
1985 Australian Open singles
1985 Australian Open doubles
1986 Roland Garros doubles
1986 Wimbledon singles
1986 Wimbledon doubles
1986 US Open singles
1986 US Open double
1987 Australian Open double
1987 Roland Garros doubles
1987 Wimbledon singles
1987 US Open singles
1987 US Open double
1987 US Open-mixed doubles
1988 Australian Open double
1988 Roland Garros doubles
1989 Australian Open double
1989 U.s. Open doubles
1990 Wimbledon singles
1990 U.s. Open doubles
1993 Wimbledon mixed doubles
1995 Wimbledon mixed doubles
2003 Australian Open mixed doubles
2003 Wimbledon mixed doubles
2006 U.s. Open mixed doubles
In September 2014 Us Open has realized the dream of asking his wife to marry Julia Lemigova publicly historical: responded with a Yes.

Biography of Freida Pinto

Millions of prizes
October 18, 1984

Who is Freida Pinto?

FREIDA Pinto was born in Mumbai (India) on October 18, 1984) by Sylvia Pinto Derebail, Dean of St. John's High School, and Frederick Pinto Neerude, manager of Portuguese origin of Bank of Baroda, both originating in the Indian city of Mangalore.
After completing his university studies and have it perfected with a PhD in English studies at St. Xavier's College in Mumbai, Freida Pinto in 2005 began working as a model for the international agency Elite Model Management. Appearing in several television commercials (including one for the newspaper India Today and Skoda), campaigns (De Beers, eBay, Visa) and on magazine covers, especially in India.
From 2006 to 2007 he worked on tv conducting the transmission "Full Circle". Then decides to try the way of the cinema-that in India knows considerable development thanks to Bollywood-getting after six months of auditions the lead female role in the film "slumdog Millionaire" (Slumdog Millionaire, 2008), by Danny Boyle. The film was nominated for numerous awards, winning ten 2009: receives eight Oscar statuettes, including best film and best director.
Thanks to this interpretation Freida Pinto receives, along with the rest of the cast, the 2008 Screen Actors Guild Awards for best performance by a cast.
After working with on set with Dev Patel, Indian male lead actor in slumdog millionaire, Freida and the actor are later engaged.
FREIDA Pinto has an older sister, Sharon Pinto, associate producer of NDTV, Indian tv channel in the area of news.
Among the upcoming film commitments include: a movie set in London, with director Woody Allen, with Naomi Watts and Anthony Hopkins; the fantasy film "War of Gods", with Mickey Rourke and Henry Cavill, directed by Tarsem Singh; Finally the 23rd chapter of the saga of James Bond, directed by Sam Mendes (ex-husband of Kate Winslet), in which Freida Pinto is the new Bond-girl, starring opposite Daniel Craig.

Biography of Gianfranco Ravasi

October 18, 1942

Who is Gianfranco Ravasi?

Gianfranco Ravasi is an important Italian religious figure, Cardinal and Archbishop, but also a theologian and biblical scholar. Was born on October 18, 1942 in Merate, in Brianza lecchese, first of three, by a tax official and a teacher. Eager to take the same path of his mother, he attended a training seminar, where among other things has an opportunity to learn Hebrew and Greek. On 28 June 1966 he was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Milan by Cardinal Giovanni Colombo; then, he continued his studies, first at the Pontifical Gregorian University and later at the Pontifical biblical Institute: this is where he obtained a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture.
Become a member of the Pontifical biblical Commission, Gianfranco Ravasi was appointed Professor at the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy, while the Seminary of Milan teaches biblical exegesis. During this period, also deepens his passion for archaeology in Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Syria travel alongside experts such as Roland de Vaux and Kathleen Kenyon.
Since 1988, he is entrusted with conducting "the frontiers of the spirit", religious program broadcast on Channel 5; the following year, however, he was appointed Prefect of the Ambrosian library founded by Federico Borromeo (will remain in Office until 2007). While working alongside Carlo Maria Martini, Archbishop of Milan, at the Centro Studi San Fedele in Milan held meetings of lectio divina, especially during advent and lent, during which comments on the old and New Testaments.
Appointed the 22 June 1995, Protonotary Apostolic Supernumerary by John Paul II, Gianfranco Ravasi in 2005 is considered the leading candidate for the Diocese of Assisi-Nocera Umbra-Gualdo Tadino: However, his nomination is rejected by the Congregation of bishops after publication by the theologian Lecco, an article on "24 hours" Sun on Easter, in which he speaks of Jesus as "the one who revives" and not as "one who is risen" : an expression that is potentially considered unorthodox.
After receiving that Benedict XVI gave the task of formulating, in 2007, the meditations of the good Friday way of the cross at the Colosseum, is appointed by the Pope, President of the Pontifical Council for culture, replacing Cardinal Paul Poupard. Also, get the posts of Chairman of the Pontifical Commission for Sacred Archaeology, President of the Pontifical Commission for the cultural heritage of the Church and President of the Coordinating Council of the Pontifical academies. Not only: Race becomes titular Archbishop of Villamagna to 29 September 2007, obtaining the Proconsular, episcopal consecration from Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone and Marian Jaworski, in Saint Peter's Basilica. On 20 November of 2010 the Pope creates Cardinal, attributing the deaconry of San Giorgio in Velabro: a year and a half later, he became President of the Dante's House in Rome.
Meanwhile, Gianfranco Ravasi has never neglected his vast literary output, its scientific and biblical topics, but especially also to annotated editions of song of Solomon, the book of job and the Psalms.
Contributor to "Future", "Il Sole 24 Ore", "L'Osservatore Romano", "Jesus", "Famiglia Cristiana weekly Przewodnik Katolicki" and "Polish", holds an honorary doctorate bestowed upon him by the University of Urbino in anthropology and epistemology of religions.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Biography

October 18, 1960

Who is Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Once passed away the myth Bruce Lee-to whom we owe the real film colonization kick face, spins and jumps with the little scream incorporated-martial arts fashion has invaded the world of cinema, Hollywood, too full of special effects: sinuous bodies moving and agile in the air perhaps to balance the excesses of too much technology.
To attend the big screen seems there is more crime, cops or simple investigator who is not refined practitioner of the most extravagant defense techniques.
Among the many sports provided sympathetic to acting that took advantage of the opportunity to wave hands, accounted for as regards the pugnacious Van Damme has become the modern symbol (along with a few others) of this kind of film. The best part is that in this case this is not the usual Japanese genetically prone to such practices, but a white Caucasian idlan capable of giving up sganassoni as the most browsed Master.
Born on October 18, 1960 in Sint-Agatha Berchem, Belgium, with the real name of Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg, Kung-fu and martial arts expert really.
Practice karate since he was in diapers and, as if that weren't enough, he also started ballet lessons and body-building. Only sixteen wins the European Professional Karate Association's, title that galvanizes and led him to open his own gym.
The land of dreams, however, as we know, is the USA; that done, sells everything and moved to the secular promised land to seek their fortune.
California meets Menahem Golan, producer of the Wiggler Chuck Norris, and manages to amaze me with its famous split between two chairs.
In 1987 after some Hong Kong movies like "Monaco Forever" and "American Kickboxer", gets his first starring role in "bloodsport", a film inspired by the true story of Frank Dux, ex-marine known for supporting hundreds of clandestine meetings of ninjutsu.
Soon its activity becomes very intense and conquers the best roles in numerous films by genre as "Cyborg", took in little regard by our distributors which kept him marginally in salt, and "the last Warrior", one of the films that have given him more satisfaction (flattering success at the box office and home video circuit greatly still rented).
But life is not all a set. Or perhaps, as our hero is celebrated in the environment as a tireless "tombeur de femme". Do not attend party, exposes himself recently, but always has an enviable amount of relationships, although in 1984 was married for a short time with Maria Rodriguez, and two years later with Cynthia Derderian. That's not all: leaving the Derderian, he married the actress Gladys Portugues, from which divorced in 1993 to marry the following year Darcy LaPier by whom she has a son. Home-van Damme marriages do not last long.
Among other famous films always very violent and mad, very rhythms supported, include "Lionheart", "bloodsport", "the new heroes", "Surrounded" and "Double impact", where the double impact of the title is the fact that the actor is fighting with himself. In "Without respite", is directed by John Woo cult (then Director of "Mission: Impossible 2" with Tom Cruise), while with the futuristic "Timecop" is finally a production of serie A.
Jean Claude continues to engage extensively in his work, even when going often to Hong Kong to improve his techniques in martial arts, participates in successful films like "Streetfighter"-inspired by the eponymous video game-and "risking their lives".
In 1996 realized a dream of his, to direct a copy action movie: "proof" story set in the 1920s with pirates and fighting in style.
When his wife Darcy denounces for sexual abuse and drug use, his popularity endures a hard fall.
In 1996 he enters a rehab facility. After this setback is once again directed by filmmakers in Hong Kong with "Maximum risk" of Ringo Lam, filmed in France, and "Double Team" by Tsui Hark.
In 2009, after refusing a part in Sylvester Stallone's "The Expendables," back to turn the threequel "Universal Soldier" along with Dolph Lundgren, where both will resume the same roles from previous films.
Van Damme returns to fight in October 2010, in a meeting with the Boxer Somluck Kamsing, already a gold medalist, in Macao. The winner of this match will face the current world champion Jeffrey Sun. Faced with the prospect of being the first man over the age of 50 years fighting in professional field, Jean-Claude Van Damme stated that "it could be dangerous, but life is short."

Biography of Heinrich von Kleist

Deep disquiet
18 October 1777
21 November 1811

Who is Heinrich von Kleist?

Bernd Heinrich Wilhelm von Kleist was born in Frankfurt (Oder), Brandenburg, on 18 October 1777 by Joachim Prussian army officer, Fredrick, and Juliane Ulrike. Orphaned of both at the age of sixteen, you start a military career in the Potsdam Guards but, after a few years, he abandoned that life and feeling totally denied. He devoted himself to studies of mathematics, philosophy and Sciences House districts, but abandons even those and, having truncated the complicated relationship with girlfriend Wilhelmine von Zenge, starts to wander around on foot, pausing on a small island on the River Aare, Bernese Alps, and leading a simple life and virtually alone. Here writes "The Schroffenstein family family", a tragedy that will be published in 1803 anonymously.
After this experience, resumes his journey: at the end of 1802 is in Weimar, then in Leipzig and finally in Dresden, where for the first time expresses suicidal intent.
In October 1803 he was in Paris where he wrote the tragedy "Roberto Guiscardo", leaving it unfinished. Poor health causes it to return to Prussia, where he starts to give vent to his literary vein. In Konigsberg, the city in which it was established, Heinrich von Kleist wrote the novella "the earthquake in Chile" and comedy in one act "the broken jug" (translated as "l'orciolo broken"), completed in August 1806 but published in 1811.
With the conquest of Prussia by Napoleon, in January 1807 was arrested in Berlin on charges of espionage and imprisoned for five months. In the prison of Fort de Joux manages to finish the reconstruction of the "Host" by Molière. In the month of August von Kleist settles in Dresden; Here, in 1808, he writes "the marquise of O", "the marriage (or engagement) in Santo Domingo" and completes the tragedy "Penthesilea".
In the same year he met Adam Muller: together they initiate some editorial initiatives, first with the magazine "Phobus" and then with the newspaper "Berliner Abendblätter ', but both are proving unsuccessful, even for the filibuster of the Prussian authorities in breach of freedom of the press.
While rage wars of independence, writes the drama "the battle of Arminius", 1809 but published posthumously in 1821, in which all the hate towards the French usurper and with which enters the large group of intellectuals who reject Napoleon Kantian, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, leader of the movement, Ernst Moritz Arndt, Friedrich Ruckert, Max of Schenkendorf, Theodor Franz Korner.
The defeat suffered by the Archduke Charles of Austria at Wagram in July 1809, determines to von Kleist a deep sadness that spills all in melancholy poems and drama "Prince Friedrich of Homburg" (1810, published posthumously in 1821). Are from the same period the novella "Michael Kohlhaas" chivalrous "Catherine Heilbronn drama"; "The beggar of Locarno", "Santa Cecilia", "puppet theatre", "amok time", "The foundling".
Lacking means, suffering in body and deeply embittered, on 21 November 1811, at the age of 34 years, Heinrich von Kleist ends suicide, along with his wife Henriette Vogel-who, terminally ill, shares the same desire to death-with two gunshots before the woman and then himself on the shores of Lake Wannsee to Potsdam.
From the romantic style matrix, Heinrich von Kleist gradually declines towards an existential angst, dictated by its need for frustrated by harmonic order. Deep and restless idealist, is influenced by Rousseau and Kant and pours out especially in the theatre, as well as in poetry, in the novel and in the novel, her intimate suffering by composing works of exalted drama.
He is named after the prestigious Kleist Prize for German literature.

Biography of Lindsey Vonn

October 18, 1984

Who is Lindsey Vonn?

Lindsey Caroline Kildow was born on 18 October 1984 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The surname Vonn, with which the American skier has become famous, is what I took from her husband after marriage. She moved as a child with the family--to Vail, town known for being a famous ski resort in Colorado, a passion for skiing and already as a child in the spotlight in competitions: in 1999, for example, at fifteen won the women's slalom race of the Trofeo Topolino.
Also in 1999 Nor-Am Cup debut, Lindsey Vonn in the slalom in Breckenridge, but failed to finish the second run. draws less than a month later, when he won his first podium ever in slalom, in Québec.
The years 2000
Spend a few weeks and Lindsey also in the European Cup debut: 8 January 2000 when taking part in the giant slalom in Rogla. On 18 November of that year, at the age of 16 years and one month, he made his debut in the World Cup slalom in Park City, but fails to qualify for the second run.
Just over a week later, in any case, smile again, because he won his first race in Nor-Am Cup, a super-g held in Aspen. Entry firmly in the lap of athletes summoned for the World Cup, on 15 December 2001 gets his first points in Val-D'ISERE, coming sixth in Super-G, while in 2002 is part of the u.s. team which competed at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City: barely seventeen and a half years, comes the 32nd slalom and even sixth in combined.
A year later, in January 2003, WINS in downhill in Megève his first podium in the European Cup; downhill, wins the silver medal at the Junior World Championships of Briançonnais. The 2003-2004 season sees it coming for the first time on the podium in the World Cup Downhill at Cortina 18: happens in January of 2004, with a third place that acts as a prelude to the double medal obtained by Kildow to Maribor World Junior Championships (bronze in giant slalom and silver in downhill).
On 3 December 2004, just over a month after his 20th birthday, won the World Cup for the first time on the slopes, in the downhill in Lake Louise.
The following year he debuted at the World Championships in Santa Caterina Valfurva, where he took part in four specialities: giant does not terminate while comes fourth in combined and downhill and ninth in the Super g. The 2004-2005 season ends with six podiums (including the success of Lake Louise) and the sixth place in the final ranking.
In 2006 Lindsey Vonn joins all Alpine skiing events of the Winter Olympics in Turin: However, not won any medals, finishing in 14th place in the slalom, to seventh in the Super g and eighth in the downhill, combined and concluding not renouncing starting in the giant. The season sees, however, an improvement over the previous year, with the fifth position in the overall standings, second place in the downhill and third in the combined standings.
In 2007 the Kildow wins his first World Championship medals, obtaining a double second place in Super-g and downhill: in the World Cup, however, ends in sixth place, with three first places and five other podium finishes.
The wedding
On 29 September 2007 Lindsey is married to former skier Thomas Vonn, adopting his surname: starting from the season 2007-2008, so he enrolled at FIS lists as Lindsey Vonn. And the new surname seems to bring them luck, while it is true that the American skier WINS in 2008 overall World Cup (it is the second American to succeed, 25 years after Tamara McKinney), thanks to six wins; his is also the Cup Downhill.
The following season, in turn, heralding successes: in November, for example, reaches his first slalom victory in Levi. Winner of two golds at the World Championships in Val D'ISERE, where comes first in both speed disciplines (during the festivities, trying to open a bottle of bubbly injured the thumb of the right hand has a tendon), in the same period also becomes the American with the most World Cup wins with its nineteenth successful in career won Super-g at Tarvisio.
The season ends with the World Cup win overall and the Super-g Cup.
The years 2010
In 2010 the Vonn takes part in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, earning gold in downhill and bronze in Super-g; a few weeks later the third World Cup ahead of Maria Riesch.
Winner of a silver world champion downhill World Championships in Garmisch-Partenkirchen in 2011, in November of that year make note the separation from her husband, which-in any case-continues to use the surname: in 2012, then, WINS World Cup again.
Afterwards, he began a relationship with the famous golfer Tiger Woods, ending, however, in the spring of 2015.


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