Biography of Donald Trump > forty-fifth President of the United States.

Donald John Trump (New York, 1946) forty-fifth President of the United States. Rich in real estate, Donald Trump forged a business empire aimed at the construction of casinos, hotels and luxury homes that knew how to keep despite the financial difficulties since the 1980s. It gained this considerable prestige and popularity as embodiment of the American self-made man , despite his egotistical character and its dubious scruples. Extremely conservative ideology, his constant presence on television and his statements out of tone made it, from 2005, one of the most controversial figures in the country.

Donald Trump

In 2015 presented his candidacy to the Presidency by the party Republican; against all forecast by the rudeness and simplifications of their messages xenophobic, the Tycoon overcame to them remaining candidates Republican in the primary and got the nomination in July of 2016. After a rough presidential campaign marked by direct attacks and the lack of policy proposals, Donald Trump beat the candidate of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, by a wide margin of votes, inaugurating a period of uncertainty in American politics and, therefore, in the world.

The forging of an empire

His father, Fred Trump, who was left an orphan at the age of twelve, formed his fortune building homes of class average, to have thousands of apartments in the New York neighborhoods of Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. From tiny Donald Trump, the fourth of a total of five children, accompanied his father on inspection of the blocks and the collection of rents. Donald studied at the Universidad Fordham and in the of Pennsylvania. After it began to work in the business of the construction; in 1974, with 28 years, received the relay of his father and entered in full in the world real estate of Manhattan.
One of his first major successes was the idea of acquiring an old hotel next to Grand Central Station that, through loans and tax exemptions, turned into one of the best establishments in the city. Since then bought all sorts of homes and buildings in New York, particularly luxurious apartment towers (such as the Trump Tower, where the own Trump lives in a triplex) and hotels: is the owner of the legendary Plaza Hotel, Hotel Saint Moritz and the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Donald Trump and Marla Maples

But its authentic Empire is formed in Atlantic City, town located on the coast of New Jersey, near Philadelphia. There had those three major casinos: the Trump Castle, the Trump Plaza and the more recent Taj Mahal. Also there was anchored the Trump Princess yacht, considered the most luxurious in the world, which was acquired to the millionaire Saudi Adnan Kashoggi for 29 million dollars. It Tycoon had also a House valued at seven million of dollars in Palm Beach (Florida), a mansion of 47 rooms in Connecticut, a Boeing 727 and six helicopters. In 1990 occupied the since nineteenth in the list of large fortunes American of the magazine Forbes, with a heritage valued in more than thousand million of dollars.
Their acquisitions of the 80 include the airlift of the Eastern Company between Boston, New York and Washington, which he renamed Trump Shuttle, and 5% of the shares of American Airlines. In June 1988 he published the book Trump or salesmanship, which in a short time was placed at the top of the lists of best-selling books in his country. Trump was the example by excellence of the American winner that is has made to itself same, and one of them millionaires more popular in United States. Although usually is kept to the margin of it political, to early of 1987 dedicated more than one hundred thousand dollars to the purchase of spaces in them main periodic, where published a letter open in which criticized the political American of protect them oil that sailed by the Gulf Persian.

Grow in adversity

Donald Trump got married in 1978 with the athlete of Czech origin Ivana Winkelmayr, who had met two years earlier during the Olympic Games of Montreal, in tests of skating in which participating Ivana. The marriage had three children. At the beginning of 1990, Ivana Trump presented the demand for divorce from her husband, initiating one of the gaps more expensive in the United States. The fact was the front page of many newspapers and was treated even in television news for five consecutive days. Donald Trump gave his former wife Ivana 10 million dollars, an annual pension of $600,000, a mansion in Connecticut and an apartment in the Trump Plaza New York, in addition to the custody of their children.
In 1990 began to circulate insistent rumors about the economic difficulties of Trump, who apparently could not deal with the payment of its huge debts. On April 27 of that same year, the millionaire engaged the services of the Merrill Lynch firm to negotiate the sale of its airline Trump Shuttle, although he tried to hide this operation, stating that he wanted money to become "King of liquid", with the idea of buying real estate bargains by taking advantage of the fall of the market.

With Melania Knauss, his third wife

Despite troubles, Trump announced in May that it would build a hotel and a smart Sao Paulo building, and on June 17, 1991 stated that it had reached an agreement with some of its creditors by which would declare bankrupt your Atlantic City's Trump Castle casino in order to relieve the debt. Shortly afterwards, on 12 July, it was learned that he had sold his Trump Princess yacht for 42 million dollars to the Bank that it had mortgaged. On 29 August of that same year, a New Jersey bankruptcy court judge approved a plan for the rescue of the bankruptcy of the casino Taj Mahal.
In March 1992, Donald Trump agreed to cede its bank creditors control of 49 percent of the Plaza Hotel in New York, in Exchange for more favorable credit conditions. With these and other skilled and ingenious maneuvers, fruit of his undeniable talent for business, was able to finally overcome the financial crisis of the 90s and keep his fortune and his reputation. It continued building casinos and luxury hotels in United States and in many other countries, and similarly overcame the difficulties that followed his empire in 2004 and in 2009, caused by excessive indebtedness posed their Pharaonic projects; certainly few like him have managed to cope in difficult situations, the quality of which is price in books such as the art of survival (1991) and the art of return (1997).

Republican candidate

After the dream break with Ivana, her love life continued to be eventful. In 1993 he married the actress Marla Maples, that they would divorce in 1999; his third and current wife is the Slovenian model Melania Knauss, where he married in 2005. Starting from that same year starred in the reality show the apprentice, in which a group of aspiring compete for a contract to direct any of their companies; such exhibition public increased his popularity, but also gave to know his personality somewhat primary and his character self-centered and strident.

Promotional poster for the apprentice
Those same years intensified his interest in politics; from positions that cannot qualify but extremely conservative, gave constant samples of his xenophobic and chauvinistic ideas. In 2011 demanded to Obama that proved his condition of American showing his split from birth; in 2013 said that black and Hispanic were those guilty of almost all those crimes violent; in June 2015, the statements that accompanied his nomination for President by the Republican Party caused a huge stir: he referred to Mexican immigrants of rapists and drug traffickers and advocated the construction of a border wall to expense of the neighboring country. The reaction was a massive boycott of the Latino community to Tycoon enterprises, and especially against the Miss Universe Organization, entity which organizes the Miss Universe and Miss United States beauty and competitions that Trump is a major shareholder.
Far from retracting, Tycoon followed deliberately standing in the eye of the storm with declarations and extreme gestures. In August of 2015 proposed the deportation of eleven million of immigrants illegal and the withdrawal to their children of the citizenship American, and redoubled their attacks to them media and journalists that questioned his program: directed rude reviews sexist to Megyn Kelly, of the channel of news Fox, and drove out of a wheel of press to Jorge Ramos, journalist star of it chain Latin Univision. Them revenues of such strategy is made soon tangible: the surveys were immediately to Trump as the best valued of them seventeen candidates Republican to the Presidency.
Although is predicted that would end up losing his push initial (as has occurred always in them primary with others histrionic or quirky aspiring), their rival and the same party Republican were messed up both before the rudeness of their approaches as by them results obtained in them primary: Trump overcame immediately to them remaining pre-candidates and, after the «Super Tuesday» (1 of March of 2016) It had already 319 delegates, almost 100 more than its main competitor, the Senator from Texas Ted Cruz. July 21, 2016, after the primaries, the Republican National Convention appointed him candidate for President by the Republican party.

President of the United States

Thus began the campaign for the presidential elections set November 8, 2016, in which Republican Tycoon had to confront a lofty figure of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton. While the party Republican went divided to the CITES electoral, the wife of the former President Bill Clinton had with the apparatus of his training and the support of the President Obama; the well-rehearsed also a long experience in the performance of high positions in the Administration us.

In his first appearance as President-elect
During the first phase of the campaign, one of the terms that are remembered, Trump was harmed by the disclosure of allegations of sexual harassment and its own tone outputs. In the phase end, however, managed to trace the flight in them surveys, that failed miserably to the grant a light advantage to them Democrats: in those elections, Donald Trump is imposed to Hillary Clinton with total rotundity. Somehow, neither its racist ideology and their macho attitudes had managed to subtract credit, while attacks on the Democratic candidate and the direct messages of Trump economic and migratory menbers in an unexpected victory.
The ideology and unorthodox ways of the new President of the United States have opened an uncertain period, largely because few policy proposals made during the (really poor) campaign seemed to respond more to a populist marketing that workable creed; Apart from their alarming fundamentalism, when less is doubtful that measures they can put into practice as the deportation of millions of undocumented migrants or the construction of a border fence.
The same goes for economic issues: adopting positions more typical of the left, the ultra-conservative Trump noted the globalization and delocalization of companies responsible for the impoverishment of the middle class, and was partisan renegotiate free trade agreements, protectionist restrictions and promote domestic production at all costs. Hardly the President of one country, even the most powerful, could stop a process as the world economic globalization, having his biggest supporter in the neoliberal establishment of all developed countries, starting with United States. In spite of this, most of the American electorate ended up seeing in the binomial inmigracion-deslocalizacion the cause of their ills, and to Trump as the best means to "Make big America again", his campaign slogan.

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