A call to compassion

Concept of a call to compassion 

Concepto de Un llamado a la compasión
Dalai Lama: 14th Dalai Lama
When we are concerned mainly with our own interests, we inevitably tend to neglect the interests of others. Due to this, the concern for our own interests - our own narrow desires, ambitions and goals - undermines our ability to be compassionate. And since compassion is the source of happiness, self-centeredness prevents us from achieving that spiritual peace - peace in the heart and the mind - which is the main feature of a lasting happiness. On the contrary, more concerned about providing for the well-being of others, become the most significant of our lives and ourselves will be the happier. This is not to suggest that we are the charity full-time workers. What is more useful - and practical - is that we become full-time workers of "charity" in the sense of kindness and compassion toward others.

As we do so, we will discover that ultimately there is no sharp distinction between our interests and the interests of others. All want and appreciate the love, patience, truth, justice and peace. And these are all both inside and the fruits of compassion. In helping others, we offer our own happiness because happiness is not, ourselves, an end in itself. Rather it is a by-product of the actions which we take for the benefit of others. Thus, in serving others we serve ourselves. Why I sometimes ask for compassion "rational egoism". It involves compassion exercise moderation and discipline our negative thoughts and emotions by a sense of responsibility towards others. However along with kindness, generosity, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, humility, and so on, are the same things that happiness is in. Compassion makes us happy!

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