How touch screens work?

The touch screen has a glass panel coated with a thin metallic layer that conducts electricity. The two surfaces are spaced apart and the whole is covered by a scratch-resistant sheet.

Touch Screen Operation

An electric current flows through both layers, so that when the touch screen contact at one point. This change in electric field is detected and a computer calculates the coordinates.
On other equipment one electric charge accumulating layer is placed on the monitor panel. When we play, some of the burden to the individual passes. The computer can thus calculate where such reduction has occurred outlet. The advantage of this method is that it can transfer 90% of the monitor light, compared to 75% of the first and increases the visibility of the screen.

multitouch touchscreen

Other systems make use of acoustic waves, in which some reflectors positioned above the glass bounced off an electrical signal sent from one transducer.
further, which is responsible for receiving the signal and locate if the wave has been modified by the user touch , which allows identifying where they have made.

How the touch screen

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