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What accounted for this was of fury?


KILL shot a man who was sitting in a bar in Prague (Czech Republic). Why? The aggressor was bothered by the loud music that the victim heard on your cassette player. A motorist dies as a result of the blows received with a hockey stick at an intersection of Cape Town (South Africa). It seems that his attacker was upset because the victim had made signs with the lights of the car. An enraged man topples kicked the front door of the home of his ex-girlfriend, a British nurse who lives in Australia, soaks the woman of gasoline, he catches fire and abandoned it to their fate.

Are reports of aggressiveness on the road, home, aircraft, and other places too exaggerated? Or are perhaps, as in the case of cracks appearing in the walls of a building, only clear indications of a serious underlying problem? The facts indicate that it is the latest.
On the road, "violent incidents [...]" they have annually increased nearly 7 percent since 1990, "says a recent report by the Foundation for the road safety of the American Automobile Association (AAA).
At home, aggression is endemic. For example, the police in the Australian State of new South Wales saw a 50% increase in the cases of domestic violence reported during 1998. In 4 women in the country who are married or living with a man, 1 has been physically abused by her partner.
In aircraft, the situation is similar. The danger that someone soon will get out of control and attack personnel, other passengers and even pilots, has led to some of the leading airlines in the world to equip its special straps designed cabin crew to moor to seat the violent passengers.
Why are more people who seem to be unable to master their emotions increasingly? What causes these acts of rage? Is it possible to control these feelings?

Why has the fury be increased?

Fury is defined as exalted rage. When anger builds up, it ends up exploding in a violent outburst of anger. "The violent disputes between rare motorists times are due to a single incident." "Seem rather to obey the personal attitudes and the buildup of stress in the lives of those involved," said David k. Willis, President of the Foundation for road safety of the AAA.
Something that contributes to the accumulation of stress is the avalanche of information expected that we absorb every day. The back of the book Information Overload (information overload), by David Lewis, makes the following observation: "today, many workers sink under a myriad of data [...]." "The large amount of information that must analyze [...] stressed them, paralyzes them or makes them negligent". As an example of this flood of data, a published: "a day of week of a newspaper Edition contains the same amount of information they heard in his lifetime the term person means of the 17TH century".
That we introduce in our mouths can also feed the cholera. Two large-scale studies that tobacco, alcohol and an unbalanced diet contribute to increasing hostility. These so widespread habits intensify the stress and frustration, which is manifested by the profane vocabulary, impatience and intolerance.

Bad manners and films

In their comments on the relationship between rudeness and crime, Dr. Adam Graycar, director of the Australian Institute of Criminology, said: "One of the most important steps towards the reduction of the misdemeanor is, possibly, return to focus on respect and the urbanity". The mentioned Institute recommends patience, show tolerance and not yield to vulgar speech, because, otherwise, the disorderly conduct can become criminal conduct. It is ironic, but a type of entertainment that many choose to relieve frustration and stress actually promotes intolerance and anger. How?
"Children and adults come to the cinemas to watch scenes of death and destruction." Violent videos have a vast and lucrative market. The 'war toys' still great acceptance among many children, although they are not always liked by their parents. "A good number of adults and children love to televised violence, and television plays an important role in the transmission of cultural values," a report quoted Australian Institute points out. What relationship does this with attacks of rage that occur on the street and at home? The same report says: "So the values of the components of such a society will develop according to the degree of violence that adoption of a society,".
Many people believe that provide an outlet for anger is nothing more than a natural response to stress, an inevitable reaction to the aggressive world of today. Can you consider is then as good advice the popular criterion of that when he is angry, you should let off steam?

Such as a volcano erupting, the person who does not control the fury hurts

Must be checked the fury?

As an erupting volcano causes havoc among those who live nearby, the person who expresses anger exalted beings that surround damages and is also much damage to itself. What do we mean? "The acts motivated by anger lead to increased aggressiveness," says the journal The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). According to research, men who downloaded his wrath "are more likely to die before reaching age 50 than those who do not".
The American Heart Association (American Heart Association) says something like: "men who have outbursts of anger twice most at risk of suffering an attack of stroke than those who control his genius". These warnings are relevant for both sexes.
Are tips that result? Note the similarities between what they say the authorities in this field and it recommended to the Bible, the authority in human relations that has wider distribution.

Check the ira and avoid the fury

The advice of the Bible give result
Dr. Redford B. Williams says in the journal JAMA: "The Council simplistic of relieve when angry hard [...]" It is of great help. "It is much more important to learn to evaluate the anger and then control it." He suggests that each one wondering: "(1) is this situation important to me?" (2) Is my way of thinking and feeling to the objective facts? (3) I can do something to change the situation, so that you don't have to be irate? "."
Proverbs 14: 29; 29:11 "Which is slow to anger abounds in discernment, but which is impatient is extolling the tontedad." "His spirit is what the stupid lets out, but which is wise to keep it calm until the last."
Ephesians 4: 26 "Are angry, and, however, not small;" "to not put the Sun whilst you caused."
Frank Donovan, in his book Dealing With Anger-self-help Solutions for Men (how to overcome anger.) (Tips for self-help for men), recommends: "avoid anger -o, more specifically, to escape the scene and to others when you are angry - is a strategy of great importance and value when the cholera is high".
Proverbs 17: 14 "The beginning of strife is as someone who gives course free waters;" "so that has erupted before the rina, fold."
Bertram Rothschild wrote the following in The HumanistMagazine: "Anger [...]" more than anything else is the responsibility of each one. The reasons to get angry we are in our head. [...] The few times that anger got the desired ends are nothing compared to the many that made things worse. "It is preferable not to get angry."
Psalm 37: 8 "Saith the cholera and let the rage;" "not you show heated only to do evil."
Proverbs 15: 1 "The answer, when it's gentle, departs the fury, but the word causing pain makes anger."
Proverbs 29: 22 "Man given to anger aroused quarrels, and anyone willing to anger has many transgressions."
Millions of Jehovah's witnesses around the world confirm supracitados councils. We invite you to attend meetings that are held in your nearest Kingdom Hall and see with their own eyes that, indeed, follow the advice of the Bible gives result, although we live in an age of rage.

Posted in awake! , on February 8, 2002


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