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Highlights of Deuteronomy 7 - 10

*** w04 10/15 p. 18 pars. 13-14 “Go About in the Land” ***
13 A different attitude—one of trusting in God to carry out his will—is evident from the Biblical episode involving the Gibeonites. After Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan River into the land God promised to Abraham’s family, it was time to evict the Canaanites. (Deuteronomy 7:1-3) That included the Gibeonites. The Israelites overthrew Jericho and Ai and were camped nearby at Gilgal. The Gibeonites did not want to die as accursed Canaanites, so they sent representatives to Joshua at Gilgal. They pretended to be from outside Canaanite territory so that they could enter into a friendship treaty with the Hebrews.
14 Those representatives said: “It is from a very distant land that your servants have come in regard to the name of Jehovah your God.” (Joshua 9:3-9) Their clothes and food items seemed to confirm that they were from afar, but really Gibeon was about 20 miles [30 km] from Gilgal. [gl 19] Convinced, Joshua and his chieftains made a treaty of friendship with Gibeon and nearby cities linked with Gibeon. Was the Gibeonite ruse just a means to avoid execution? On the contrary, it reflected a desire to have the favor of Israel’s God. Jehovah approved of the Gibeonites’ becoming “gatherers of wood and drawers of water for the assembly and for Jehovah’s altar,” supplying firewood for the altar of sacrifice. (Joshua 9:11-27) The Gibeonites continued to manifest a willingness to do humble tasks in Jehovah’s service. Likely, some of them were among the Nethinim who returned from Babylon and served at the rebuilt temple. (Ezra 2:1, 2, 43-54; 8:20) We can imitate their attitude by striving to maintain peace with God and being willing to handle even humble assignments in his service.


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