Service Meeting: Week Starting December 8

Study information for Service Meeting

10 min: “Good Things” in Store for Us This Month.

Talk. Highlight monthly theme. (Matt. 12:35a) We received spiritual treasures from someone who taught us the truth. (See The Watchtower,April 1, 2002, p. 16, pars. 5-7.) In turn, we should share our “good things” with others. (Gal. 6:6) Arouse interest in the “good things” we will receive this month at upcoming Service Meetings. We will be helped to develop our teaching skills as well as learn to sing new songs.

^ (Matt. 12:35) The good man out of his good treasure sends out good things, whereas the wicked man out of his wicked treasure sends out wicked things.
^ (Gal. 6:6) Moreover, let anyone who is being taught the word share in all good things with the one who gives such teaching.

^ ***w02 4/1 p. 16 Keep On Serving Jehovah With a Steadfast Heart***

Continue Your Quest for Accurate Knowledge

5. Why should we continue to take in Scriptural knowledge?
5 To live up to our dedication to God, we must continue to gain faith-building Scriptural knowledge. What a delight it was to take in spiritual food when we first became acquainted with God’s truth! (Matthew 24:45-47) Those “meals” were delicious—and they nourished us well spiritually. Now it is essential to keep on taking in rich spiritual food so that we maintain a steadfast heart as Jehovah’s dedicated servants.
6. How may you have been helped to develop heartfelt appreciation for Bible truth?
6 Effort is needed to acquire further knowledge of the Scriptures. It is like searching for hidden treasures—something that calls for exertion. But how rewarding it is to find “the very knowledge of God”! (Proverbs 2:1-6) When a Kingdom publisher first studied the Bible with you, he or she may have used the book Knowledge That Leads to Everlasting Life. Considerable time may have been taken to cover each chapter, perhaps in more than one session. You benefited when cited scriptures were read and discussed. If a point was hard to grasp, it was explained. The one conducting your Bible study prepared well, prayed for God’s spirit, and helped you to develop heartfelt gratitude for the truth.


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