“Watchtower” Study - Week Starting December 22

“Keep Your Minds Fixed on the Things Above”: information for personal study

“Keep your minds fixed on the things above, not on the things on the earth.”—COL. 3:2.


• How did Abraham and Sarah demonstrate their faith in Jehovah?
• How do we know that Moses was focused on doing God’s will?
• In what ways can we keep our minds fixed on the things above?

(Colossians 2:8) Look out that no one takes you captive by means of the philosophy and empty deception according to human tradition, according to the elementary things of the world and not according to Christ;
- 2 -
(Colossians 2:20-23) If you died together with Christ with respect to the elementary things of the world, why do you live as if still part of the world by further subjecting yourselves to the decrees: 21 “Do not handle, nor taste, nor touch,” 22 referring to things that all perish with their use, according to the commands and teachings of men? 23 Although those things have an appearance of wisdom in a self-imposed form of worship and a false humility, a harsh treatment of the body, they are of no value in combating the satisfying of the flesh.
(Colossians 3:2) Keep your minds fixed on the things above, not on the things on the earth.
(Colossians 1:4, 5) since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and the love you have for all the holy ones 5 because of the hope that is being reserved for you in the heavens. You previously heard about this hope through the message of truth of the good news
- 3 -
(Romans 8:14-17) For all who are led by God’s spirit are indeed God’s sons. 15 For you did not receive a spirit of slavery causing fear again, but you received a spirit of adoption as sons, by which spirit we cry out: “Abba, Father!” 16 The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are God’s children. 17 If, then, we are children, we are also heirs—heirs indeed of God, but joint heirs with Christ—provided we suffer together so that we may also be glorified together.
(John 10:16) “And I have other sheep, which are not of this fold; those too I must bring in, and they will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock, one shepherd.


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