Service Meeting: - Week Starting January 26

Study information for Service Meeting

10 min: The Offer for January and February.

Discussion. Invite audience to relate positive experiences they have had offering the Good News brochure. Have a brief demonstration showing how the brochure may be offered. Afterward, discuss the article “Why Depart Promptly?”

Why Depart Promptly?

When we meet for field service, we are among our brothers and it is normal to want to converse. However, once the meeting ends, we should try to depart for the territory promptly. Our preaching work is urgent. (2 Tim. 4:2) The longer we delay, the less time we will have for the ministry. We will have plenty of opportunity to enjoy upbuilding association with fellow publishers as we work with them in the ministry. Our departing for the ministry without lingering shows industriousness as we slave for Jehovah and his Son.—Rom. 12:11.

(2 Tim. 4:2) Preach the word; be at it urgently in favorable times and difficult times; reprove, reprimand, exhort, with all patience and art of teaching.
(Rom. 12:11) Be industrious, not lazy. Be aglow with the spirit. Slave for Jehovah.


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