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Biography of Carlos Valderrama

(1961/09/02 - Unknown)

Carlos El Pibe Valderrama
Colombian soccer player
He was born on September 2, 1961 in Santa Marta (Colombia).
He started in the world of football in the Deportivo de Cali. Pibe Valderrama, as he is known among the Colombian fans, spent by teams as the Montpellier ( France), Valladolid (in Spain) and the Tampa Bay Munity (in United States).
It was equipped with an exceptional technique, good dribbling and extraordinary ability to pass. On two occasions he was awarded the Golden Ball as best American player and was elected best Colombian player in three. It surpassed one hundred international matches with the selection of Colombia, where he was captain for eleven years. Defending the colors of his country, he has played five editions of the America's Cup and two of the World Cup (1990-1994) and has had peer René Higuita, Freddy Rincón, the Train Valencia and Tino Asprilla.

Biography of San Juan Bosco

(1815/08/15 - 1888/01/31)

John Melchior Bosco Occhiena
Italian priest
He was born on August 15, 1815 in I Vechi, but became popular with the name of don Bosco.
After ordering it was devoted primarily to the education of the young outcasts of the districts of Turin. He understood the problems of the youth of his time and was devoted to the Foundation of chapels, schools, seminars, schools, professional and agricultural schools for training.
The pedagogical activity of don Bosco, considered a forerunner of what later would become known as 'vocational education', gives her figure the prestige of the great educators of the 19th century.
Writer, editor, preacher, sociologist and diplomat, his reputation as a Holy did not grow in his time. His main work is the Foundation of the Salesian Society, the Institute of the Daughters of Mary help of Christians, and the Pia Union of Salesian cooperators. He had a good relationship with the most important politicians and the Italian royal family, besides with the Popes Pius IX and Leo XIII.
San Juan Bosco died in Turin, Italy, on January 31, 18He was canonized in 1934 by Pope Pius XI. Her feast is commemorated on January

Biography of Arthur Schopenhauer

(22/02/1788 - 1860/09/21)

Arthur Schopenhauer
German philosopher
He was born 22 February 1788 in Danzig (today Gdańsk), Poland. Son of a prosperous merchant.
He studied at the universities of Göttingen, Berlin, and Jena. He settled in Frankfurt-Main, where he led a solitary life dedicated to the study of philosophy, Buddhist and Hindu mysticism and.
He developed an original system collecting the classics like Plato and his predecessor Kant thought to coincide with Buddhism and Hinduism, thus closing the circle of the philosophy to bring it back to its origins, cultures more ancient of humanity.
Influenced by the ideas of the theologian and philosopher Meister Eckharteclectic, the Theosophist and German mystic Jakob Boehme, and scholars of the Renaissance and enlightenment. In 1811 he lives in Berlin to follow the courses of Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Schleiermacher. Both philosophers disappoint you in the same way as Friedrich von Schelling, who read extensively. In addition to philosophy also he enrolled in courses of classical philology and history , and attended a number of courses in natural sciences.
In his main work, the world as will and representation (1819), proposes the elements his pessimistic and atheistic philosophykey ethical and metaphysical . Objected to the ideas of the German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, who believed in the spiritual nature of all reality. He accepted with reservations, the theory of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant, that phenomena exist only to the extent that the mind perceives them as representations.
According to Schopenhauer the tragedy of life arises from the nature of the will, which encourages individual ceaselessly towards successive goals, any of which can provide permanent satisfaction to the infinite force of life, or will activity. From the epistemological point of view, ideas belong to the School of Phenomenology.
Famous for his misogyny, he applied his ideas to consider the principles that constitute the Foundation of human sexual activity, defending individuals come together not for the sentimental love feelings but by the irrational impulses of the will.
Its influence can be seen in the early works of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, in the operas of the German composer Richard Wagner , and in many of the philosophical and artistic works of the 20th century.
Arthur Schopenhauer died in Frankfurt am Main on 21 September 1860, as a result of a cardiac arrest.

Biography of Carlos Andrés Pérez

(27/10/1922 - 2010/12/25)

Carlos Andrés Pérez
Venezuelan politician, President (1974-1979; 1989-1993)
He was born on October 27, 1922 at the hacienda «La Argentina», village Vega of the pipe, near Rubio, state Tachira in a family of coffee growers.
From a very young joined politics, encouraged by the also tachirense Leonardo Ruíz Pineda. In 1938 he joined the National Democratic Party (NDP). He was Secretary of the revolutionary Junta headed by Rómulo Betancourt (1945-1947) and Deputy from 1947 to 19He spent a year in prison after the fall of President Rómulo Gallegos (1948). Exiled in Colombia and Costa Rica. He opposed dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez (1953-1958) and went out of the country until 1958.
Minister of Foreign Affairs in 19Twelve years later, he was President as a candidate of Democratic actionparty member of the Socialist International. During his tenure, the steel and oil industries were nationalized. He got back the Presidency in 1989, after obtaining the 54.5% of the vote. He started an austerity plan that produced a social explosion in the country, the "Jolt" of February 27, 1989 and ensues a period of great political instability, with two coups in 1992 and trial, the first in the Venezuelan history a President in exercise, which makes that it suspended from public duties on May 20, 19While the trial is decided he paid home condemnation. They accused him of embezzlement of the Secret base of the Ministry of Interior , and he was convicted by the Supreme Court of Justice . He was ousted from the Presidency and succeeded by Ramon j. Velazquez so complete the constitutional period.
He actively joined the national policy. However, they again dictate another Auto of detention for investigation of the joint accounts called Perez-matos, and it is again under house arrest while it was decided to trial, but launches for Congressman for Tachira State and get elected by this, in the regional elections of November 8, 1998 paralyzing trial, by its new investiture of Congresante.
Carlos Andrés Pérez died in Miami of a heart attack on December 25, 20Political and legal circumstances kept him distant from Venezuela but not of its events, partisan struggles and the development of the Government of Hugo Chávez, who tried to overthrow him on two occasions in 1992.

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