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  1. Biography of Diego Noboa and Arteta
  2. Biography of Salvador Salazar Arrué - Salarrué
  3. Biography of Marisol - Pepa Flores
  4. Biography of James Chadwick

Biography of Diego Noboa and Arteta

(1789-04-15 - 1870/11/03)

Diego Noboa and Arteta
Ecuadorian politician
He was born on April 15, 1789 in Guayaquil. Son of Colonel Ignacio de Noboa and Doña Ana Arteta.
Leader of the revolution Marcist that overthrew general Juan José Flores. On 26 February 1851 Diego Noboa and Arteta, chosen by the National Convention, assumes power as President of the Republic. The Ministers appointed by the President were among others, Roberto Ascázubi and José María Urbina; but they resigned, Urbina was appointed head of garrison of Guayaquil; in July it showed its intention to overthrow Noboa, then traveled to Guayaquil to speak with Urbina, but it ordered general Robles take prisoner representative and immediately moved to a ship anchored in the port. Noboa was captured in the same boat that traveled to Guayaquil, on July 17 was transferred to Chile in a boat hired to effect; then Urbina was made proclaim Supreme head.
Diego Noboa died on November 3, 1870 in his hometown.

Biography of Salvador Salazar Arrué - Salarrué

(22/10/1899 - 1975/11/27)

Salvador Salazar Arrué
Poet, painter and writer El Salvador
He was born on October 22, 1899 in Sonsonate.
He published his first story at the age of ten years in the journal of El Salvador.
Paint with great skill and his family sends him to study with the Italian Professor Spiro Rossolino. After part a scholarship to the Academy of Corcoran of Washington D.C., returning to San Salvador at the age of 20 years.
He exhibited his work multiple times in different galleries and places of El Salvador and in Guatemala, Costa Rica, New Orleans, New York and others.
Has been considered him as the greatest exponent of the cuzcatleca narrative.
He was co-founder of the new current Latin American narrative. In his "Tales of mud" and "Cuentos de Cipotes", it's the peasant world.
He also published novels, although his true master was in the story: is one of the authors who have given to this genre, in Central America, universal screening.
Salvador Salazar died November 27, 1975 in San Salvador .

Biography of Marisol - Pepa Flores

(1948/02/04 - Unknown)

Pepa Flores
Josefa Flores
Spanish singer and actress
He was born February 4, 1948, in Malaga (Spain). It was the second daughter of humble marriage Flores González who called Josefa and nicknamed Pepi or nugget.
Recognized as one of the ninas-prodigio of the Spanish Cinema of the 1960s, image you left when you reach adulthood by demonstrating that it could improve as an actress.
Them had their beginnings in the world of the show after taking part in a display of song and dance in Spanish Television-mediated Malaga. This action led to his debut in cinema with a ray of light, which premiered in Spain on September 9, 1960, film that won the interpretation of cinema of the Venice Film Festival. He was 12 years old. Since then, no one was so known, imitated, photographed, persecuted, admired, brought and taken as Marisol.
After wheel 12 films between 1960 and 1969 aimed at children. To this period belong, among others, has become an angel, Tombola, tangles of Marisol, Marisol is bound for Rio, new Cinderella, get me that girl, bride and groom Marisol, 4 weddings of Marisol, alone the two and Carola's day night Carola. The second stage consists of 3 movies filmed between 1972 and 1975 in which Marisol shows an image of young sensual adult. The corruption of Chris Miller, the girl in the Red Mill and the power of desire, were filmed in English and then bent to the Spanish. After wheel 4 movies and a miniseries for TVE between 1977 and 19At this time already used his real name.
His recording career includes about 500 recorded songs and interpretations in Italian, Portuguese, French, English, German and Japanese.
In 1969 he married Carlos Goyanes, son of Manuel Goyanesrepresentative. He had several abortions because of a malformation in the uterus, and at least two suicide attempts. In 1972 it was operated that enabled it to have children. It separated from Charles, and in the same 1972, represented Spain in the first Festival de OTI themed Nina, winning third prize.
In 1976 she appears nude in Interviu magazine, and in 1978 it is awarded as best actress at the Festival International of film in Karlovy Vary with the days of the past, of Mario Camus, Antonio Gades as cast-mate.
It was militant of the PCE and later of the Communist Party of the peoples of Spain. Meet the flamenco dancer Antonio Gades , with whom he had three daughters and married in Cuba in 19The Godfather, Fidel Castro. The bride, Alicia Alonso. The spreading of Antonio Gades in 1986, he decided to retire from the world of art and returned to Málaga.
Blood wedding (1981) and Carmen (1983), the Aragonese director Carlos Saura, Juan Caño Caso cerrado (1985), were his last films. In 1984, she played Mariana Pineda for the TVE series process Mariana Pineda, directed by Rafael Moreno Alba.
María Esteve is one of his daughters, actress, and the other Celia Flores singer.

Biography of James Chadwick

(20/10/1891 - 1974/07/24)

James Chadwick
Physicist and prize Nobel British
He was born on October 20, 1891 in Manchester.
He studied at Victoria University and in 1909 works under the direction of physicist Ernest Rutherford. At the end of the First world war he moved to the University of Cambridge along with Rutherford, with whom he continued to collaborate until 1935 that obtained a professorship at the University of Liverpool. From 1948 to 1958 he works as a professor and since 1959 Member of Gonville College and Caius College at the University of Cambridge.
Recognized for his discovery in 1932 one of the fundamental particles of matter, neutron, discovery that led directly to nuclear fission and the atomic bomb. He was one of the first that fostered the possibility of the development of the bomb and the Chief Scientist in charge of research of the British nuclear bomb. From 1943 to 1945, he led the British delegation that worked in the scientific laboratory, Los Álamos, in New Mexico.
After being admitted to the Royal Society of London, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 19Radiations from radioactive substances (1930), he wrote. In 1932, he discovered that the radiation emitted by the beryllium when it is bombarded with alpha particles were neutrons.
James Chadwick died in Cambridge, United Kingdom, on July 24, 1974.