Service Meeting: - Week Starting february 16

Study information for Service Meeting

15 min: Prepare to Proclaim the Good News Zealously.

Discussion. Why is praying to Jehovah the first step in preparing for the ministry? (Ps. 143:10; Acts 4:31) In addition to prayer, what else is needed? (Ezra 7:10) After preparing ourselves spiritually, what practical steps should we take to organize our literature and our service bags? What positive effect does being prepared have on us? (See The Watchtower, July 15, 2008, p. 10, par. 9.) How do you prepare for the ministry? Have a publisher demonstrate how he prepares for the ministry by reviewing the tracts, magazines, or brochures that he will be using. He then organizes his service bag and makes sure that his electronic device is ready to play. Emphasize that all should be well-prepared when going in the ministry. (2 Tim. 3:17)

(Ps. 143:10) Teach me to do your will, For you are my God. Your spirit is good; May it lead me on level ground.
(Acts 4:31) And when they had made supplication, the place where they were gathered together was shaken, and they were one and all filled with the holy spirit and were speaking the word of God with boldness.
(Ezra 7:10) Ezʹra had prepared his heart to consult the Law of Jehovah and to practice it, and to teach its regulations and judgments in Israel.
(2 Tim. 3:17) so that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work.

***w08 7/15 p. 10 Meeting the Challenges of the House-to-House Ministry***

9. Why is good preparation important?
9 Whatever approach you use, good preparation will help you to be poised and enthusiastic in the house-to-house ministry. One pioneer observed: “I have more joy if I am well prepared. It makes me want to give my presentation.” Another pioneer said, “When I familiarize myself with the publications that I am going to offer, I become enthusiastic about using them.” While there is some benefit in silently reviewing what you are going to say, many find it more helpful to rehearse their presentation out loud. Doing so helps them to give their best to Jehovah.—Col. 3:23;2 Tim. 2:15.

par. 9 (Col. 3:23) Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as for Jehovah, and not for men,
par. 9 (2 Tim. 2:15) Do your utmost to present yourself approved to God, a workman with nothing to be ashamed of, handling the word of the truth aright.

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