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(Matthew 5:3) “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the Kingdom of the heavens belongs to them.
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(1 Samuel 12:1-5) 12 Finally Samuel said to all Israel: “Here I have done all that you asked of me, and I appointed a king to reign over you. Now here is the king who is leading you! As for me, I have grown old and gray, and my sons are here with you, and I have led you from my youth until this day. 3 Here I am. Testify against me before Jehovah and before his anointed one: Whose bull or whose donkey have I taken? Or whom have I defrauded or crushed? From whose hand have I accepted a bribe to make me look the other way? If I have, I will restore it to you.” 4 To this they said: “You have not defrauded us or crushed us or accepted anything at all from anyone’s hand.” 5 So he said to them: “Jehovah is a witness against you, and his anointed one is a witness this day that you have found nothing to accuse me of.” To this they said: “He is a witness.”
(1 Samuel 8:1-5) 8 When Samuel had grown old, he appointed his sons as judges for Israel. The name of his firstborn son was Joel, and the name of his second, A•bi′jah; they were judges in Be′er-she′ba. 3 But his sons did not walk in his ways; they were inclined to pursue dishonest profit, they accepted bribes, and they perverted justice. 4 In time all the elders of Israel gathered together and came to Samuel at Ra′mah. 5 They said to him: “Look! You have grown old, but your sons are not walking in your ways. Now appoint for us a king to judge us like all the other nations.”
- 5 -
(2 Kings 22:8) Later Hil•ki′ah the high priest said to Sha′phan the secretary: “I have found the book of the Law in the house of Jehovah.” So Hil•ki′ah gave the book to Sha′phan, who began to read it.
(2 Kings 23:2, 3) After that the king went up to the house of Jehovah with all the men of Judah, all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the priests, and the prophets—all the people, from small to great. He read in their hearing all the words of the book of the covenant that had been found in the house of Jehovah. 3 The king stood by the pillar and made a covenant before Jehovah, that he would follow Jehovah and keep his commandments, his reminders, and his statutes with all his heart and with all his soul by carrying out the words of this covenant that were written in this book. And all the people agreed to the covenant.
(2 Kings 23:12-15) The king also tore down the altars that the kings of Judah had set up on the roof of A′haz’s upper chamber, as well as the altars that Ma•nas′seh had set up in two courtyards of the house of Jehovah. He crushed them and scattered their dust in the Kid′ron Valley. 13 And the king made unfit for worship the high places in front of Jerusalem that were to the south of the Mount of Ruination, which Sol′o•mon the king of Israel had built to Ash′to•reth the disgusting goddess of the Si•do′ni•ans; and to Che′mosh the disgusting god of Mo′ab; and to Mil′com the detestable god of the Am′mon•ites. 14 He broke the sacred pillars to pieces and cut down the sacred poles and filled their places with human bones. 15 He also tore down the altar in Beth′el, the high place that Jer•o•bo′am the son of Ne′bat had made that caused Israel to sin. After tearing down that altar and the high place, he burned the high place, ground it to dust, and burned the sacred pole.
(2 Kings 23:24, 25) Jo•si′ah also cleared out the spirit mediums, the fortune-tellers, the teraphim statues, the disgusting idols, and all the disgusting things that had appeared in the land of Judah and in Jerusalem, in order to carry out the words of the Law that were written in the book that Hil•ki′ah the priest had found in the house of Jehovah. 25 There was no king like him prior to him, who returned to Jehovah with all his heart and with all his soul and with all his strength, according to all the Law of Moses; nor did anyone like him rise up after him.

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