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  3. Biography of Fray Diego de Landa Calderón
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Biography of Isaac Barrow

(Unknown - 1677/05/04)

Isaac Barrow
English mathematician
He was born in October 1630 in London.
He studied at the Trinity of Cambridge in 1644 graduating in the 1648.
He edited works of Euclid, Archimedes and Apollonius. He taught Greek at Cambridge and was dismissed in the year 1655 because of their points of view. He spent four years traveling through Europe and when he returned to England in 1660, he was hired to teach Greek.
He was also master of geometry at London's Gresham College. The first teacher was lucraciano of mathematics in Cambridge in 1663 to 16Newton attended his lectures, which were published in 1683.
"Optics"and"geometric lessons"were published in 1669 and 1670 respectively assisted by Newton in his preparation. He served as chaplain to Charles II from 16In 1672, the King named his master and later Vice-Provost of Trinity College where it put down the foundations of the now famous library.
Developed a method of determination of tangents which approximate calculation methods, was the first to recognize that the integration and differentiation operations are inverses.
Isaac Barrow died 4 may 1677 in London.

Biography of Jaime Roldós Aguilera

(1940/11/05 - 1981/05/24)

Jaime Roldós Aguilera
Ecuadorian politician, President of the Republic (1979-1981)
He was born on November 5, 1940 in Guayaquil.
Deputy in 1968 and 1970.
Roldós Aguilera won the second round of the presidential election in 1979, at the head of the social democratic coalition concentration of popular forces (CFP). On August 10, 1979, Jaime Roldós Aguilera swears as President of the Republic, after several years of civilian and military dictatorships in Ecuador.
He carried out social reforms and made a center-left policy. Confronted on several occasions with the leader of his party, Abdalá Bucaram, who managed to dismiss the President of the Parliament. Almost certain victory in second round of the Roldós-Hurtado combination created unrest among the more conservative military and among sectors of the economic right.
Jaime Roldós died on May 24, 1981 in a plane crash between Quito and Zapotillo in 19

Biography of Fray Diego de Landa Calderón

(1524/11/12 - 1579/04/29)

Fray Diego de Landa Calderón
Spanish religious, chronicler of the maya civilization
He was born 12 November 1524 in Cifuentes (Guadalajara).
With 17 years old he joined the convent of San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo and professed in the Franciscan order.
In 1547 he traveled next to Nicolás de Albalate when it returns to Yucatan. He learned the maya language and in 1549 he was appointed Assistant to the keeper of Izamal. In 1552 he received the task to build a convent that will replace the huts in which lived the Franciscans. In 1556 he was custodian of the Yucatan and first definitor of the province within the Franciscan order.
When Yucatan and Guatemala formed a single province, he was the Provincial of the same in 15The friars educated indigenous and were trying to prevent their abuse. The Temple and monastery in Valladolid , thinking that by learning the Christian doctrine, the Indians did send away work, the encomenderos burned twice. In 1552, Tomás López Medel medium to solve the conflict.
In 1562 he comes to Mani and constitutes a religious court that soon turns into ordinary Inquisition . Indians interrogations led to the confiscation of their images and sacred stones. A great Auto de Fe took place in Mani on July 12, 1562, they did burn about 5000 idols and sacred objects. Some Indians have committed suicide later. The facts made are transacted process appealing Landa to the Audiencia of new Spain (Mexico) and travels to Spain to his defense in 1563.
After visiting Barcelona to the General of the Franciscans, and supported by a papal brief which enabled the provincials in America Act as inquisitors, was acquitted. Visit Guadalajara, then Toledo being master of novices at San Juan de Dios.
In 1566 he writes their relationship notable things of Yucatán to be used in his defense. Was appointed Bishop of Mérida in Yucatán replacing Toral. He embarks in 1572 in Seville and takes a copy of your manuscript. Write a Christian doctrine in Mayan language that makes print in Mexico city in 1575.
Landa has the first news of the Mayan civilization, extinguished in the 15th century, through the stories collected from indigenous and gives a complete overview of what was the Yucatan and its inhabitants to 15The originals and copies of the relationship disappeared, and it was only a partial in the Academy of the history of Madrid, discovered and published in 1864.
Diego de Landa in Merida, Yucatan, died 29 April 1579 after having printed the Christian doctrine in the Mayan language.

Biography of Sophie Germain

(1776/04/01 - 1831/06/26)

Sophie Germain
French mathematics
Born April 1, 1776 in Paris.
Daughter of Françoise-Ambroise Germain, who became President of the Bank in Paris.
He lived in an era of prejudice and chauvinism, and to carry out its investigations was forced to assume a false identity, study in terrible conditions and work in intellectual isolation. To the unable to attend school because they did not accept women, it managed to receive notes from teachers. He enrolled in the Polytechnic School of Paris with a former student of the same name and some professors of great importance were fixed in this student and although soon discovered her true sex, protected it.
In 1801, he told the German mathematician Carl Gauss, results that seemed interesting to him about number theory, and newly signed M. LeBlanc, student of l' École Polytechnique; Thereafter he established with Gauss a regular correspondence. In 1816, being very appreciated in mathematical circles, achieved celebrity for the prize proposed by the Academy of Sciences on the theory of elastic surfacess, question submitted three times in competition and then desert. He made important discoveries in number theory, mathematical physics, acoustic and elasticity.
Sophie Germain was to receive the title of Doctor Honoris cause from the University of Göttingen in which worked Gauss, but died a month before the date of June 26, 1831 in Paris due to breast cancer.