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Biography of Julio Iglesias

(1943/09/23 - Unknown)

Julio Iglesias
Julio José Iglesias De La Cueva
Spanish singer
He was born on September 23, 1943 in Madrid (Spain).
He started in the world of Fame not as singer, but as an athlete. He played as goalkeeper in the Real Madridsoccer team. He wanted to be a professional footballer while studying law at the higher school of São Paulo. When he was 20 years, on September 22, 1962, suffered a car accident that left him semiparalitico for a year and a half. The nurse who looked after him gave him a guitar. Julio spent hours listening to radio and writing poems. Sad and romantic verses that asked for the Mission of the men in life. I had never thought to be a singer after being rejected in his school choir.
Gradually he learned to play guitar, to kill time. When he recovered, he began again with his studies and traveled to London to study English, first in Ramsgate and then at Bell completo Language School in Cambridge. Some weekends he sang in a "pub", the Air Port Pub, songs that were popular at the time - Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck, The Beatles...- and it was there, in Cambridge, where he met Gwendolyne Bolloré who would be his girlfriend and later one of his musical successes with a song dedicated to her, Gwendolyn.
He carried his first song a House of discs so they gave it to a singer. When the Manager heard it said: "And why not the sing to you?", and answered: "because I am not a singer". Ultimately convinced him and on July 17, 1968 he won the Festival of Benidorm with the song life remains the same, then signed a contract with Columbia records. The following year, he participated in the Festival in Brassow (Romania) and made their first tour of America; sings at the Festival de Viña del Mar (Chile) and recorded his first film: life remains the same. Julio Iglesias has participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 while it is number one in the lists from all over the world, from Mexico to Argentina and Spain to Japan. Despite not winning the festival recorded his "Gwendolyne" in four languages and occupied the first place in the charts in Spain and Latin America.
He recorded his song in Japanese as the Poplar road (Anataro Uramo) in 19The following year recorded her first album in German, in 1978 signing contract with CBS international and recorded their first album in Frenchand in Italian. In 1979, she recorded her first album in Portuguese. Became the singer that more languages sings: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, tagalog and Japanese. The Guinness Book of Records gives you, in Paris (1983), the diamond disc for having sold more than 100 million records in six languages.
In 1984 he was awarded the Star of Fame being immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 1997 he managed the Monaco music award as the best Latin singer and has been the first foreign artist in the history of China that has received the prestigious Golden Record Award in 1995.
Julio Iglesias became one of the most popular artists in the world having sold $ 300 million of its more than 80 albums, achieving more than 1000 gold records and Platinum 500.
On January 20, 1971 he got married in the Spanish city of Toledo, with Isabel Preysler. Fruit of that union are his three sons "Chabeli" María Isabel Julio Jose and Miguel Enrique. In 1978 the marriage decides to separate. On September 7, 1997 was born his fourth son, Miguel Alejandro, fruit of his courtship with Miranda, a beautiful and young Dutch model. On April 3, 1999 Miranda gave birth to her second child with Julio Iglesias, Rodrigo, and in 2001 they had twins.
On May 18, 2004, when it is 61 years old was born Jaime Iglesias, his second brother, son of Dr. Iglesias and Ronna Keitt.
Julio Iglesias the 24 of August 2010 in Marbella was married to Miranda Miranda Rijnsburger, his girlfriend for 20 years.

Biography of Isaac Asimov

(1920/01/02 - 1992/04/06)

Isaac Asimov
American writer
The most exciting phrase which can be heard on Science, which announces new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' (I found it!) but 'It's strange...'.
Isaac Asimov
He was born on January 2, 1920 in Petrovichi, Russia, into a Jewish family. Son of Judah Asimov (1896-1969) and Anna Rachel Berman Asimov (1895-1973) received the name of Isaac by his maternal grandfather, Isaac Berman, and was the eldest of three brothers. At the age of three he moved with his family to United States.
As a child he showed talent for science and studies. In 1926, his father bought a confectionery, where also sold newspapers and magazines of science fiction, articles which sparked his interest in reading, and later by writing.
He began his studies in 1925 in New York Citypublic school, it continued in East New York Junior High School where he graduated in June 1930, coming with ten years at Boys High School, where he obtained the degree in 19He attended Columbia University where, in 1939, he graduated in chemistry.
Isaac Asimov was one of the most celebrated growers of science fiction and a great promoter whose writing also covers the mythology, history, science, Shakespeareand the Bible. He was a prodigious reader. He learned to read it only. In the first week are already knew all the course books, he devoured 26 times posthumous Club Pickwick Papers, from the six years (when it began to devour in libraries) to 18 (when sold his first story for 64 dollars) devoted to the reading almost all the time available. It wasn't as much as I wanted to, since at age nine he began working at successive family candy stores (although there, it became a fanatic reader of serials). His first work, brothers, wrote it with 14 years. It was about his younger brother, humorous. It was published in the school magazine.
In 1937 he began to write seriously, moment in which appeared a story titled Cosmic corkscrew. Its second story was stowaway, published in November 1939 with the name the threat of Calixto. In three years he wrote 31 stories, maybe mentioning that reason was the first on positronicos robots, with the characters of George Powell and Mike Donovan, and the next was trickster in 1940, where it appears Dr. Susan Calvin. In May of 42 published The Foundation. In 1950 finally displayed his first novel: A pebble in the sky.
He began to give lectures and write between seven and eight books a year, both novels, such as books of chemistry, history, etc, getting several awards, including the Hugo Award in 1966 to the best Science fiction Series of the Foundationseries. In 1973, again get this prize as well as the Nebula. Among his many works are: dusk and The bicentennial man Hugo Award and Nebula in 1977 for best short and the limits of the Fundación Hugo novel awards and Nebula in 1983 for best novel. Also got the award James T. Grady society of chemistry American in 1965, had fourteen honorary doctorates cause by different universities. In addition to his science fiction novels, he devoted himself to writing historical as the formation of England or the Greeks, fantastic voyage or Azazel, children's issues like Norby, the robot series or work Lucky Star, along with a wealth of scientific dissemination, advances of science, the realm of numbers, Alpha Centauri, star more close , etc.
He married twice, the first with Gertrude Blugerman on July 26, 1942, with whom had two children, David and Robin, were separated in 1970, and subsequently married Janet Opal Jeppson.
He died on April 6, 1992, in New York of heart failure and kidney failure, at the age of 72 after having published more than 500 works, was cremated. His widow later revealed that the author died from AIDS, which he contracted after being practiced a contaminated blood transfusion after undergoing heart surgery.

Biography of Paulo Coelho

(1947/08/24 - Unknown)

Paulo Coelho
Brazilian writer
He was born on August 24, 1947 in Río de Janeiro.
Son of Pedro Queima Coelho de Souza and Lygia Araripe.
He studied in a Jesuit College. At the age of seventeen, was hospitalized three times in a psychiatric clinic. At the end of the 1960's, he joined the hippie movement and in 1970 he made a trip to Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Chile as well as Europe and North Africa.
His beginnings in the world of culture were in the theatre as an author and director. He won popularity as lyricist of songs making up for some of the idols of the popular Brazilian, such as Elis Regina and Raúl Seixas, has also worked as a journalist and author of works for television.
In 1974, and for a brief period of time he was detained in a military torture center accused of subversive activities against the Brazilian Government. He did walk the Camino de Santiago, the ancient and traditional Spanish pilgrimage route. Experience narrated it in "The pilgrims of Compostela (diary of a Wizard)" published in 1987.
In 1988 his second book "The Alchemist", was a true advertising phenomenon and first bestseller in thirty countries, becoming one of the most widely read contemporary authors. "The Alchemist" sold more than 10 million copies. Also author of "the devil and Miss Prym". It is estimated that he has sold more than 140 million books in more than 150 countries, and has been translated into 73 languages.
Coelho was appointed Special Advisor of the UNESCO "Spiritual convergence and intercultural dialogue" programme. Member of the Board of the Center "Shimon Peres" for peace, and Lord Menuhin Foundation.
In 2002 he was elected to fill the seat number 21 of the Brazilian Academy of letters.
He married the Brazilian artist Christina Oiticica.

Biography of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

(1746/01/12 - 1827/02/17)

Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi
Swiss education reformer
He was born January 12, 1746 in Zürich.
He studied at the University of the city in 17Influenced by the works of the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau opens a school for poor children near Zurich, five years left the project due to lack of funds.
Was the author of two books, the afternoon of a hermit (1781), aphoristic comments on education and Leonardo and Gertrudis (4 volumes, 1781-1785), didactic novel where exposed theories on the social through education reform.
In 1798, he opened a school for orphans in Stans closed a few months later. In 1799 he returned to open another in Burgdorf , who moved to Yverdonin 18The school was dedicated to children from all over Europe and for 20 years was a sign of its system, in which the child learns by practice and observation. His ideal of education is the formation of the inner strength of the man being near nature and the individual, for work in communion between the inner peace and outer order. Their systems and ideas exerted great influence in the systems at the elementary school of the Western world.
His recent writings include how Gertrude teaches her children (1801), educational Treaty and autobiographical Swan Song (1826).
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi died on February 17, 1827 in Brugg .

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