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  4. Biography of Hermenegildo Galeana

Biography of Matías Ramón Mella

(1816/02/25 - 1864/06/04)

Matías Ramón Mella Castillo
Dominican Patriot
He was born February 25, 1816 in Santo Domingo in a modest family. Son of Antonio Mella Alvarez and Francisca Castillo.
Was a young temperament restless, interested in the ideas of independence that propagated Juan Pablo Duarte.
He enlisted in the army and form part of the regiments 31 and 32, is transferred to Haiti. He was commissioned to travel to the Haitian city of Los Cayos (Les Cayes) to arrange an alliance between the Trinitarians and the reformist Haitian Jean Pierre Boyer-fighting. After the victory of the reformists is approaching groups conservative to tilt them to fight for the separation of Haiti.
Achieved that goal appears Mella signing the manifestation of the 16 January 1844, also called Act of separation. A few days later will be its historical trabucazo that would initiate wars of independence that will prolong until December 18He organized the cibaeña region to repel the possible attacks Haitian and part to the South to join the ranks of fighters. Head of operations with seat in Las Matas de Farfán. Eleven days he managed to contain the enemy and save with this division, then retreating until firm in the Step of the Jura to assist with his men to victory on March 19.
Following the withdrawal of the Haitians returned to the Cibao and proclaimed July 4 Duarte for the Presidency. Because of that attitude was expatriated by Pedro Santana and not returned to the country until 1848 under the protection of the Amnesty enacted by President Jiménez. On his return he joined the struggles between the conservative standing next to Santana. His nationalism is confirmed by putting together with restorers in 1861 fighting hard to expel the Spaniards as he had done before against Haitians.
Ramón Matías Mella died in Santiago on June 4, 18

Biography of John Napier

(Unknown - 1617/04/04)

John Napier
French mathematician
He was born in 1550 in Merchistonnear Edinburgh.
He studied at the University of San Andres, where he became a fervent supporter of the movement of the reformation in Scotland. He is the author of the first major performance in Scotland of the Bible.
Known for introducing the first system of logarithms, described in Mirifici logarithmorum canonis descriptio (1614). He was one of the first to use the modern decimal notation to express fractions decimals in a systematic manner. Also invented mechanical systems to perform arithmetic calculations, described in Rabdologiae seu numerationis libri duo small per (1617). He published a Plaine Discovery of the Whole Revelation of St. John (1593).
John Napier died at Edinburgh April 4, 1617.

Biography of Jorge Guillén

(1893/01/18 - 1984/02/06)

Jorge Guillén
Spanish literary critic and poet
He was born on January 18, 1893 in Valladolid. He was the eldest of five children.
When count 16 years moved to Switzerland and studied French in the city of Freiburg. He studied studied philosophy and letters in Madrid, although he graduated in Granada in 19In 1920 he began to publish his poems in magazines such as "Pen" and "Revista de Occidente". He was reader in Spanish in La Sorbonne between 1917 and 1923 and Professor of language and literature at Oxford. Professor of literature at the universities of Murcia and Seville.
During the Civil War , he was imprisoned and get freedom thanks to the efforts of his father, but it is disabled by the Ministry of education for the exercise of any public office. After leaving Spain on foot crossing the Bidasoa, in 1938 is set to United States. He taught at various American universities and of Latin America. The October 11, 1961 he married in Bogota with Irene Mochi Sismondi. He returned to Spain in 1975, settling in Málaga until his death.
Song, his book of poems published in 1928, It was extended in the years 1936, 1945-19The second period that tends to divide his work, comes constituted by cry, with its three volumes: Maremagnum (1957), which will give in the sea (1960) and to rise to the occasion (1963). In tribute (1967), the third period of his work, made a synthesis of the two previous trends, with a pure poetry. Our air (1968) collects his complete poetry, which are then added and other poems (1973) and Final (1982). He also published critical works such as language and poetry (1962).
He was awarded the Cervantes Prize in 19In 1978, he was elected academic of honor of the Spanish Royal Academy.
Jorge Guillén passed away on February 6, 1984 in Málaga.

Biography of Hermenegildo Galeana

(1762-04-13 - 1814/06/27)

Hermenegildo Galeana
Mexican independence
Born April 13, 1762 in Tecpan, Guerrero.
Son of an English sailor who settled in the place and founded a wealthy farming family.
Workers of the hacienda El Zanjón, owned by his cousin, when together with his brother Antonio joined the forces of Morelos on November 7, 1810.
Joined together some men and weapons and the small Canyon called "El Niño" bought an English ship in Acapulco. In 1811 he defeated in Tixtla realistic, took Taxco and entered in Cuernavaca. He then participated in Cuautla site and in the battles of El Palmar, Acultzingo and Oaxaca. In 1813 also in the taking of the Castle of Acapulco.
Good strategist, amounted to Marshal. He was defeated in El Zapote and 1814 in El Zanjón where reorganized his troops and attacked Coyuca, but without success. On 27 June 1814, ambushed by the royalists put an end to his life, fell when struck with a tree branch.
Joaquín de León soldier shot him in the chest and cut off his head, taking it as a trophy to Coyuca. In relation to its body, is said that this was picked up by two of his soldiers and buried in secret to avoid any desecration, ignoring where left off.
July 19, 1823, the Congress declared him "father of the fatherland".

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