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Biography of to the Capone

(17/01/1899 - 1947/01/25)

Al Capone
Alfonso Capone
U.S. gangster

He was born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn, New York, United States, in a family of Italian immigrants.
The misery of that enormous opportunities so scarce city suburbs was the school of Capone in the Affairs of the underworld. There, where he applies the law of the strongest and must learn to dominate or submit without replicating, received the wound that left him marked the face to be known years later as "Scarface" or "cut face".
On 30 December of 1918, he married the Irish Mae Josephine Coughlin, had that same year Albert Francis Capone. They were never together in public. Al Capone, he preferred the gallant life and shady dealings as the liquor smuggling. In the Decade of the twenties of the twentieth century the city of Chicago was ravaged by a series of mafias that disputed the power of the underworld each other. Al Capone eliminated their rivals in a series of wars, the trigger was the murder of Dean Charles O'banion. When died Jim Colosimo and later Johnny Torrio, he was as supreme leader. At the age of 26, was a heartless, fat, Joker and talkative man who was everything you might want in your years of misery: women, jewellery and money.
It came to have hundreds of gunmen at their service and 18 bodyguards that his person and possessions guarding. Hotels in Hawthorne and Lexington has had its offices and there kept their money for not giving to the police clues as to the amount of their wealth. Even so, in 1929, was named the most important man of the year, along with personalities from the importance of Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi. That same year, it was left to learn on charges of possession of weapons and was in prison for twelve months. All because he feared the revenge of another mobster, Dug Moran. However, the glory days of Al Capone had to end. Realized, an investigator infiltrated among his men as a spy, and in an efficient work was able to gather evidence of illegal income and tax evasion. Despite his power, Capone never realized that man's interference. It could not know that it was because of their denunciations, once started the process against, their attempts failed to assassinate the head of the Treasury and bribing jurors. Dead-end, he wasn't forced to confess the crime of fraud to the Treasury for more than $ 300 million, and was sentenced to purge a sentence of 11 years in prison.
He was first interned in the Atlantapenitentiary. However, the prison corruption allowed that from there continue driving their shady dealings. That Yes, he behaved as the most docile of the prisoners and was engaged in the manufacture of footwear. The fate of Al Capone changed when he was transferred to the prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco. There, where there was no privilege or opportunity to make compromises, prisoner number 85 must follow to the letter prison discipline. Their unfavorable situation, joined the aggravation of syphilis that had years ago and never tried for fear of injections.
Passed the last years of his confinement in the prison infirmary. For when left free in 1939, evil had affected his mental faculties, could not walk, talked about inconsistencies and could not control the runoff of saliva from his mouth. His State was deplorable; only his wife Mae was at his side, took him to his mansion in Baltimore. In 1942, the administration of penicillin was able to heal physically to Al Capone, who had been one of the most feared men in the United States, but his mental state had no cure.
Al Capone died on January 25, 1947 in Miami.

Biography of Lynn Margulis

(1938/03/05 - 2011/11/22)

Lynn Margulis
American zoologist
He was born on March 5, 1938 in Chicago.
Titled in zoology and genetics by the University of Wisconsin and a PhD in genetics from the University of California-Berkeley.
Professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts and Co-Director of the NASA planetary Biology Department.
At the end of the 1960s, the British physicist James Lovelock, scientist supported by Lynn Margulis, launched the controversial and famous hypothesis that the Earth and all its living beings constitute a complex entity, self-regulation, which was called Gaia.
Margulis is author of the theory of symbiogenesis, which would explain the origin of the first cells with nucleus from the merger of primitive bacteria billions of years ago.
His theory endosymbiotic, proposes that eukaryotic cells (cells of animals, plants, fungi and protoctists) would have originated from different prokaryotic cells (without core) through a symbiotic relationship that became permanent. Exposed it for the first time in 19Research of the last decades have come in almost all respects confirming his theory. He was discovered, for example, that the molecular structures of the chloroplasts and mitochondria are more related with strange bacteria than cells in which they are incorporated from thousand or two thousand million years ago.
Together with the scientist Robert Whittaker, proposed a classification of living beings into five kingdoms from the symbiogenesis (Monera, Protoctists, plants, animals and fungi), rather than the "current" three (Mineral, vegetable and Animal).
Author of almost 200 items of all kinds. Member of the national United States Science Academy since 1983, of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1997 and of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 19In 1999 he received the National Medal of science.
Married from 1957 to 1965 with the astronomer Carl Sagan. Mother of Dorion Sagan, Jennifer Margulis, Jeremy Sagan and Zachary Margulis-Ohnuma.
Lynn Margulis died in Amherst on November 22, 20

Biography of Pedro Infante

(18/11/1917 - 1957/04/15)

Pedro Infante Cruz
The idol of Guamúchil
Mexican singer and actor
He was born on November 18, 1917 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.
It was the third of the 15 fifteen children of Delfino Infante García, musician who played bass in a band, and María de el Refugio Cruz Aranda.
He worked from a young age. He failed to complete primary school. It started as errand at a store.
He learned carpentry with Jerome Bustillos and hairdressing José María Román. He made his first guitar and used it to sing with her. It was Carpenter until he left to sing in clubs and on the radio. 'The rage' called to the group that made its first music. In 1932 he joined the Orchestra star of Culiacan.
In 1939 he travelled to the city of Mexico, where he got a contract on XEW. Highlighted even more as a singer, but he became one of the most popular movie stars in Mexico.
He alternated the melodrama that is popular with urban comedies and adventures of charros. She played popular characters, from the simple workman to the Indian in"Tizoc , Pepe el Toro , the machine gun, the seminarian, mechanic I need money , el charro de Rancho grande , the police of all machine ...
It is named in 1947 by the Academy of motion picture arts and Sciences for best actor with film When the brave weep , a year later by Los Tres Huastecos , in 1953 by A corner near heaven . Finally achieved the award for best actor for his performance in the film life is worth nothing , on June 15, 1956.
He married three times, his first wife was María Luisa Lión; married premiering the tailored suit that won an amateur contest, newcomer to try his luck in the City of Mexico. They lived together for 10 years, until she knew that her husband had a daughter with a dancer: Guadalupe Torrentera, his second love. With her he had three sons and an Idyll of film which lasted until 1952 when the actress Irma Dorantes, his third recognized love crossed. He married her in Merida. They had a daughter. Shortly after, María Louise, whom he never divorced, got to the Supreme Court of Justice declared that marriage null...
His career lasted fourteen years, in which appeared in 45 movies such as the fair of the flowers (1942) J. Benavides, scandal star (1944), and Angelitos negros (1948), the last of the film producer Ismael Rodríguez two.
Pedro Infante died April 15, 1957, in an air crash near Mérida, Yucatán , when he piloted his own plane. When he died it was singer most famous, rich and celebrated in Mexico.
The actor and singer Pedro Infante Jr., his son, died on April 2, 2009, at age 58, of pneumonia at a hospital in Los Angeles (USA). Pedro Infante Torrentera followed his father's footsteps in the world of show business, despite being entitled as an architect, and participated in nearly 80 films as actor.

Biography of Gertrudis Bocanegra

(1765/04/11 - 1817/10/11)

Gertrudis Bocanegra
Mexican Patriot
He was born April 11, 1765 in the city of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, in the colonial society of the new Spain. Daughter of Spaniards Pedro Javier Bocanegra and Felicia Mendoza married Pedro Advíncula de la Vega, soldier of the provincial Regiment. During their marriage he fathered four children.
It organized a network of communications while her son and her husband were incorporated to the army insurgent in the ranks of Manuel Muñiz, which in turn, with his troop, joined the army commanded by Miguel Hidalgo on its way to Guadalajara, taking part in the battle of Calderón bridge. Her husband and their son, died in battle. It is sent to his native Pátzcuaro to organize the insurgent forces and facilitate the entrance to their city.
It was seized and suffered interrogation that he betrayed his companions. Subject to process it was sentenced and shot at the foot of a fresno of the plaza mayor, today Vasco de Quiroga, October 11, 1817.

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