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Biographies of famous and historical figures

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  1. Biography of Wladimir Köppen - Wladimir Köppen
  2. Biography of Maria Teresa of Austria - Maria Teresa I of Austria
  3. Biography of Celine Dion
  4. Biography of Louis XV of France

Biography of Wladimir Köppen - Wladimir Köppen

(1846/09/25 - 1940/06/22)

Wladimir Köppen
Russia-born German Meteorologist and climatologist
Although he was born in the region of Crimea, Russia, on September 25, 1846, was nationalized German.
In 1874, he directed the atmospheric telegraphy and meteorology at the German Naval Observatory of Hamburg marine division. In 1884 draw the belts of the world temperature according to the average temperature during the same months. In 1900 qualified climates in five different types based on the amount of rainfall and temperature.
In 1919 he co-edited a work of climatology in five volumes: Manual of climatology. Your map is still the most widely used for the representation of the various climatic regions of the planet.

Biography of Maria Teresa of Austria - Maria Teresa I of Austria

(1717/05/13 - 1780-11-29)

Maria Teresa I of Austria
Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary and Bohemia (1740-1780)
He was born May 13, 1717 in Vienna (Austria).
Daughter of the Emperor Charles VI.
In 1736 he married Francis Stephen of Lorraine (Francis I). The couple had sixteen children, two of whom were emperors, Joseph II, Leopold II, and Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France.
Charles VI tried to ensure the succession of María Teresa, as ruler of the Habsburgdomains, which provoked the war of Austrian Succession, assuming Mary loss of Austrian Silesia, although he could retain his other domains.
Consolidated and unified the Austrian monarchy in the 18th century. In 1745 he got for her husband the title of Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. It carried out radical internal reforms that strengthened the central administration and revitalized army. Together with his Secretary of State, Wenzel Anton von Kaunitz, reorganized the foreign policy of Austria and abandoned its traditional alliance with Britain to cooperate with France and Russia against Prussia. He tried to retake Silesia in the seven years war (1756-1763), but it did not. Following the advice of Kaunitz and his son Joseph, he participated in the first division of Poland (1772), thanks to which got Galicia.
When in 1765 died her husband, acknowledged Joseph as co-regent, but reserved the core competencies. He was opposed to the wishes of his son to carry out further internal reforms, although abolished serfdom in the properties of the Crown.
María Teresa de Austria died on November 29, 1780 in Vienna.

Biography of Celine Dion

(1968/03/30 - Unknown)

Celine Dion
Céline Marie Claudette Dion
Canadian singer
He was born on March 30, 1968 in Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada.
He was the youngest of 14 children of Teresa Tanguay, mistress of House, and Adhémar Dion, butcher, both of French Canadian descent. He was raised in a poor, and Catholic family where music was always a part of it.
On August 13, 1973, Celine made his first public appearance at the wedding of his brother Michel and since then, continued performing with his brothers in the small piano bar of parents called Le Vieux Baril. 12 wrote their first songs, "Ce N 'était Qu' un rêve" ("It Was Only a Dream"); at age 13, he recorded a demo that came to René Angélil , who was so enthralled with the voice of the girl who mortgaged his house to finance his debut, La voix du bon Dieu of 19(Despite the difference in age of 26 years, Dion and Angelil were married in 1994).
He achieved worldwide fame, and with Les chemins de ma maison in 1983, became the first Canadian artist of all time in reaching gold disc in France. In 1987 signed with Sony Canada and released the LP Incognito, and a year later won the famous contest of Eurovisionsongs. Two years later appears their second album and the soundtrack of the film of Walt Disney "beauty and the beast" and received the award for the best female voice and the Grammy Award for that same theme. Their third album, The Colour Of My Love turned in the most famous Canadian artist. In 1990, appears in Unison , debuting in the English language.
His biggest commercial success was with the theme Beauty and the Beast, Duet with Peabo Bryson; It received an award from the Academy of motion picture Sciences. The Celine Dion's1992 album, was a tremendous success with the hits "Love Can Move Mountains", "If You Asked Me To", "Water From The Moon" and "Did You Give Enough Love". The successor, The Colour of My Love, by 1993, was as popular as the previous, and included hits such as "When I Fall In Love","The Power of Love"and "Think Twice". In 1994 released an album live À L'olympia, and one year later d'eux. Falling Into You was another great success. In 1997 they released Let's Talk About Love, which included the smash "My Heart Will Go On", the love theme from the film Titanic. The fourth album in French of Dion, S'il Suffisait d'aimer, was released a year later.
The deadly illness of her husband and manager René Angélil made to change his life. He took a decision that saddened his millions of fans: retiring from music to be beside her husband. The singer added that he wanted to enjoy the break in his native Quebec and Florida home, and engage in your Rene. "We will try to have a child. We want to devote ourselves to the other,"explained, the singer who canceled a series of concerts at the beginning of year to be with him during the six weeks of cancer treatment. With the release of the album A New Day Has Come in March 2002, he returned after a three-year retreat. A year later appears One Heart, and in 2004 released another album in English language,Miracle, and in French it is selling D'elles, on 21 May 2007, followed by the album in English, Taking Chances.
With her husband were parents of Rene-charles Dion Angélil (2001), Nelson Dion Angélil (2010) and Eddy Dion Angélil (2010)
In 2004, after selling 175 million albums worldwide, she was awarded the Chopard Diamond award in the ceremony of the World Music Awards for being the most successful artist in history. In April 2007, Sony BMG announced that it had sold more than 200 million.
In February 2011, he returned to the Colosseum at Caesars Palace with his new show "Celine.

Biography of Louis XV of France

(15/02/1710 - 1774/05/10)

Louis XV
King of France (1715-1774)
"After me, the deluge"
Louis XV
He was born February 15, 1710 in Versailles.
Great-grandson of Louis XIV, who came to pass when he was five years old. Philip of Orleans was Regent until he reached the age of majority in 1723.
After the death of the Prime Minister, Cardinal André-Hercule de Fleury, who gave France a stable administration, the own Luis took charge of the Government, although he never followed a consistent policy.
He received many influences of her lovers, as the Marquise de Pompadour. After the war of Polish succession, France ceded Lorraine to the dethroned Estanislao I. In the war of Austrian Succession, it marked the beginning of colonial confrontation with Britain. In the seven years war, France lost almost all of their possessions overseas (Canada and India) in favour of the British. His foreign policy was chaotic.
4 September 1725 he married with María Leszczynska, daughter of Stanislaus I of Poland, Princess of Poland, with whom he had ten children: Luisa Isabel de Francia, Madame Première (1727-1759); Duchess of Parma married Felipe I of Parma. Ana Enriqueta de France, Madame Seconde (1727-1752); twin of Luisa Isabel.Madame Troisième (1728-1733). Louis of France (1729-1765); Dauphin of France and father of the last three monarchs of the House of Bourbon in France, Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X. Philip of France (1730-1733). Maria Adélaïde of France (1732-1800). Victoire of France (1733-1799). Sofia Philippine de France (1734-1782). Teresa congratulates France (1736-1744) and Luisa Maria of France (1737-1787).
During the last years of his reign, his Chancellor, Maupeou René attempted to reform the tax system. The measures were reinforced to tax the estates of the nobility and the clergy, who were previously exempt, although the measures were cancelled with the death of the King at Versailles, on May 10, 1774.