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Biography of Francisco de Goya y Lucientes

(1746/03/30 - 1828/04/16)

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes
Spanish engraver and painter
He was born March 30, 1746 in the village of Fuendetodos (near Zaragoza).
He was one of six children of shining grace and José Goya, painter and Gilder of altarpieces from a family of the minor nobility of Aragon.
His great-grandfather Domingo de Goya y Villamayor, native Basque de Cerain, became Aragon as master of works, to Fuentes de Jiloca (Zaragoza), shortly before 16His grandfather Pedro, was Royal notary and owner of three houses in Zaragoza.
The mother's family, the Lucientes, was of farmers owners of farmland that they themselves grew.
About 1749, the family bought a house in the city of Zaragoza and a few years later moved to it.
He received his education in the pious schools in Zaragoza and began his artistic training, fourteen times which became an apprentice in the workshop of José Luzán, competent but little local painter known, where Goya spent four years.
In 1763 he left for Madrid, in order to access an award at the Academy of San Fernando. It did not, but he met the Aragonese artist Francisco Bayeu, who would end up being his brother-in-law and that greatly influenced its formation, must you also its participation in the frescoes of the Church of the Virgin of the pillar in Zaragoza (1771, 1780-1782), and install some time later in court.
In 1771 he travelled to Italy, where he remained for a year. His activity during this time is relatively unknown; its way through Rome and also their participation in a competition of the Academy of Parma where he achieved a mention is known. Around 1773 he returned to his country and was presented to several projects for the realization of frescos, including that of the Cartuja de Aula Dei, near Zaragoza, in 1774, where his paintings prefigure those of best frescoes done in the Church of San Antonio de la Florida in Madrid, in 1798.
He married Josefa Bayeu, sister of the painters Francisco, Fray Manuel and Ramon July 25, 1773, in Madrid. They were the parents of eight children; Antonio was born in Zaragoza in 1774 and six others did in Madrid. All of them died at birth or being very children, except the last, Javier Goya and Bayeu, born on December 4, 1784, which was to become his heir.
In 1789 Charles IV appointed him painter's camera and the following year became the first painter of the Chamber, becoming the official painter's Palace. He had a special position in the Court, which made the Museum of the Prado in Madrid to inherit a very important part of his works. The cartons for tapestries that he made at the end of the Decade of 1780 and beginning of the 1790 were highly appreciated by the vision fresh and friendly offering of Spanish daily life. With these he revolutionized the tapestry industry. I do portraits as: Carlos III, Hunter (1786-1788); The Dukes of Osuna and his sons (1788) both in the Museum of the Prado in Madrid, or the picture of the Marquesa de Pontejos (c. 1786, National Gallery, Washington). Two of his most famous paintings are: the nude maja (1800-1803) and the clothed maja (1800-1803). In the winter of 1792 contracted a serious illness that left him completely deaf and marked a turning point in his artistic expression. Between 1797 and 1799 he drew and recorded the first of his large series of prints, whims, which satirizes the social shortcomings and the superstitions of the time to the etching. After these are some series such as the disasters of war or fatal consequences of the bloody war in Spain with Bonaparte and other emphatic whims, (1810) and the nonsense (1820-1823).
His wife Josefa died in 1812, but before his death, already maintained relations with Leocadia Weiss ZORILLA, daughter of the housekeeper and Maid of the artist, 35 years young, and who would accompany him to the end of his days. Leocadia, who had been disowned by her husband for "infidelity", gave birth to the small one year after being at the service of the teacher. In 1815 embarks on a new series of prints, La Tauromaquia composed of thirty-three engravings on them Goya develops themes in the history of bullfighting, apparently to illustrate a text by Moratín father, and feats of contemporary bullfighters, with excellent technique and a fully mature style. The horrors of the war left a deep mark on Goya, who watched the battles between the French and Spanish during the years of the Napoleonic occupation. In 1814 he painted the name of May 2, 1808 in Madrid: the fight with the Mamluks and the 3 may 1808 in Madrid: the executions on Principe Pio mountain and subsequent paintings (Museo del Prado). Direct simplicity for the portraits he painted, like the family of Charles IV (1800, Museo del Prado), shows the Royal family without the usual idealization. In 1819, Goya paints his most moving religious compositions the last communion of San José de Calasanz and Christ on the Mount of olives. The famous Black paintings (c. 1820, Prado Museum) are the most outstanding works of the last years. Initially they were painted in fresco on the walls of the House that Goya owned in the outskirts of Madrid, and in 1873 moved to canvas. It should be noted: Saturn devouring a son (c. 1821-1823), Aquelarre, el gran cabrón (1821-1823). Predominantly black, Brown and grey tones and show that their character was more somber. In 1824 he went in exile to France. In Bordeaux , he worked the technique of lithography, which carried out a series of bullfighting scenes.
Goya died in Bordeaux April 16, 1828, in the presence of his daughter and his grandson Mariano. The funeral was held in the Church of Notre Dame and the inventory of assets shows that he had numerous works. He was buried in the cemetery of la Cartuja, where rested his remains were exhumed in 1899 and in 1919 found final rest in the Hermitage of San Antonio de la Florida.

Biography of Antonio Guzmán Blanco

(1829/02/28 - 1899/07/28)

Antonio Guzmán Blanco
Military and Venezuelan politician, President of the Republic
He was born on February 28, 1829 in Caracas.
Son of Antonio Leocadio Guzmán politician, founder of the Liberal Party; and Carlota Blanco Jerez of Aristeguieta, related to the family of Simón Bolívar.
He studied law at the University of Caracas, where he graduated on April 14, 18A year later was consul in Philadelphia and New York. He returned in 1858, but President Julián Castro drove out the Antilles (January 8, 1859), where joined the revolution of Ezequiel Zamora and Juan Crisóstomo Falcón.
With Falcon in Palmasola landed on July 24, 1859, and became a key figure of the Federation, playing various ministries, diplomatic delegations and the Vice-Presidency of the Republic. After the return of José Tadeo Monagas to power, began its own revolution inCuracao and landed at Curamichate on February 14, 1870.
He was interim President until he began the period constitutional culminating on February 20, 18Congress conferred the title of 'illustrious American, Venezuela regenerator'. The triumph of the so-called 'Up revolution', returned from Paris and took the Supreme direction on February 25, 1879.
Interim President, became constitutional President for a period of two years. Re-elected for two more years, he ruled until March 27, 18His third period, known as 'acclamation' (1886-1888), did not conclude, since he went back to Paris.
It modernized much of the country ordered the creation of the National Pantheon (1874-1875), he commanded to erect the Capitol Federal (1873-1877), decreed the National anthem (1881), he inaugurated the era of the railways, he installed the first phones, he promoted through education the Decree of public primary instruction and compulsory (27 June 1870) and the creation of roads, aqueducts, and other public works.
Antonio Guzmán Blanco died on July 28, 1899 in Paris, where his remains are.

Biography of Amedeo Avogadro

(1776/08/06 - 1865/07/09)

Amedeo Avogadro
Lorenzo Romano Carlo Avogadro
Count of Quaregna e Ceretto
Italian chemist and physicist
He was born 6 August 1776 in Turin.
The son of a magistrate belonging to an ancient family of Piedmont.
He studied law and graduated from Bachelor of jurisprudence at age 16 and obtained doctorate four years later. He is interested in the mathematics and the physical. He was Professor at the Royal College of Vercelli and from 1820 until his death on July 9, 1856, Professor of physics at the University of Turin.
Recognized for his work on gases, which led him to formulate the law that bears his name in 18The law holds that two equal volumes of gas at the same temperature and the same pressure contain the same number of molecules. The law was not universally accepted until 1850.

Biography of Lady Gaga

(1986/03/28 - Unknown)

Lady Gaga
Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
American singer
Lenox Hill, Manhattan, New York was born on March 28, 1986 in hospital.
Eldest daughter of Cynthia Louise Bissett, and businessman Anthony Joseph Germanotta, Jr. His father ran a company that installed wifi in hotels, and his mother was a Vice President of the mobile Verizonoperator. Gaga has Italian and French-Canadian descent, and a sister named Natali, born in 1992.
He grew up in the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan in a Catholic family and studied at the school of The Sacred Heart, like Paris Hilton.
With four years he learned to play the piano, and thirteen, he composed his first song. A year later he began to participate at open mic nights. He grew up listening to Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna and David Bowie among others. At the age of seventeen he entered in the school of art Tisch of the University of New York, where he studied music. Jealous of his success in the musicals of Prom, some students called it "germ", but despite the legend, colleagues recall her as a popular student. You did not complete his studies, he left to begin his musical career. With your first paycheck of waitress bought a Guccibag, a fad that denied him at home.
She met producer and songwriter RedOne and the first song that came near him was "Boys Boys Boys". Not to achieve that the issue was a success, he returned with his parents and began to act in a New York club. At that time he began to take drugs and participate in type burlesque performances. In 2007 he began collaborating with Lady Starlight. Seals began to act in the premises of the center of New York. They appeared at the festival of American music "Lollapalooza". Subsequently reached an agreement with Sony/ATV music publishing. He came to write songs for Britney Spears, as well as being commissioned by Interscope to write for the New Kids on the Block, Fergie, and the Pussycat Dolls.
In 2008 it is dyed blond once be called Amy Winehouse, abandons his rock beginnings, embraces the "dance", and her debut, "Just dance", sweeps in Canada and Australia. It leaves her boyfriend the day that records video. In that year he released his first album, The Fame. The disc reached number one in countries such as Canada, Ireland, Austria, the United Kingdom, among other countries, and number two in the United States. He received a nomination for the Grammy with the themeJust dance, in the category of best song dance. In October 2009, he was awarded the Rising Star award of 2009 Billboard magazine.
Their second album, The Fame Monsterwas published in 20With the video for "Paparazzi", which resurrected in robotic version of "Metropolis", by Fritz Lang, finally refine your visual discourse. Acts before Isabel II . Gaga becomes global. Rage rumors that is hermaphroditic, something that fascinates him.
At the beginning of 2010, Billboard announced that the song "Telephone", from the album The Fame Monster, achieved number one on the Pop Songs list, being the only singer in history getting its sixth consecutive one number. In April 2010, the video for "Bad Romance" was the most watched in the history of YouTubevideo. In June 2010, the song surpassed the four million digital copies sold, thus becoming the first artist to have three singles with more than four million digital copies sold. Gaga intends to make of his life his greatest work of art. It is said that it is the first global superstar of the 21st century. His performances are defined as a concert, a pop opera or a theatre show with songs and fanaticism that is undeniable. Among his greatest hits are "Just Dance","Poker Face", "LoveGame", "Paparazzi", "Bad Romance", "Telephone" or "Alejandro".
Her ex-boyfriend and producer Rob Fusari demand in March 2010 for $ 30 million. In April 20"Bad Romance" more than 200 million visits and becomes the most watched the story of You-Tube video. Artist of the year 'time' chooses it. Gaga released her second Studio album, Born This Way, May 23, 2011, a mixture of electronic with rock 'n' roll, and pop music. It sold more than one million copies in its first week after its launch in the United States, topping the Billboard 2In addition to more than 8 million copies in sales around the world, Born This Way received three nominations for the Grammy Awards. Their following Studio English album was released on November 6, 2013 with uneven reviews, which did not prevent him becoming their second album number one in the United States with sales in the first week of 258,000 copies. Gaga broke his manager Troy Carter because of "creative differences", and in June 2014, along with their new manager Bobby Campbell joined Artist Nation, Live Nation Entertainments artists management division. It worked? with the singer Tony Bennett in an album of jazz classics was entitled to Cheek to Cheek and that was released on September 19, 2014, entering the top of the Billboard 200, becoming her third number one in the United States. This album received a Grammy Award.
The music producer was his motto of Lady Gaga Rob Fusari, since when they were in the Studio to work, she, rather than greet him with a "Hello", he sang to him "Radio Ga Ga", of the group Queen. So Fusari changed Radio by Lady and emerged the nickname of Lady Gaga.