10 breeds of dogs most athletes

If you're thinking about sharing your life with a dog, and you are one of them that they invest their time free exercise rather than lose time apoltronado on the couch watching TV, attentive to the following list of the 10 most athletes races that will be supplemented to imply with your way of life, active and dynamic.
Siberian Husky
It is the sled dog par excellence, fast and agile, which as good herd dog loves the company of their peers and their owners. It is sociable with strangers and loves to play with children. In short, is the perfect dog for physically active, United and loving families.
Kurzhaar (German short hair pointer)
An animal's aristocratic image, with an elegant bearing, and also very powerful and fast. The German shorthaired pointer is a good dog for hunting and great guardian of the home, while at the same time it is sweet and friendly with the family and children. But beware, some individuals may have an almost morbid attachment to its owner...
Australian Shepherd
Balanced character and nothing aggressive, it can become a very discreet watchdog. Family is cheerful and playful, and even an eternal protector for children. That Yes, needs an owner who brings him large doses of activity or otherwise may become destructive.
Border Collie
The King in Agility, intelligent, obedient and with a surprising ability for learning. Its versatility allows you to adapt to different sectors: from the sporty to the social (and stands out, above all, in the search for missing persons). In addition, is an excellent pastor: the hypnotic gaze of Border Collie which makes it ideal for animals such as geese and sheep driving. But eye, it needs to be always busy with some activity to not become challenging.
Giant Schnauzer
Although it was originally recognized as dog of utility and driver of herds, many breeders realized its potential as a dog work and defense. He is proud, bold, brave, loyal, intelligent and easy to train. In the case of the Giant Schnauzer, appearance deceives: despite looking serious and distant at first glance, it's a balanced, docile, loving and playful dog that also exerts a large role as guardian of the home. As working dog has qualities such as intelligence, toughness, speed and resistance to fatigue.
Labrador Retriever
Quintessential family dog: sociable, balanced, patient and nothing aggressive, a perfect character to live with children. Its compact and strong Constitution allows you to be always active, so you need an owner who leave home often to perform sport and outdoor playground free with it.
If you are looking for is a versatile dog, the Hovawart is your race. Sociable and docile with family and very easy to train, as well as having a great skill for guard and defense of property. Love for the family, joined his well-developed sense for surveillance, makes the Hovawart to act decidedly in any situation that threatens its environment.
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Strong and muscular, powerful, agile and very resistant, whose particularity is the ridge on its back formed by hair growing away from the rest. Selected not only for hunting but also for the protection of farms. It has a great attachment to the family by his calm and thoughtful approach, but it is usually very reserved with strangers.
Its strong and elegant appearance is marked by the symmetry of your body and its Constitution, an enviable physique which allows you to highlight in speed tests. Therefore, if you are not a lover of sport, the Pointer is not your race. You need a very active owner that allows you to live a dynamic life full of vitality. It is very affectionate and friendly with everyone, nothing controversial and is perfectly adapted to life in an apartment.
Sociable and friendly are the adjectives that best define your character. Nothing aggressive, timid, or suspicious, but quite the opposite. If you are looking for is a happy, playful and close to you and to all dog, Dalmatian is the breed you are looking for. That Yes, despite his zeal by being active, needs a very balanced diet to keep her weight in check.
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