Jonathan, the oldest tortoise in the world > Care of pets.

The average lifespan of a turtle ranges between 50 and 80 years of age. Each species of turtle has a different life expectancy, but in any case, reach the 100 years is considered an extraordinary event. And reach double that age already is almost a miracle. It is the case of Jonathan, a terrestrial turtle's 182-year-old, belonging to the Seychelles species, swarming still healthy and strong by the paths of life. Although it suffers from cataracts and has lost the sense of smell, his ear still in perfect condition for his age.
It is probably the longest terrestrial animal that exists on the planet; In 1882, Jonathan was born on the island of Santa Elena. According to its size and appearance, was determined that they had around 50 years of age, so it is intuits that he may have been born in 1832. But Jonathan has not been the only turtle with the privilege of living so many years: referred the case of a turtle in India who came to live 250 years, a record!

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