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We tend to have the idea that content to a cat is very simple: in view that manages them is everything, it is customary to any situation, so you don't have to too modify our lives to adjust to their needs, in comparison with the dog, in theory much more dependent. Well, maybe this theory is wrong, and indeed many problems of stress in the lives of the CAT are due to that so outdated prejudice.
One of the examples, for example, passes through your feeder. While we believe that we can place it on any site, and then he already fit is, the reality is quite different, if what we want is to make things easier you respecting their nature.
And its nature goes, you already see it, against what you want to do with your pet. For example: truth that you have your feeder on an angulito, or stuck to the wall? Because in truth, the cat likes to eat knowing what has to its around, by what it feels safer if you eat in a place that allows you to have views that make him to be aware of possible threats. I.e. field open ahead, if can be from an elevated position, better than best.
Such provision of the feeder acquires greater relevance in the case of more than one feline at home. I do not like cats share, so that each one must have a bowl for himself; but at the same time, they are curious by nature, so it will try to reach others. If this is the case, and the feeder is in a corner, it will eat insecure, tense. Obviously, even more care must be taken if you have a dog at home. It is especially important that the can does not have access to the Bowl of his nemesis, and that this not be bothered never when eating. It must not forget that they are two totally different worlds: while the first is not able to stop and lashes out with everything that can get in the mouth, the second is given his bowl, adjusting his food throughout the day.
Otherwise, tap apply some common sense, at the same time that carry out a research task. The first part is simple: not to put the feeder in a site really annoying, not put it close to the sandbox (in fact, would have to put them in different rooms)... The second is know your situation as that of your pet. We have said that it is not the same live with a cat, that with more than one, or dogs. Also the situation be different if the cat is young, strong and healthy, or if on the contrary you suffer from any medical condition, requires a special meal, or even a higher intake of water.
And already we are talking about water, another issue to take into account, and that it depends on each animal: don't always want to water and food nearby, either because they do not want to see the liquid element while they eat, or because you resent the smell of the Bowl while drinking.
Yes, in the end they are cats, and cats are accustomed to everything. But if what you want is to take care of them as plays, respecting their customs and improving their routines and their mental health, as you can see: shall take into account a matter as seemingly simple as this.
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