How to give medicine to your cat

Who live with these cats we know of his strong character and his animosity to the vet and everything that has to do with it. For this reason, many times find us it almost impossible to administer medication without leaving no one injured.
For this reason, we bring you a few tips to make this task much easier.
Pills by mouth
It is a mistake to believe that mix the pills with food for your cat will mistake their smell and thus will swallow its medicine. Cats eat quietly, enjoying their meal, so it is very likely that they end up finding the pill hidden and in that same instant will no longer eat or Dodge it.
To prevent this from happening, we must change method:
  • Place the tablet in your dominant hand
  • Your knees and put your cat between your legs facing outward
  • With your other hand (the less dominant) moves his head pointing its nose to the ceiling
  • With your less dominant hand gently opens the mouth of your pet
  • With your dominant hand place the pill in his throat
  • Closes the mouth of your cat with your other hand
  • Massaging his throat (if you blow gently on his nose the cat, by instinct, will swallow more easily)
  • Frees the cat, but not stay away, waiting. Your cat can make you believe that she swallowed the pill and inadvertently yours vomit it. If this occurs repeat the process.
Liquid medicines
To manage this type of medication you will have help from an eyedropper or a syringe without a needle. The procedure is similar to the previous, but normally easier to succeed:
  • Sit, and feel your cat between your legs
  • With your less dominant hand guides your cat head pointing its nose to the ceiling
  • With that same hand lifting gently on his lips by one side
  • With your dominant hand enter the syringe or dropper in the mouth of your pet and out medicine with smoothness and consistency
  • Your cat will swallow naturally
Ear medications
Apply medication in this area can be a difficult task because I do not like cats too touch them ears.
  • Sit back and feel your cat between your legs
  • Pet him so calm down
  • If necessary you can wrap your cat in a blanket or towel to leave it stationary and thus facilitate the task
  • Drops drops inside the ear - bending your ear so that you leave medicine and massage the area that drops down better to your ear
  • If your cat shakes his head it is likely that splash medicine, but fear not, these products are prepared for that, so you never manage more doses than that indicated by the veterinarian
Medicines for eyes
This could be considered the most difficult task in terms of administration of medicines to cats is concerned... And is that the eyes are very sensitive to them, and try to avoid to as result that touches them is.
  • Sit back and feel your cat on your lap
  • Pet him so he reassure - lock it as you can. Use a towel or blanket to wrap it if necessary
  • Carefully - applied ointment along your eye with your dominant hand drops medicine dropper drops in the eye of your pet
  • It closes your eyelid for a few seconds
Due to its resistance to pain, the injections are the method of application of medicines to cats easier to carry out. Ask your vet how to do it, and you will see that it is a piece of cake!
Published for educational purposes

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