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There are many ways to strengthen the bond with your pet; the key is to spend time with them, enjoy the game together and establish an communication and a close contact so that the relationship between animal and human is secure. Obviously, this process also come into play the caresses and kisses, important to convey all the love and affection we feel for them, as well as helping to reassure them in times of stress.
And the truth, who don't like kissing your dog eat and get their licks in return? The feeling of who this experience is indescribable... A sincere and boundless love... that you can only feel love your friend to receive your pampering. Because not all like you to fill them with caresses and bother them with kisses. This does not mean that they feel more or less love towards you, is simply more independent animals that show their emotions and feelings at times determined (as well as many humans).

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