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Autism is a neurological disorder that is diagnosed in 1 in every 68 children and is characterized by a serious deficit in the development that affect socialization, communication, imagination, planning and emotional reciprocity. However, those who suffer from it are able to develop great skills within themselves, as it is the case of Iris Grace, a little girl autistic 5-year-old expressing her feelings through paint, always the pleasant presence of Thula, a beautiful Maine Coon who is helping him cope better with their disease accompanied. And it is that according to a study conducted by the University of Queensland, the autistic children who have a cat as a pet are more likely to talk, look to the face and smile. The gentle and quiet cat nature is perfect for autistic children and thus confirms it the close relationship between Iris and Thula.
Awakening of Iris are more cheerful since Thula is with her. As the mother of the girl, Arabella Carter-Johnson, "Thula, has made that Iris lower your anxiety level, keeping it calmer and more certain of herself." It has a therapeutic effect for her incredible, even helped her to be more social. Sometimes it approaches Thula saying small phrases such as "Sit cat". Something that often is difficult to see by his Autism".
They had already previously tried other therapies to enhance the social development of the small and they had even tried that Iris would share their time with a dog. But the active character and energy that followed were too much for her and just do not feel comfortable at his side. When her mom was almost regarded as expired in search of a therapeutic animal companion, the accident changed everything: "a Christmas day became the girlfriend of my brother, telling me I was going to make a trip abroad and that if it could take care of her cat." I replied Yes. When Thula and Iris met, I thought that they had connected. And I was right."
Thula shares with her moments of sleep and is always by his side when Iris paints his pictures, which has become one of the benchmarks of art and autism selling his works on different parts of the world. Benefits are invested in new paintings and frames so keep it feeding your imagination and creativity, and various therapies of communication, music therapy, and yoga, which help to stimulate it.

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