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Nothing of Photoshop or photo montages. You know that nature never ceases to surprise us...
Venus, the cat with two faces, also known as gata chimera, is probably one of the most special pets in the world. The Chimerism is a genetic disorder that causes a living being containing two types of DNA dinstintos, a very common disorder among cats but, according to experts at the University of California, has to be the case of Venus, since her face is perfectly divided in two colors. Another feature, though most common, is that you have an eye of each color. This is due to a defect of the eyes called heterochromia. Whatever it is, it is clear that what this cat is pure mystery...
If you look in your body, you can see the fur color carey (Orange and black). One of the peculiarities of this type of coat is that the design of spots is unique and unrepeatable. That is, if one of these cloned cats, will be a Tortoiseshell cat, but with the spots distributed in a different way. But Venus is a case apart, and as it is to be expected, since its owner found it in a dairy farm 5 years ago, has become object of curiosity and all a celebrity of social networks: even has his own Facebook account and Instagram.
There are faces that are never forgotten and, of course, Venus is one of them. What beauty!
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