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Suddenly your child asked you a pet? And it is not a common, such as a dog or a cat pet, they asked you a snake. Well, if this is the case and you really want to make your child happy, read this article and pay attention. The purchase of a snake for a child you won't like that go to the pet store and choose a puppy or a kitten. There are specific age-specific snakes. I love snakes, I have two beautiful Pitons, a three-meter and a half and the other three meters, but, for example, are not snakes for kids. You have to search are real Pythons and corn snakes. We will then explain the reasons, and what you need to get started.
The corn snake is a species of reptile that feeds on rodents, will go after its prey moving slowly and then wrapped her body around and, eventually, stifling it. This is called constriction, and it is a basic instinct of this snake, it will do so in captivity and in nature. Snake of maize due to the pattern in her womb is called, and is an animal very docile, ideal for any child capable of taking care of it. It can grow between 0.70 and 1.30 meters long and can live 15 to 20 years.
The Royal Pythons are excellent snake to begin, however make sure buy a real Python raised in captivity and not one found in nature and then tamed. As with any other snake, attitude depends on the way in which have grown up. All of them can be aggressive if treated improperly. The reason why I recommend a real Python as a snake for beginners is because only grow between 5 meters long 1-1,, they are very docile and extremely manageable, feed easily, are not problematic, and basically found in any reptile store or pet stores.
In any case, both snakes are the best to start. Their food is simple, depending on the size, they can be fed with a small rat per week, or every two weeks depending on how quickly want to grow: the more give them eating, will grow faster.
Once the reptile as a pet, the next thing you need to do is get a cage. The best thing in these cases is done with a fish tank or terrarium, since in this way snake can view from all angles and not feel that she is trapped. Always keep fresh water in the interior of the tank in a small bowl. Although you'll never see them drinking, believe me, do it. Up next is buy a thermal blanket or a stone of heat. Snakes are cold blooded, and the heat is essential for their well-being. I personally use a heating pad for my snakes, and both are wrapped around it and stay there, sometimes for days. Don't worry, that's exactly what they do.
Many people, who do not know the snakes, think that they are dangerous; However, they are not more than any other animal if you are treated well. I have read that the snakes do not have any sense of feelings, I do not agree, my pets love when he rubs them or they bathe. But please, remember that they are snakes, they can be aggressive if you are treated aggressively. To avoid unpleasant surprises when you're feeding them should keep hands away, otherwise they may receive a bite. Snakes come into a feeding frenzy when mice or other foods are offered them, they don't know nothing but its dam is ready to be food.
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