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Cats mew for various reasons, but sometimes we do not reach to understand what.
When there is a strong bond between owner and pet it is relatively easy to know what we are asking for with your call. However, there are times in which a cat may Meow without stopping, or for a reason that we don't see or understand. It is then when under no circumstances must ignore them, fight them or punish them, because in this way only we can lose their confidence and hide a problem that will resurface later.
We then collect a list of possible messages that our mascot is us trying to communicate, to be able to bring us closer to your need:

  1. Pain: on many occasions the Meow of a cat is a distress signal. It is possible that it hurts anything, it is therefore advisable that will go to a veterinarian quickly when we detect these intensive and relentless meows.
  2. Greeting: sometimes, if a cat MEW is because you are waving. This normally occurs when you just get home and you receive, when he lifted from a long NAP, or whether we find it down the Hall and is his way of saying "hey, how are you?".
  3. Hunger: cri du chat can also be their way to tell you that your dish is empty and I would appreciate that you llenases it is again.
  4. Hunger 2: sometimes our gatete is capricious and is craving for something that is not what I've put you to eat. You might not like that I think, maybe the food is wet... Important thing is be careful and if it happens that MEW but has the bowl full, try to change it.
  5. Call: often just want our attention, we make them case, that we are for them, because they are bored or have desire to cinema. You'll see how the Meow ceases if you do a hole next to you on the couch.
  6. Door: when you want to enter and/or come from somewhere, MEW. If you see your cat against a door hissing, you know, he wants you to open it.
  7. Zeal: if you have a cat that is not sterile, perhaps their Meow is due to being in estrus.
  8. Stress: visits to the vet is one of the main causes of stress in cats. Therefore, many times an excessive Meow is due to a recent visit to the doctor or to see the bird, relating it to the veterinarian and maúllen by that suspect that you are going to bring back.
  9. Anger: when a cat feels threatened MEW. This is more typical in feral cats as domestic, but anyway there are cases. For example, if you know a new macota at home, maybe your cat feel threatened and use cri du chat as a defence or as a way to warn the new tenant that he is who sends there.
  10. Soledad: cats that spend too much time alone may suffer from anxiety and therefore cry or MEW in your absence. It is also possible that because of this himself, when you get home you MEW in excess by the joy of volver a Verte at last.
  11. Age: cats already older, MEW no reason many times. To remedy this you only have to give them affection and attention, because it is possible to do so without even being aware.
  12. Support: cats are very curious, and occasionally sneak into spots which then can not escape. Then they MEW asking that you go to the rescue.
  13. Obstacles: perhaps you left something forgotten that cuts your pet pass to one of their most popular places, as for example the area of food and drink. That obstacle is the reason for the Meow of your cat, which is asking that you get it in the middle.
  14. Disorientation: if the cat is new at home or while you have led him to another place a season, it is possible you MEW because he doesn't know where it is and is anguish, need you so you target you and relax you making you see that all is well. To get it you could take with you toys or any quilt with its smell, thanks to which you will feel much more comfortable and welcomed.
  15. Longing: when a cat is puppy's normal cry because he misses his mother and siblings. Ending that meow, it is important that you adoptes the role of mother, feeding, warmth, affection...
  16. Dirt: cats are very clean. So when something you believe to be theirs is dirty MEW to warn you and ask you to clean it. An example would be the sand in the sandbox, which you should change frequently.
With this long list we have collected some of the possible reasons for which your cat can be meowing non-stop. We hope have been helpful!
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