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How do I know if my horse is thinking?

When your horse gets to think about what you are doing, you will fall head, soften the look and starts smacking or chewing. Often it will move the ears forward and backward.
If go to your horse doing this, it means that there is something that intrigues him; horses have survived fully using their senses. When you present something new to his horse, as a trailer, it olfatear√° the ramp, used his mouth to investigate, will test the safety of the ramp touching it with the leg and will do other things like that.

What tone of voice should you use when dealing with horses?

As a general rule, noisy people usually synonymous with bad news for a horse, so we have to always use a calm, although not forceful tone of voice.
There is no need to lose the brackets and yell to a horse. You will not understand why they are making so much noise, and will be limited to be nervous and concerned.
For horses, body language is more important than words, but when using verbal orders, make sure that it is effective. For example, would many times has seen someone shouting a horse:< <to your step!? > >, while animal trots in circles? In the mind of the horse, < <to step! > > means < <trot> >. Therefore, it is important that the rider strives to tell < < step > > right in the moment in which the horse reduced the March.
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