Signs of good health in horses | Pet care.

A healthy horse is cheerful and attentive and responds quickly to any external stimulus; It will raise the ears before a sudden noise or rise your head if you've seen something in the distance. It has a quiet, confident, expression and its movement is free, fluid and regulate, with suspension in the stride. To the stand it must be poised, holding his weight on all four limbs. Move a hand, or stand with the weight shifted backwards, indicate a problem; the typical "slats stance" is a good example. Horse released in the field carries 60 percent of your weight on the former and 40 per cent on the rear. In this way, and thanks to the greater angle having the posterior and the strength of the muscles of the posterior third, the horse is ready to dash instantly at any sign of danger.
At rest, the horse can rest one foot or the other alternately. The mechanism of "blocking" the rear (a system of ligaments that controls the movement of the joints) has a mechanism that blocks the joint tibio-femoral, as well as set other joints without that to act muscular tension; so the horse can sleep standing, completely relaxed.
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