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Imagine you go to the Alps to visit its beautiful natural landscapes and to Miss between its mountains; Have 4 years and experience, for the first time, real animal friendship. It seems that the innocence of the child flows, detaches and is palpable, because what has happened to Matteo is really fascinating.
In general, wild animals or pose to aposentar even to ten metres of humans, if not quite the opposite: fleeing us as if there were no tomorrow. Well, the story of this boy is, surely, one of the special cases of human with the animal world connection:
It's been four years since this British rubito traveled to the Alps with their parents and met, during a trip to the mountains with a group of Alpine Marmots that then arose a sweet and tender friendship. Yes, as read, marmots; A herbivore, very social animal between their species but that tends to move away from people just to see them. According to her mother, Matteo unconditionally loves animals and perhaps is this the reason for the strong bond between the child and the family of marmots, which as you can see in the pictures, welcomed it as one member of its species. From that day, Matteo and his parents travel each year to the Austrian Alps so small can reunite with her friends and have a good time in the National Park Hohe Tauern in Austria.
He has thrilled us much this history and photographs of their encounters. This type of connection with the animal world must be, for whom a unique feeling has ever experienced it. These animals certainly witnessed the goodness and love of Matteo to animals and, without thinking twice, corresponded him. Together spend amazing moments: Matteo sports feeding them and they love to snuggle into her skirt to receive pampering. To eat them!
As two lifelong friends.
Keep these treats is that you love.
Give me an Eskimo kiss?... How cute!
As real human... Dies have a talk very entertaining, no?
Cinema and games.
A look that says it all.
We will always be friends, right?
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