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Campaigns to encourage the adoption of dogs are more original. Which today we present already has a year but it seems to us equally creative, effective and fabulous to that which are currently being made.
As you know, the main problem of adoptions is that the vast majority of dogs rescued by protective and shelters do not have a defined breed: mestizos, thousand milks, crosses... Whatever it is, we often use a single word to refer to a set of dogs without race, which underestimates its individualism and which gives even the slightest importance to differential physical characteristics. Why do they have to be less than a specimen's purebred, owning your own name and attributes? The territory of Zaguates costarriquena protective wanted to break this generalization with a unique campaign to promote adoption of mestizos
The project, conceived by Garnier BBDO advertising agency, consisted of selection from a large number of stray dogs from the shelter in question, who they portrayed and drew with the utmost detail, highlighting the uniqueness of each of them. Canine experts deciphered present therein races according to their features and with an extra dose of imagination, by assigning them to a name different and specific to each of the dogs. Thus was born Unique breeds such as the French Pumi Singeing, Schnaufox Irish; Dobernauzer German Rabigordo, Pastor Salchispaniel Repeludo and Bordercocker tail of fire, among others. Unique and valuable to not resemble any other dogs.
But the most important and surprising were the results after 45-day campaign in a country of 4 million inhabitants:

  • Adoptions increased by 1,400 percent.
  • The total population of the refuge was reduced by 35%.
  • 510.484 interactions were only on Facebook.
  • Territory Zaguates has managed to sponsors who will run with all of the expenses of its safe haven to continue helping more dogs only.
Do you have a mutt? Dare name you it and share it with us!
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