How to caress your dog

Sometimes you've seen your dog moves away when you are petting him... That is a clear signal that does not like how're doing you. However, most of the time still and without question, it is therefore necessary to know what they like and what not to avoid bad times.
Dogs hate that...
  • Hold them: the body language of the human is not the same as the canine, therefore a hug is not understood by the dogs as it is for humans. On the contrary, it is uncomfortable to see caged between your arms, they are overwhelming.
  • Grabbing them by the head: that like the who? Avoid it!
  • Give them Pats: mostly in small breeds, can be annoying to receive taps in the body once in a while... they want no Pats caresses.
Dogs love that...
  • Rasques Les behind the ears: the folds of the skin in that area tends to lead them to itch, and sometimes they fail to get right to scratch, so it will be very pleasant to you to do it. A sensitive area is so you don't have to be too effusive scratching, it should be somewhat soft.
  • You acaricies them or rasques under the nose: like kittens, dogs love to be caressed in that area, that Yes, always with care and love.
  • Acaricies Les belly: also smoothly, since there are races that lack fur so your skin is exposed in that area and is much more sensitive. A good touch there and your pet will love forever!
  • Rasques Les Fanny: oddly some dogs love it.
Now you know the key points that will enjoy your pets with caresses. It must be said, that all this depends on each animal, their character, and their tastes, but it is an indicative guide for those that I have given account that your dogs are not happy with your pampering. Good luck with those caresses!
Published for educational purposes

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