Tips for improving life with your pet

One of the biggest obsessions of every lover of pets passes by a constant improvement as adoptive parent of the mascot. Well, because here's a handful of extremely simple proposals that can help in this goal.
Disconnect yourself once a day to focus on your pet
Stay away from everything that sounds electronic. Leaves the phone, put your PC in standby and turn off the TV. At least once a day for... what? Half an hour, a, an hour and a half? All that time devote it to your pet: play with your cat, out walking your dog... is nonsense, won't cost you anything, and of course, your pet will thank you.
Don't have to justify your relationship with your pet
In this world there is everything. There are those who decide that they will have pet during their lifetime, and who instead fail to understand such relationship with an animal. If part of the first group and have someone from the second to your around, didn't even bother to justify you; on the contrary, be proud of your decision and enjoy without worrying for those around you. Life is too short for bundling with these minutiae!
Always keep a veterinarian close
Not saying that access to a vet if necessary today is very simple. But in any case, nothing like having a professional which track you continuous and for the maximum time possible to the mascot; one that has all the medical history and can recognize any anomaly before anyone else, just take a look as soon as we go to him.
A healthy diet, a reasonable weight
Many pets are obese. True that some countries have more creepy than others data (according to a study by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than half of North American cats and dogs suffering from excess weight), but in general the problem is extensible to everyone equally, so here's a tip: whenever you have to take your pet to the vettake advantage and ask that in spite of it. Contrasts results with stockings that would correspond to race and age of the animal, and from there give you a diet according to your needs.
Brush you teeth
The number of problems that can have a pet, dog, cat, or mammal, in the mouth, hard to believe. Serious problems, because they end up translating in conditions to the kidneys, liver or even heart. The teeth are teeth equal for everyone, so if you're wearing a supernal cleaning regimen for your loved ones, why not do it also with the of your pet?
Dogs are social animals, and it is them to be indoors
Dogs are social herd animals. They need the presence of other living beings to be happy and even to survive. And that does not mean that there is a second dog to be able to quit, but that needs to be stimulated, needs to interact with human beings. A bored dog is an unhappy dog, hence it is not right to let most of the time to his fate, perhaps in a garden or terrace, no power entering the House. That, and the weather, which pass you Bill almost as much as we. Although a cat may seem a world apart by tempt yourself more lonely, she would also appreciate and how being away from blizzards and rains, next to a heating or sleeping peaceful and warm on a sofa.
Never leave your pet in the car
This is a warning which we repeat every few minutes, but there are still too many cases of pet deaths in the interior of a car parked in the sun while its owner makes the purchase or similar. A car, in summer, can be a furnace for your pet, to be exposed to from heat stroke that can be fatal.
You don't scream, hit, or in general maltrates your pet
An animal, just like human beings, makes a mistake, gaffe, does things that can get in the pipeline. But try to correct you with screams or physical abuse is counterproductive, since that will just teach you to fear you, and by extension the rest of humans... which means a serious psychological problem. The mascot, especially dog, is relying on us, we have a blind faith; so committed to a positive education. We will leave all winning.
I know the lawyer of your pet
Keep in mind, inside out, the vaccines you need your pet and how often should be administered. Speaking with specialists, entetare, contrasting opinions. If you have the slightest doubt, don't be afraid to consult the veterinarian, trainer, or any other professional. Dogs Trust us to do the things well both with them and for them. Become its main supporters to be both major recipients of his infinite love.
Published for educational purposes

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