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The fear of the reaction of a dog for the arrival of a baby is still between the prospective parents and pet owners. But fortunately, most pets do not present signs of aggression against children, but act with curiosity and even shows great affection towards the new Member of the family.
Eye, nor do we mean that it has to be completely neglected: If your pet has indicated some kind of aggression prior to the birth of the baby, is convenient to consult a therapist of animal behavior for assess the situation. Similarly, if the animal does not receive the necessary care or see how ceases to be Center of attention from their owners, you can change its behavior before the arrival of the child (even destructive activities to draw attention).
The solution in this case is not isolate the pet for baby, but help them to integrate into the new family situation; It is very important that dog / child interaction is carried out every day for a few minutes, so that the pet ends up accepting the baby as one member of the home. And that is clear, that it should never be left a baby only to the presence of a dog or a cat for possible reactions that they may arise.
But as we said, it is normal that pets love babies and care for them as if they were their own puppies.
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