Boas, Pythons and anacondas: our 10 basic tips | Pet care.

1. an excellent health

Frequently controlling the State of health of the snake manages to increase their welfare and to ensure a long life. But if you do not have the necessary skills, do not attempt to cure a snake that is sick. Take it to a vet who is experienced in treating reptiles.

2. a snake will always be a snake

It is not feasible for a person to arrive to establish a bilateral relationship with a snake. No humanize them. Snakes are not ready, devious or evil. Giant snakes are wild animals and not cuddly animals or for company.

3. adequate food

So animals correctly, to reproduce and grow to reach an advanced age it is imperative to provide them with all the necessary nutrients. As dams we offer mainly birds and small mammals, both living and dead.

4. without water there is no life

All snakes need water to live. Animals typical of tropical regions also need high humidity relative air. This can be achieved by evaporation of water from a bowl, often spraying with a humidifier, or with an installation of artificial rain.

5 healthy offspring

Get playback is always a source of pride and an unforgettable experience for any fan. But to do this you have to have some experience and know well what is done; It is not a matter for beginners. Reproduction in captivity gets decrease the import of specimens caught in the wild.

6. the right temperature

Snakes rely on external heat sources to carry out its vital functions. Most species need a temperature of 26 ° c to 30 ° C. Try to reproduce the daily and seasonal temperature variations that are experienced in their natural habitat.

7. the correct dimensions

Snakes need terrariums of some dimensions determined. The species that move little need a smaller than most active snake terrarium. Which are climbers prefer high terrarium. The minimum dimensions of terrariums are based on these premises.

8 great climbing

Tree giant snakes are not the only needing to climb. Terrestrial species also like to do so. In addition to branches for climbing, it should have side and rear panels of the terrarium rest surfaces. Thus increases the useful surface of the terrarium.
9 inform Fund
Before buying a giant snake should study in detail the needs and characteristics of the species that you are interested in. For this you can consult the specialized bibliography, talk to other terrariofilos with greater experience, or attend conferences and seminars.
10 rest in the privacy
Retracted to its hiding places and spend long periods of rest in them like the snakes. Ideally provide a booth that, eventually, females may also take to deposit his productions or giving birth.
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