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If you are of those who share their lives with a dog, surely you've heard one of the two words minimum, speaking among mascoteros friends, in any report or paying attention to any sign that you've seen in your regular veterinarian.
But, what exactly are those terms Anglo-Saxon fashion for a while now?
Both one and other sports are covered by the Royal Federation of of winter sports, the International Federation you Sleddog Sport and other institutions, which they divide efforts between dogs and humans. The Canicross is, in essence, a race in which competing teams a runner and his four-legged friend, joined by a special harness (kick harness) carrying the first tied at the waist, and allows that the second pull.
For its part, the Bikejoring is another form of Mushing (that is known to the sled pulled by dogs) by which the human instead of running, is mounted to a bicycle pulled by dogs.
Some security considerations
Harness and strap
To practice these sports safely, it is recommended that kick harness is crossed to tail, without any element that can cause wounds or abrasions to the dog, either carabiners, rings, or similar.
And so goes for the throw line, which is known to the rope that binds to both athletes (biped and quadruped) and must also have no additives that could put at risk the physical health of the animal. This, in addition, must have an elastic part that both protects the back of the human as the can, and must not exceed 2.5 metres in length. Furthermore, harness and throw line must come together, where Canicross, is practiced through a carabiner for easy opening (to ensure the safety of locals and foreigners in case of fall or that two or more dogs to cross) in a specific belt for the sportsman, not less 7 centimeters wide. If instead the Bikejoring interests us, the rope will join a rigid bike that prevents tangling with the front wheel.
Both the Canicross and Bikejoring the should be performed on surfaces and terrains that respect the pads of dogs. Therefore, both the cement and asphalt, areas with many stones or sharp surfaces are prohibited.
On the other hand, sand, Earth, mud, grass and snow are ideal, being the latter the more thank dogs, responding to her giving a great performance.
Well, never is now more apply extra protection for the legs of the dogs, either with products to apply in their pads or, directly, to wearing them in booties.
The best dogs for Canicross and Bikejoring
In theory, any race is valid for both sports but, of course, to some will be given better than others for purely physical reasons. Hunting dogs and shepherds, Alaskan (crosses between dogs, pointer and Nordic), they have greater strength and the proper height to be optimal in the competition, but it must be taken into account when choosing the dog, the own human skills, in order to find a partner that will permeate in wear and effort. However, are not few those who practice this sport in a non-professional manner and, therefore, enjoy it with your pet.
Everything is ready, how do I start?
You have the harness, know safety measures take into account, and you've even protected him legs to your pet, who is with who want to start practicing this sport, Yes? Only you have to arm yourself with patience: will take you time to find the ideal physical condition for both you and your buddy, and may that at first this does not understand what you expect of it.
The ideal is to start little by little: few kilometres from entrance, to which add greater distances progressively, allowing more than a workout, see it as a pure enjoyment.
Over time, communicate you what is travel (via commands such as exit, stop, right, left, right...), and you will get to know change their speed (depending on the State of the zones that you run, the forward to another participant...). Remember that there is only one restriction: to the animal go always ahead of the human. From here, you ride it you as you want.
When you find yourself qualified to participate, get in touch with the Spanish Association of Mushers, which will inform you of existing competitions.
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