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Ignorance of humans with respect to non-verbal language of the animals, and in this case cats, leads us to believe that this gesture is associated with sexual behavior related to the cats in heat... Error! Kittens that have not reached sexual maturity, males and the exemplary geldings, they also raise his tail when you stroke them the lower part of your back.
What you are really doing a cat which raises the tail is expose their anal glands located below a year, secreting an oily substance of odor as a business card, as a way to "open up to you".
And is that a cat tail raised amounts to a friendly greeting and the best way to show you and let you know that I trust you so much, that allows you to know him the more intimate way that it can offer you: with his body odor.
There are two ways that this body signal takes place:
-The first is the one in which you, human, you take the initiative and approach the cat. Then will caress in the lower part of the back, and Jack up the jeans enjoying the caresses and initiating the greeting ritual.
- And the second is the feline who take the first step, approaching you with the already raised tail, communicating that it relies on you and it is right there, on his back, where you that you acaricies you.
If we detect that this gesture is totally opposite, i.e. that Jack lower tail and pressed it against her body as a way to cover their glands, thus ensuring not to give information about it and at the same time to protect themselves, the cat is scared.
Cats are not fools, know perfectly well that we are not cats, but still use your same language with us. It is therefore important to have knowledge about the cats body language, as it is the best way to talk to us and the only one we have to live in harmony and enjoy our pets understand us.
So you know, the next time a feline friend to lift its tail when you acariciéis you, think that is saying loudly that it relies on you.

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